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    Saturday, March 2, 2013, 08:30 p.m. EST

    Frontier Fieldhouse
    9807 Sayre Ave.
    Chicago Ridge, Illinois

    Live iPPV available to order here for $14.95

    ROH World Championship
    Jay Lethal gets his Rematch!
    Kevin Steen defends against Jay Lethal

    ROH World Tag Team Championship
    The Briscoes defend against Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly

    Dream Tag Team Match
    The American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) vs The Forever Hooligans (Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov)

    2 Out of 3 Falls - Truth Martini is Banned from Ringside
    "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin vs Roderick Strong

    ROH World TV Championship
    Adam Cole defends against the winner of the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament, Matt Taven w/ Truth Martini

    "The Outlaw" Charlie Haas vs BJ Whitmer

    Grudge Tag Team Match
    SCUM (Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino) vs Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

    Six Man Mayhem
    "God's Gift" QT Marshall vs. ACH vs. Silas Young vs. Mike Sydal vs. Adam Page vs. Tadarius Thomas
  2. More info on the matches:

    ROH World Championship:
    Show Spoiler

    At “Killer Instinct” Jay Lethal challenged World Champion Kevin Steen in Jay's first ROH World championship match in years. It was a heated contest in front of Lethal's home audience and with his parents in attendance, it seemed that Jay had the victory within his reach.

    Unfortunately for all parties, except perhaps Steen himself, the action spilled to the outside of the ring where the champion antagonized Lethal's parents and provoked them to throw a drink at “Wrestling's Worst Nightmare”. Steen retaliated by spitting in the face of Jay's mother and suffice it to say, absolute chaos broke out in Rahway. Lethal attacked everyone in sight; referees, security, even Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs attempted to bring the anarchy to a halt. The match was officially ruled a No Contest but the matter didn't end there.

    Lethal obviously snapped, put Jim Cornette on the shelf, and inadvertently nearly ruined the “Glory by Honor XI” iPPV event after Steen initially refused to appear for his scheduled title defense against Michael Elgin.

    ROH officials acquiesced and Steen would go onto retain his title against Elgin in a spectacular fight, and then again at “Final Battle 2012” against El Generico in the brutal Ladder War IV. Lethal, on the other hand, found himself boxed out of the World Title picture as long as Steen remained champ despite earning a future World Title shot by winning “Survival of the Fittest 2012” just prior to his “Killer Instinct” challenge.

    At “FB '12”, as the locker room wrapped up celebrating the last ROH match of Jerry Lynn's career, Jay took it upon himself to confront recently appointed Match Maker Nigel McGuinness and demand he face Steen that night. Nigel refused, telling him to wait until after the Ladder War, and if Generico won he would be first in line. It wasn't good enough for Lethal who wanted to get his hands on Steen, things got heated, Lethal spit on Nigel, security was forced to drag Jay out of the building, and it seemed just a bit like Lethal was losing his self-control.

    In Baltimore, on the 1/19 episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV, Lethal and Nigel again were face-to-face but instead of chaos erupting, McGuinness told Lethal the only way he was getting a title match against Kevin Steen was if Kevin agreed to lift the ban himself. So this past weekend on ROH TV, Lethal confronted Steen, as well as the rest of S.C.U.M, and challenged Kevin to put the belt on the line. After hearing Jay give him a list of all the reasons why Steen needs to fight Jay, the World Champion (who has been oddly quiet since NYC) simply said two words: “I accept”!

    Now, on March 2nd when we return to Chicago Ridge for our “11th Anniversary Event” live on iPPV, World Champion Kevin Steen will defend his title against Jay Lethal! Before he gets there though, he still has to contend with a one-on-one with Jimmy Jacobs this weekend in Baltimore but odds may be on his side as Lethal has defeated both Steve Corino and S.C.U.M's newest acquisition Rhino in the last month. Can Lethal make it to Chicago in one piece and if he does, will he be able to kill two birds with one stone by ending Steen's career & achieving his dream? Be there live to find out for yourself or order it on iPPV here to watch it as it happens!!!

    Lethal is certainly out to prove Honor Lives!

    ROH World Tag Team Championship:
    Show Spoiler

    First off, congratulations to Jay & Mark Briscoe on retaining the titles against Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs at National Pro Wrestling Day Saturday afternoon and ROH officials are aware of the challenge Jay made to Kevin Steen following the match and will address it down the line.

    Second, while it was technically revealed in a video released last week, after this weekend's episode of "Ring of Honor Wrestling" TV it can OFFICIALLY be stated that on March 2nd at the "11th Anniversary Event", Fish & O'Reilly will challenge Jay & Mark Briscoe for the World Tag Titles!!!

    On the episode available here to Ringside Members, Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly earned a tag title opportunity with their Gauntlet Match victory over The American Wolves AFTER Eddie & Davey had already defeated both The Bravados & S.C.U.M in back-to-back battles. While The Wolves did defeat two teams back-to-back, they unfortunately fell victim to a post-match beating from Jacobs & Corino that saw Davey get blasted with a roll of quarters and Eddie fall victim to a Cutter from Jimmy.

    Still, The Wolves persevered through the beating and nearly captured a victory in their third straight match but due to a combination of the beating and the freshness of their young opponents, Fish & O'Reilly captured the victory and earned their title shot!

    "This is what Kyle and I became a team for." said Bobby Fish to in Baltimore, "We earned our shot by beating one of the most lauded tag teams in ROH history; a team that can claim to be former Tag Champions, they are both former World Champions, Eddie is a former TV Champion, Survival of the Fittest winner, and the first Triple Crown champ in ROH history...and we beat them straight up. Whatever happened before we got in the ring is neither here nor there, all that matters is what happened when that last bell rang. Kyle and I will be your next tag team champions and we will do it by beating THE definitive tag team in Ring of Honor at the 11th Anniversary. This isn't bragging, this isn't tough talk, this is the reality of ROH's future."

    Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly face Jay & Mark Briscoe with the World Tag Titles on the line! It all goes down in Chicago Ridge at the "11th Anniversary Event" on March 2nd! This event, which emanates from the Frontier Fieldhouse live on iPPV!

    This Tag Title match joins the already announced Steen vs. Lethal World Title match, a TV Title match with Adam Cole vs. the winner of the 2013 Top Prospect Tourney, Strong vs Elgin 2/3 Falls, and more!!! Tickets are available right here in the ROH Store!!!

    And don't forget that the next day, March 3rd, we will be back in the Frontier Fieldhouse for "Ring of Honor Wrestling" TV Tapings! Witness the fallout of the "11th Anniversary Event" & the road to "Supercard of Honor VII" first hand! Tickets for that event are on-sale now!

    Dream Tag Team Match:
    Show Spoiler

    It's been since our 2010 events in Phoenix that either of them have seen the inside of the ROH ring, but on March 2nd as part of our “11th Anniversary Event” in Chicago Ridge, The Forever Hooligans of Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov are coming back to Ring of Honor!!

    Romero's resume in Ring of Honor is strong with two World Tag Championship reigns under his belt (the first with Ricky Reyes, the second with Davey Richards), and his international credits are just as stacked. A former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion as Black Tiger, he also holds three IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship reigns under his belt; two of those actually with Richards, and the most recent one, which ended on November 11th, was with Koslov at his side.

    Koslov's ROH history is short but includes battles with some of the best including Roderick Strong, Bryan Danielson, and Romero himself. Ever since his return to independent wrestling, Koslov has been chomping at the bit to get back into ROH competition and now he will get that opportunity with Romero at his side.

    While this opportunity is golden, it is one that comes with some serious competition because on that night, live on iPPV, The Forever Hooligans will collide with The American Wolves of Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards! The ties that bind Richards & Romero run deep, from their No Remorse Corps championship run in ROH to their IWGP Jr. Tag run, they have traveled the world together as allies but now they will collide as foes.

    “I'm happy to see Rocky come back home to ROH.” offered Davey to, “It's especially exciting to see him come back with Koslov at his side, but I have to tell you Rocky that your homecoming is going to be bittersweet. You're going head-up with the Wolves Rocky, and while you and I were partners, successful ones at that, Eddie is my brother. No offense Rocky, but he is the best tag partner I have had in wrestling...he's my blood. So I'm looking forward to the competition you and Alex bring, and I'm hoping I'll get to see you a lot more going forward, but if not, don't expect us to apologize for spoiling your triumphant return to ROH. Our hunt for gold is back on with a vengeance boys and Rocky, you and Alex are standing in the way.”

    It's The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. The Forever Hooligans (Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov)! This dream tag team match goes down on March 2nd as part of our “11th Anniversary Event” which will air live on iPPV right here on! Tickets are on-sale now for our birthday celebration so join us in Chicago Ridge for the best pound-for-pound pro wrestling on the planet!!!

    2 Out of 3 Falls - Truth Martini is Banned from Ringside:
    Show Spoiler

    At “Final Battle 2012”, Roderick Strong took advantage of Truth Martini's involvement and smacked Michael Elgin in the skull with The Book of Truth to pick up the victory. Roddy then walked out on Truth, explicitly stating he is done with Martini, and after Elgin recovered he did the same, albeit in a much more physical fashion.

    At “Defy or Deny II” in Milwaukee, Strong once again got the better of “Unbreakable” by eliminating him from the Defy or Deny challenge first and now, as announced yesterday, the two will collide in a Six Man Tag on February 2nd in Baltimore. That multi-man bout could be a chance for Strong to maintain his advantage over Elgin or a shot for Elgin to even the score but regardless of how that plays out, ultimately it is preamble to the match that has been signed for our “11th Anniversary Event” on March 2nd...

    That night, live on iPPV, the two former House of Truth members will collide one-on-one once again, but this time it's going to take more than one fall to be declared victor. ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness has declared that this will be a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match! Not only that but he has also declared that if Truth Martini shows his face during this match, he will be suspended indefinitely!

    “I am mister endurance, bro.” said Roderick to, “Every day I train I go at it like I'm getting ready for a marathon, like every match is an Iron Man. You think Mikey runs as hard as I do? You think he can hang in the gym like that? Trust me I know what the kid is capable of, I've been in the gym with him, and I've got nothing to worry about when it comes to conditioning. All day long, all day strong.”

    Elgin also had his own thoughts to offer up for this battle:

    “Roderick is going to tell the world how great his conditioning is and how he is the fittest man in Ring of Honor. I know the man, I've heard the speech first hand, but the fact of the matter is that I am just as highly conditioned as Roderick, if not more so. The fact of the matter Roderick is that this fight has less to do with your physical conditioning and more to do with your ability to survive a beating. This is about me putting you down in two straight falls, embarrassing you, and moving on with my life. Thanks to Nigel, there will be no Truth to bail you out this time, no Truth to save you from being broken in half.”

    It's Elgin vs. Strong, 2 Out of 3 Falls, and it's one part of our “11th Anniversary Event” on March 2nd in Chicago Ridge! That event airs live on iPPV right here on and you can get your tickets right here in the ROH Store! We've got plenty more on tap for our birthday event, including all three ROH Titles being defended, so make sure you keep an eye on or check out the Early Bird episodes of ROH TV here to find out more!

    ROH World TV Championship:
    Show Spoiler

    After this weekend's edition of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV it can now be announced that Matt Taven, as a result of winning the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament, will receive a TV Title Match THIS Saturday night at the “11th Anniversary Event”!

    This shot came about as a result of Taven defeating Tadarius Thomas in the finals due to some questionable help from Truth Martini. The fact that Martini helped was NOT questionable, who he intended to help is actually what was in question. To all eyes it seemed as if Martini was intending to help Tadarius secure the victory, after all he tripped up Taven when he hit the ropes at one point and after Senior Official Todd Sinclair was inadvertently knocked out Truth tossed Tadarius his boot.

    Thomas refused the boot but Taven had no such qualms, attempting to swing it at TD only to have Tadarius move, try to O'Connor roll Taven, instead eating the Book of Truth when Martini swung it at his head. Yet despite Martini's involvement earning him the victory, Taven still seemed willing to walk away from the “Life Intervention Expert” until Truth whispered...something...into Taven's ear. Whatever those words may have been, they certainly changed the demeanor of Matt Taven as he shook the hand of Martini and celebrated the win with the House of Truth head.

    As with the 2011 TPT Winner Mike Bennett, Matt Taven will now have a shot at championship glory in ROH when, on March 2nd, he challenges Adam Cole for the World TV Title live on iPPV!! It's all part of the “11th Anniversary Event” in Chicago Ridge and you can see it all as it happens right here on! If you can be there live, click here and purchase your tickets now in the ROH Store!

    No Holds Barred:
    Show Spoiler

    This was the scene as it aired this past weekend on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV when BJ Whitmer stepped up to take Charlie Haas' place at a live appearance after Haas failed to show up at the scheduled time.

    Obviously it was a brutal assault that not only left Whitmer in serious pain, but damaged the relationship between Ring of Honor, Sinclair Broadcasting, and the Liberty Ford car dealership at which the appearance was supposed to take place.

    Fines were levied against Haas but, as he has demonstrated in the past, they mean little to nothing to “The Outlaw” as long as he makes his point and hurts someone in the process. As for Whitmer, it is to his credit that he refused to miss out on his scheduled match last Saturday in Cincinnati against Kyle O'Reilly. Not only did he still make the match, but Whitmer pulled out a submission victory over the submission grappling specialist. As for what Charlie did in Cincy, he defeated Pepper Parks and then assaulted the ROH Dojo graduate he nicknamed Cheeseburger when the kid refused to give Haas his beer. Another fine yes but also another “whatever” from Charlie Haas...

    Between the parking lot assault and the beating on Cheeseburger, has learned there was talk of suspending Haas for his actions, without pay, from the 11th Anniversary weekend in Chicago Ridge but, of all people, it was Whitmer who prevented that from happening.

    “I went to Nigel in Cincinnati,” said Whitmer to, “and I asked him, begged him basically, not to suspend Charlie. That's not punishment for a guy like Haas, it just means he gets to stay home and drink beer. I came to Nigel with one thought on my mind, punishing Charlie the only way he really understands, in the middle of the ring in Chicago. Nigel agreed to my request for that match, and maybe...just maybe...I might have suggested that he up the ante for such a landmark as the 11th anniversary. I might have floated out the idea of a street fight or a no holds barred match, just suggestions.”

    Well it appears that Nigel took BJ's “suggestions” to heart as it will be “Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer vs. “The Outlaw” Charlie Haas in a NO HOLDS BARRED FIGHT at the “11th Anniversary Event”!!!! Live on iPPV Saturday March 2nd, the toughest man on the ROH roster will collide with the most bitter!

    Chicago has been home to some of the most violent fights in ROH history and with two individuals like Haas & Whitmer you can beat this one will follow suit! Tickets are on-sale here in the ROH Store!!!

    Grudge Tag Team Match:
    Show Spoiler

    Steve, more so than ever and lately more so than World Champion Kevin Steen, seems intent on bringing about the death of ROH and has obviously chosen the “11th Anniversary Event” on March 2nd as the centerpiece of this campaign.

    There are a number of ROH wrestlers who have expressed desire to shut this down, to shut Steve and S.C.U.M down, but two men, particularly after the assault they suffered on TV, have been very vocal to Nigel McGuinness in their need to settle up with Steve Corino and S.C.U.M.

    “Caprice and I have taken it upon ourselves to silence the voice of S.C.U.M.” said Cedric Alexander to, “The two of us have fallen victim to Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs, Rhino, and Kevin Steen on too many occasions. The last time we were in Chicago, Steve Corino cost us an opportunity and becoming tag team champions. Right after that, on TV he did the same when he got the team disqualified to save the belts. Now Rhino and Steve get involved in our match, a match that had nothing to do with them, gore me out of my boots, and tell the world about your need to kill honor? That isn't going to stand.”

    “Steve Corino” added Caprice Coleman, “I have known you a long time now and never have I known you to be what I would call a good person. Even on the days you smiled in my face, in my heart, I knew you were planning how to put a knife in my back. Still I thought, I had hoped you'd changed, maybe you even thought you'd changed, but since that day you chose to embrace Kevin Steen once again, you've been turning back into a monster. You may be worse than you've ever been Steve and since you have made it your mission to watch ROH burn, Cedric and I will make it our mission to stand against you. We will fight with our last breath to protect ROH and defend what honor means to us. Your goal to end ROH on its birthday will be a failed one Steve Corino.”

    With Caprice and Cedric looking to stand for ROH, looking to settle their debts with S.C.U.M, on March 2nd it will be Coleman & Alexander taking on Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs in a rematch of their “Survival of the Fittest 2012” contest!!! That night the tag titles were at stake, this time it may be the very face of Ring of Honor that is on the line!

    It's C&C vs. S.C.U.M and it goes down LIVE on iPPV as part of the “11th Anniversary Event”! Click HERE to order the live broadcast or be there in-person in Chicago Ridge to celebrate honor! Tickets are on-sale now!!!!

    Six Man Mayhem:
    Show Spoiler

    This Saturday & Sunday Ring of Honor returns to Chicago Ridge, IL for TWO huge live events! On March 2nd we present the “11th Anniversary Event” live on iPPV and on March 3rd we tape “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV at the Frontier Fieldhouse!

    Seven matches have already been signed for the Anniversary show and now you can add one more to the line-up because Six Man Mayhem has been set for the “11th Anniversary Event!!

    It will be "God's Gift" QT Marshall vs. ACH vs. Silas Young vs. Mike Sydal vs. Adam Page vs. Tadarius Thomas in a match that could very well steal the show! All were a part of the recent Top Prospect Tournament, Tadarius Thomas had his first taste of the top tier when he challenged Kevin Steen for the World Title at “The Hunt for Gold”, and now on iPPV each of these individuals is looking to shine!

    “Forget about Tadarius,” said QT Marshall, “because he had his chance. Forget about the hype around ACH and his contract signing. Forget about Page and Sydal and Silas Young because the only name you need to remember is Q...T...Mar...shall! This Six Man Mayhem is my moment, the spotlight belongs to God's Gift, and when that last bell rings in Chicago Saturday night, it won't be Kevin Steen and Jay Lethal everyone is chattering about. It won't be The Briscoes or The American Wolves, or anyone else, the name on everyone's lips will be Q...T...Mar...shall.”

    Marshall vs. ACH vs. Silas Young vs. Mike Sydal vs. Adam Page vs. Tadarius Thomas...Six Man Mayhem comes to iPPV THIS Saturday night as part of the “11th Anniversary Event”! You can still get your tickets right here in the ROH Store or order the broadcast live on iPPV here!

    Celebrate honor!
  3. Great work GZ! Are we doing a predictions thread?
  4. Thank you! :otunga: I've never posted a discussion thread before, so I was hoping it'd be alright. lol

    :hmm: Think we should, or that there'd be enough interest for one? Not sure if it'd be applicable for the predictions cup award, but could check with Crayo.
  5. For the record: Odds are I won't be here to watch this live, but I wanted to post a discussion thread to raise awareness of this weekend's show, and to give ROH fans or casuals a place to discuss it -- before, during and after the show. :otunga:
  6. There'd be you, me, @Danielson for sure. Maybe @stopspot if he's back online in time. Not sure who else watches, but I'd do it just for us :otunga:
  7. That could work. :obama: I'll steal the usual predictions format and get that ready later today then.
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  8. :YAY: You're the best!
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  9. Aww, shucks. :otunga: Thanks!
  10. @Crayo -- What do you say? :otunga: Would a predictions thread / contest for this show count towards the predictions cup award or just be for fun?
  11. @Rain -- Are you down to join this handful in a predictions contest? I'm going to try to get a predictions thread up later today.
  12. The winner will receive $10 forum cash. Can't do the cup though :sad:
  13. :woo1: I'm sure there won't be any complaints with that. :emoji_slight_smile: I'm only expecting a handful of people to possibly enter, so that'll be good. (A small-scale contest works better for me with my weekend "schedule.")
  14. I won't be watching the show, but I will participate in the contest. :boss:

    Card is decent, but ROH still bores me. If this same card was in PWG, I'd BUY it.
  15. :haha: Thanks for your participation! You'll be about like me then. I won't get to watch it live Saturday because of being out of town, but going to participate in the predictions and check out the results Saturday night to figure all that up.

    It is a pretty good lineup, relatively speaking, and yay for their 11th anniversary show. Still hoping for some improvement before too terribly long, but who knows.
  16. You literally have to pay to watch, so good luck with that.:rock:
  17. :facepalm: You know what I mean. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
    Anyway, I won't be on to watch it Saturday night, so just going to check the results afterward.
  18. Yeah, possibly. Will probably flip a coin on each though, know nothing about the ROH prodOH YEAH YOU WROTE LITTLE WRITE-UPS! :yay:

    Haha, gotta try to get into ROH or something else until Wrestlemania blows over and the Aces and Eights storyline finally ends. :facepalm1:
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  19. :lol1: Yeah, I try to help where I can. :emoji_wink: Can read about the buildup to each match then make your best decision.

    As long as it's OK with everyone else, I figure I'll keep the predictions contest relatively simple since there won't be many participants. Match predictions and just a few bonus questions. Trying to decide now what all to ask. Any suggestions are welcome, too.

    You could also check out DGUSA. :obama:
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  20. :hmm: On second thought......

    Hey dudes -- @"Senhor Perfect" , @Danielson , @Rain , @Testify , @Stopspot and anyone else who may want to join in.

    For the prediction contest -- would you rather see the standard predictions contest or something a bit different? I can either come up with a few bonus questions for a standard predictions contest like they usually do here, or we can do something different for this. The "something different" would be a point systems' prediction contest involving the matches only. Here's how that would work:

    Each contest participant would pick who they think will win each match, and the points earned per match would depend on the number of points YOU give it. For each match prediction, you allocate a set number of what's called "confidence points." There are 8 matches on the card for this event, so the point values you assign can range from 1 through 8, but each number can only be used once. The more confident you are in a prediction, the more points you give it. Points are then tallied up based on the correct answers, and the one with the most points wins (duh).

    What do you guys think?
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