ROH - 07/27/13 TV Taping Recap **INCLUDES MAJOR SPOILER**

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Mystical George, Jul 28, 2013.

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    As much as I like ReDRagon, I really enjoyed hearing that Forever Hooligans are the new ROH tag team champions. The division has been too RD/AW dominated over the last few months and having FH as champs (assuming that they'll be wrestling actively on the ROH roster from now on) really shakes things up in the division. Especially with The Young Bucks returning, the division is shaping to be a lot better than it was a few months ago. Props to ROH on this one, I'm excited for the future of Forever Hooligans in ROH.

  2. Bobby Fish is damn entertaining.
  3. Hoping he eventually gets a main event push. It's unlikely that he'll get a developmental deal at 33 and he's certainly one of the better indy wrestlers imo.
  4. Fish will be ROH champ one day bar nothing serious happens to him. I'm calling it right now. He has the look, charisma and skill to help carry the company. Sinclair wouldn't be against having him doing media work.

    The tag team division looks interesting as fuck right now. ReDragon, the possible send off of the wolves, Young bucks hopefully sticking around, the hooligans hopefully sticking around (should be possible with the ROH taping schedule). If ROH could get the SSB back as well and keep 3.0 and possibly getting guys like the Colony onboard they'd have a really solid division.
    That together with the title tournament makes ROH pretty interesting right now.
  5. I think SSB are under contract from Dragon Gate so I can't see that happening. Maybe a makeshift tag teams? Roddy "Tag Whore" Strong and whoever isn't doing anything (Silas Young/Rhett Titus/Matt Hardy) could be another set of challengers.
  6. Strong and Cheeseburger teamed at night of hoopla. I'd be up for more of that.

  7. Oh lawd. Hopefully it leads to a Roddy face turn, if so then I'm cool with it.
  8. I think he already is face more or less. He saved Cheeseburger from Bennett a while back.
    Also watch Night of Hoopla. Davey Richards was hilarious.
  9. I seen Jimmy Jacobs single and the pants dance off, that's all that I cared about.
  10. But Davey found Christ in a "lumberjill" match. Was hilarious

  11. His six man tag at BOLA on Night 2 was hilarious as was his AAW match with Mixed Martial Archie, he's quite funny when he makes fun of himself.
  12. Agreed. When Davey doesn't take himself so seriously he's kinda fun.

    Gonna watch Reclamation night now. Apparently Justin Gabriel's brother is in ROH now.
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