ROH 2015: A New Dawn

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  1. Champions:

    ROH World Heavyweight:Jay Briscoe
    ROH Television: Jay Lethal
    ROH Tag Team: reDRagon


    Final Battle 2014 Results:

    Adam Page def. Roderick Strong
    No DQ: BJ Whitmer DEF. Jimmy Jacobs
    TV Championship: Jay Lethal(c) def. Matt Sydal
    The Addiction DEF. Forever Hooligans and Young Bucks
    Tommaso Ciampa def. Cedric Alexander, Michael Bennett, Matt Taven, ACH and Mark Briscoe
    Hanson vs. Michael Elgin came to a 25 Minute Draw
    Tag Championships: reDRagon def. Time Splitters
    World Championship, Fight Without Honor: Jay Briscoe(c) def. Adam Cole

    The Decade would officially break up after this show.
    Tommaso Ciampa would claim spot as the #1 contendor after winning the 6-Man Match.
    Elgin would turn heel after fighting to a draw with Hanson.

    ROH TV Taping, "Road to 13 Years"
    Nashville, Tennessee:


    Episode 1 of 4 from TV Tapings in Nashville:


    Singles Match:
    Mark Briscoe vs. Michael Bennett

    Graduation Ceremony (Singles) Match:Adam Page vs. BJ Whitmer

    Main Event:
    NON-Title Tag Team Match:
    reDRagon(c) vs. Christopher Daniels/Matt Sydal

    Michael Elgin speaks.


  2. ROH Episode 1:

    We begin the show off with a hot and pumped crowd in Nashville, Tennessee! Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are seen at the commentators table as they begin to set the stage with announcing that tonight's main event will see the ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon take on former ROH Tag Team champions, Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal, with more to come!!

    Before the matches for the show begin the theme song of Michael Elgin begins to go off as Elgin makes his way to the ring with a mixed reaction. He grabs a microphone from the announcer and steps his way into the ring to speak on his actions at Final Battle.

    Michael Elgin: Let's just get right to the point, none of you, and I repeat, NONE OF YOU have any sort of real reason or any sort of right to show any towards of hatred or negative feelings to me or the actions I had done at Final Battle. You all have sat here for nearly 5 years, nagging on at me, booing me, calling me 'generic' and 'boring.' Well, the truth be told, it got to my head, and I was SICK of it and I REFUSE to take anymore the hatred and let it build up inside of me and eat at me alive. To be fairly open about it, I'm PROUD of what I did to Hanson last month. I nearly broke the man's neck after those Elgin bombs onto the stack of chairs. Maybe now he can join his little buddy Raymond Rowe in the hospital.

    The crowd boos as Elgin puts on a small evil grin.

    The music of Tommaso Ciampa hits as the crowd goes nuts, Ciampa makes his way threw the curtain and walks down to the ring and steps inside and begins to get in the face of Elgin as he speaks loud and clearly.

    Ciampa: Elgin?!?! What do you think you're doing? What has happened to you? Do you think anywhere in that big ego of yours that there is a brain that would find any of this logical? You've strived in this company for many of years living off of what this company is all about and that's HONOR. Now you've just decided to turn your back to the company, the fans and your friends in the locker room?! FOR WHAT? Because you got a little butthurt over some pety sh*t? That's PATHETIC! You of all people in the world and especially in this business should know to not let something like this happen.

    Michael Elgin: I don't have to explain myself to you, you're not worth my time.

    Michael Elgin would drop the microphone and begin to exit the ring.

    Ciampa: Is this what your wife would want??

    Elgin would slowly turn around after stopping from exiting the ring and then tackle Ciampa after running into him. The two would begin to roll around the ring and brawl and try and duke it out, but the referees and security guards would try and break it up between the two as they escorted them both to the back one at a time.


    We come back to see the crowd now a bit calmed down after what had happened previously as they get ready for the first match of the night, it will see Mark Briscoe challenging Michael Bennett of 'The Kingdom'

    Singles Match:
    Mark Briscoe vs. Michael Bennett
    Time: 8-9 Minutes

    Show Spoiler

    Briscoe has Bennett on the outside back up into the corner of the barracade as Briscoe runs to the other end and slams on the barricade, amping the crowd up for what was to come up next. Briscoe would run to Bennett and go for a clothesline, but Bennett would lift up Briscoe and throw him over his head and into the crowd, Briscoe lands on his back badly on the cold, hard concrete floor. Bennett notices the referee is at a count of 8, he crawls his way into the ring and rolls in eventually, desperate for air, the referee reaches the count of 10 and Bennett wins by Count ount!

    The crowd boos as Michael Bennett slowly makes his way to his feet as Maria rolls into the ring and celebrates with Bennett.
    Briscoe tries to make his way back into the ring by craawling over the barracade, not realizing fully what had happened.
    Matt Taven would run down to the ring and begin beating down Mark Briscoe, Bennett would jump out of the ring and begin to do the same.
    But here come Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal!
    Daniels and Sydal begin to try and fight back in the aid of Mark Briscoe, chasing the members of The Kingdom away.

    Daniels and Sydal stay and help Briscoe up and help him to the back.


    The tale of the tape is told for the next match, A 'Graduation from The Decade' match up.
    Adam Page vs. BJ Whitmer is up next!

    Singles Match:
    Adam Page vs. BJ Whitmer
    Time: 10 Minutes

    Show Spoiler

    Adam Page has BJ Whitmer backed up into the corner, hitting some chops onto the chest of Whitmer, the crowd going along with it chanting and screaming 'Woo!' with every chop to the chest of Whitmer. Whitmer finally comes back alive in the match as he headbutts Page and then throws him into the other corner and runs to hit a running dive into Page, Page ducks out off the way, gets a roll up, 1..2.. Whitmer kicks out, Page sets up Whitmer for a drop kick and hits it succesfully as Whitmer drops back down to the mat, Page would then would then pick Whitmer up and go for his newly founded finisher 'Southern Cyanide' as he hits a rolling elbow and to the face and then lead into wrapping his arm around Whitmer's neck and hit the Leaping Reverse STO! Whitmer's practically dead! Cover! 1..2..3!!

    Page would smile excited for his win and get his hand by the referee.
    Whitmer would begin to try and stand up, but would be aided by Page.
    Page would stare into the eyes of Whitmer and say 'Thank You.'
    The two would shake hands which would lead into a celebration hug.
    The crowd would applaud Page in an apropriate manner for possibly the young man's biggest win in his career, from Lackey to legitimate star of Ring of Honor.


    Nigel McGuinness would be seen backstage and announces that next week on ROH TV, We'll see Michael Elgin vs. Tommaso Ciampa in a one on one match.


    The Main Event scene was ready and hot for this week's episode of ROH TV, it was time to see former ROH Tag Team champions reunite for one more match.

    Tag Team Match:
    reDRagon(c) vs. Christopher Daniels/Matt Sydal:
    Time: 10-12 Minutes

    Show Spoiler

    Fast paced action as Sydal would hit a missile drop kick down onto Fish, going for a quick cover, 1..2.. O'Reilly steps into the ring and breaks up the pin and then would try to beat down Sydal in the process while Fish was getting to his feet. Daniels wouldn't let it happen as he got into the ring as well and tried to save Sydal from the beat down, bringing some fast right fists into the face of O'Reilly, into the middle of the ring ropes and then would drop kick him to the outside, leading into Daniels jumping to the outside for a splash onto O'Reilly. Causing the ref. to focus on them to make sure that they were both alright. Sydal would come to his senses, but by then, Fish had made his way to his feet, he'd go for a brainbuster as he set up Sydal on his shoulders, but someone would come down to the ring and tackle Fish with a huge spear, allowing for Sydal to land into an awkward pin onto Fish, it was... Caprice Coleman?!

    Sydal seems extremely confused as do the fans for what just happened.

    We see Caprice Coleman walking backwards to the back smiling with confidence for his actions

    This week of ROH TV would wrap up with Daniels and Sydal celebrating and downed reDRagon.
  3. Episode 2 of 4 from TV Tapings in Nashville:

    Singles Match:

    Jay Lethal vs. Cedric Alexander

    Singles Match: Frankie Kazarian vs. Matt Taven

    Main Event:
    Singles Match:

    Michael Elgin vs. Tommaso Ciampa

    PLUS:Adam Page speaks.
    Caprice Coleman speaks.
    Jay Briscoe to appear!
    13th Anniversary show news!
  4. Episode 2:

    The show opens up back again in The Asylum of Nashville, Tennesse, we see our commentators Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino at ringside as they set up tonight's card. The Main Event will feauture Michael Elgin taking on Tommaso Ciampa in what should be a hard hitting match for the ages on ROH TV.

    We see Caprice Coleman backstage, pacing back and forth in the interview area.

    Caprice: Last week what I did was only a true beginning of actions. It was the beginning of a much needed improvement of the good ol' boy Caprice Coleman. You see, for nearly a year I've been up to completely nothing since my boy Cedric and I split, but that's perfectly alright, I'm not going to hold a grudge whatsoever, he's going onto greater things and I'm extremely proud and happy for him, he's my friend and honestly someone I can consider family. But a lot of people have always compared Cedric and I as unequals as if he was always 100% better than I was and ever will be and I think deep down, he agreed with that statement, so with that being said there's one thing he isn't, he's not a brother. But that's perfectly fine, because I've reached out to ROH Officials with an exclusive offer. I know they haven't really been to fond of me, and I don't blame them. I've always just went with the flow.. But now, I'm here to make a name for myself my congregation. With it being said about my contract and current state in the company, I have offered to put my ROH career up on the line in exchange for a ROH World Tag Team championship match, because I can guarantee that I will have the most outstanding par-- no, the most outstanding brother in arms. At the 13th Anniversary show iPPV, I plan to shock the world and bring on a new form of a unity for the greater good... and CAPTURE, ROH GOLD!!



    Singles Match:
    Jay Lethal vs. Cedric Alexander:
    Time: 8-9 Minutes

    Cedric has Lethal down on his knees with a head lock, Cedric would then let the grip go and get in front of Lethal and drop kick him and knock Lethal down, cover, 1..2.. kick out by Lethal. Lethal would try and shake it off and head over to the ropes to stand himself up, Cedric would chase after him to make sure he wouldn't get anywhere where Truth Martini could aid him in the match and cost Cedric the win. Cedric irish whips Lethal into the corner, and then heads to the other side to go for a running big boot, but Lethal dodges out of the way and then drop kicks him in the back, causing him to back into the corner, face first, Lethal would then beat down on his back a bit with some stiff chops, but would eventually bring him into the middle of the ring to go for the Lethal Injection, Cedric would try and work his way out of the move, but would only waste his time as Lethal would still be able to work his way around the reversal and hit the Lethal Injection, cover! 1..2..3!! Jay Lethal wins via pinfall.

    Jay Lethal grabs the ROH World Television Championship and begins to celebrate his victory. Truth Martini applauds him as well.


    Singles Match:
    Frankie Kazarian vs. Matt Taven
    Time: 8-9 Minutes

    Kazarian has Taven in a headlock, bringing him down to the mat as Taven tries his best to make the escape. He finally does so as he reaches his feet over to the ropes, causing the referre to make Kazarian break the hold, he holds on until the count of 4 as the ref. pulls him off of Taven. Someone in the crowd screams 'HE HAS UNTIL THE COUNT OF 5!!' which gets a good response from the others in the crowd. Taven has made his way back to his feet, Kazarian goes for a clothesline, but Taven rolls out of the way, Kazarian swoops around to face Taven, superkick! Kazarain falls down to the matt, Taven goes up to the top rope, gets ready for a top rope move but Mark Briscoe would slowly make his way down to the ring, seeming as if he wanted to try and get revenge from the attack that Taven and his partner, Michael Bennett, did last week to him. Taven kicks Briscoe off the apron, causing Briscoe to land right onto the announcers table and shatter through it! Kazarian had just enough time to make his way back to his feet though and run up to the turnbuckle and hit the flux capacitor onto Taven! Cover! 1..2..3!! Kazarian wins via pinfall!

    Kazarian begins to celebrate but would eventually go to ringside and help the referees and staff get Briscoe to the back. Briscoe taking a bad bump on the back for the second week in a row, the crowd would seem concerned.


    Jay Briscoe would come down to ringside and stand stand (because no table) next to Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly for Commentary for the main event. Speaking on both men are great contendors for his championship.

    Main Event:
    Singles Match:
    Tommaso Ciampa vs. Michael Elgin
    Time: 12-14 Minutes

    A very hard hitting match that had the crowd on their feet nearly the entire time. Ciampa would run and hit the knee to the face, knocking back Elgin as he wobbled a bit and would lean back into the ropes, Ciampa would try and clothesline Elgin to the outside, but Elgin would pick him up over his shoulders and throw him to the outside. Tossing Ciampa down to the floor. Elgin stops to take a moment of catching his breath and then makes his way to the outside and dives with a elbow down to the head of Ciampa to the outside of the ring off the apron. Elgin would begin holding Ciampa by the head and would toss him into the barricade closest to them, then would do so again as he picked him up and threw him into the one across from it, as Elgin would begin to try and approach to go get Ciampa, Jay Briscoe would look Elgin dead in the eyes and they would make an intense stare as they made pure eye contact filled with hatred. Ciampa would gain enough time to get himself up and run and spear tackle Elgin right down to the ground, Ciampa crawled inside the ring and then right back out, resetting the refs. count back to 1. Ciampa would grab Elgin and begin to try and do the same thing to him into the guard rails, but Elgin would reverse his way out of it and lift him up and drop Ciampa right onto the barricade top. Elgin would crawl his way back to the ring succesfully. Ciampa beginning to struggle at the count of 7, 8.. 9 .. Ciampa makes his way back into the ring, Elgin is shocked! Thinking is there any sort of way to end this between the two?!? Elgin and Ciampa crawled up on their knees and reached over towards each other and started using rights and lefts to each other as they slowly, but surely made their ways back up to their feet, finally, Ciampa would make his way back up succesfully and headbutt Elgin right in the head and reach out to pick up Elgin for a setup for Project Ciampa, but Elgin reverses it and picks Ciampa up and throws him on the turnbuckle for a HUGE and INTENSE, ELGIN BOOOOMB!! That's gotta be it! Elgin covers! 1..2..3!! Michael Elgin wins via pinfall!

    The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Elgin gets his hand raised.

    Jay Briscoe would make his way into the ring and begin to stare down Elgin some more and look as if the two were going to begin to brawl it out in the middle of the ring. But Nigel McGuinnes would make his way down to the ring with a microphone in hand.

    McGuinness: Before you two get any bad ideas that will not only embarass the company, but will embarass you both individually, I would like to make a statement in regards of the Ring of Honor iPPV celebrating the 13 historical years of HONOR!! Due to Elgin going on and defeating Ciampa in quite a hard fought match, the main event at the 13th Anniversary, It will feature the match up of a World Championship match, between Jay Briscoe, taking on ... Tommaso Ciampa..!! and... MICHAEL ELGIN.. IN A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!!

    The crowd gives a loud applause for the announcement as Michael Elgin seems to be in mixed reactions for the triple threat match. Jay Briscoe just nods his head in approval and raises two fingers and words out without a mic. "two birds with one stone."

    This week's edition of ROH would come to an end as Jay Briscoe would make his way to the back and Elgin would stare him down, while Ciampa was still out of it.
  5. ROH Wrestling Website Post #1:

    Due to the actions of The Kingdom over the recent weeks of basically torturing Mark Briscoe who now has a torn muscle in his back and will be out for several weeks or so in the upcoming, we have decided to throw them in a 3 on 3 Match against Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. They cannot use anyone who is currently in The Kingdom, meaning they must find someone willing to side with them in the 6-Man Match.

    This huge 6-Man tag will take place at the 13th Anniversary show iPPV in February, stay tuned for more!

    ROH World Heavyweight Championship:
    Jay Briscoe(c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Michael Elgin

    6-Man Tag:
    The Kingdom (Bennett/Taven/???) vs. The Addiction and Matt Sydal

    ROH World Tag Team Championships:
    reDRagon(c) vs. Caprice Coleman and ???

    More TBA
  7. ROH Episode 3 of 4 in Nashville:

    Singles Match:
    Jimmy Jacobs vs. Roderick Strong

    Open Challenge Battle Royal For the #1 Contendership of the ROH TV Championship:

    A sit down interview with Adam Cole in his Florida beach house.
    Jay Briscoe speaks.
    Jay Lethal to appear.
    More 13th Anniversary Show News and Build up!
  8. Pretty decent first two shows. A bit confused over the sudden end of the Addiction. Will be interesting to see what you will do with Coleman.
  9. They didn't end. It was just a special attractions match between Sydal/Daniels against reDRagon.
  10. We kick off the show for the 3rd episode of the ROH TV Taping in Nashville as we see the crowd and arena, pumped once again for this week's edition of Ring of Honor wrestling.
    Singles Match:
    Jimmy Jacobs vs. Roderick Strong
    Time: 11-12 Minutes

    Jacobs would lean in and go for the sliced bread #2 on Strong in the corner, but Strong would lift Jacobs up over his shoulder and hold up him and drop him back first onto the turnbuckle, causing him to bounce his way and land on the outside as well. Jacobs would begin to yell in pain and grip his back, the referee would call in for staff to check on his back, Strong taunting and grinning as he realizes he may have badly hurt Jacobs, but TaDarius Thomas comes from the crowd behind and hits Strong with a huge round house to the face and then a bull dog! Jacobs was faking it the entire time and would crawl back into the ring and climb up to the top rope for a huge frog splash! The ref. doesn't question it! Cover! 1..2..3! Jimmy Jacobs picks up the upset victory.

    Jacobs would get his hand raised and celebrate in the ring, TaDarius Thomas would taunt as well on the outside as the crowd booed.

    But here comes BJ Whitmer and Adam Page!!

    BJ comes in and attacks Jacobs and Page comes in and attacks TD!

    They lay both men out and help Roderick up, Page looks at Strong and extends his hand to shake, showing a sign of no hard feelings at Final Battle, but Strong spits in the face of Page and exits the ring.

    Jay Briscoe would carry the ROH World Heavyweight Championship down to the ring with a microphone in hand and begin to speak on the situation with the 13th Anniversary show.

    Jay Briscoe: To be honest, Jay Briscoe, aint no coward, to be honest, Jay Briscoe aint no quitter, to be HONEST, Jay Briscoe aint no sore loser. But to be fair, Jay Briscoe is a man of common sense, and common sense says that although I may be the best damn ROH World Heavyweight Champion to grace this company.. I still must overcome obstacles in the way. I don't mind that, whatsoever. But I'd be lying to all of you if I said at the 13 year anniversary that big ol' Jay Briscoe aint a bit worried about how much this match means. This is the biggest match of my damn career, boyuh! At the 13th Anniversary show, Jay Briscoe steps in representing 13 years of hard work, 13 years of detication and 13 years of the best wrestling on this PLANET, and puts the ROH World Heavyweight Championship on the line against two of the toughest sons of BITCHES in the uprising ranks of ROH TODAY! Michael Elgin, I've beaten you for this belt already and plan on doing it again, but this time, I'm the one defending. You call yourself, UNBREAKABLE, but at the end of the day you are just a fragile little punk! Yes, these fans matter, YES, the feedback you get is important, but it shouldn't bring you down to the point where you change who you are as a PERSON! At the Internet Pay Purr VIEW, we gonna duke it out one last time, but this time... there's a bit of a WILDCARD being put into the mix of cards on the table, ye', that's right, I'm talking about you, Tommaso Ciampa! You call yourself a Psychopath and you live by it with all your heart, but let's be honest, look into these eyes of a Briscoe and try and tell me you more psycho than me?! Don't get me wrong, I respect you, you're a great competitor, but at the end of the day, you're just another obstacle I have to overcome! At the 13th anniversary show, you better be ready to lose a whole lot of hype that's being built around you, because this championship aint goin' NO WHERE! BRACE YOSELVES!!

    Jay Briscoe drops the mic. and heads to the back as his music hits, the crowd giving him a pop for the promo.


    We see a small announcement on screen regarding next week's episode of ROH TV, it will feature Jay Briscoe vs. a returning Chris Hero! Huge non-title special attraction match right there!!


    Jay Lethal makes his way down to the ring with Truth Martini and begins to stand at ringside, preparing himself to find out who the #1 contendership is for the ROH Television Championship at the 13th anniversary show.

    ACH makes his way down to the ring!
    Cedric Alexander makes his way down to the ring!
    RD Evans makes his way down to the ring!
    Moose makes his way down to the ring !
    Rhett Titus makes his way down to the ring!
    TJ Perkins makes his way down to the ring!!
    Rhino makes his way down the ring!!

    Jay Lethal gulps as he sees Rhino makes his way down to the ring and begins to get a little nervous for his Championship defense, but wait..


    Hanson has made his way down to the ring!!

    8-Man Battle Royal for Contendership of the Television Championship:
    ACH vs. Cedric Alexander vs. RD Evans vs. Moose vs. Rhett Titus vs. TJ Perkins vs. Rhino vs. Hanson
    Eliminations and Ending:

    Rhett Titus is eliminated after ACH drop kicks him as he stands on the outside of the ring.
    Moose is eliminated by RD after he turrns his back on him as they were double teaming on ACH, causing RD to drag on too long of a celebration.
    Cedric Alexander hits a rolling elbow onto RD, followed by Rhino goring RD, then tossing him over the top rope like he was pure nothing, eliminating RD.
    Hanson would then gain an advantage of the situation and start headbutting everyone in the ring, ACH would try and stay and stick it out but would just get himself in trouble as Hanson would lift him up over his shoulder and drop hid down with a suplex, causing him to land on the outside, eliminating ACH.

    We are down to the final 4 men of the battle royal, TJ Perkins, Cedric Alexander, Rhino and Hanson!

    Rhino and Hanson give each other the death stare in the middle of the ring and begin to lock up with one another, working on each others limbs, Rhino begins to do his best and try to give in all his got as he uses some lefts and rights onto the face of Hanson, Hanson seems unphased and screams in excitement as if he's enjoying the strikes by Rhino, finally, Hanson pushes Rhino off of him and then waits for him to get back up and shoudler tackles Rhino over the top rope and eliminating him! The crowd is shocked! Rhino has been eliminated!

    TJP and Cedric aren't dumb whatsoever, two highly smart workers begin to try and double team work on Hanson, trying to get the big man over the top rope. They throw him into the ropes together, he comes back, they go for a double clothesline, but Hanson gets enough air to move and duck underneath their arms and goes back into the ropes and comes back with a two sided clothes line onto both men, the crowd pops, he smacks his chest, getting hyped up for something huge! You can hear the crowd getting behind the hype as you hear Lethal and Truth getting frustrated and yelling in carnage and outrage over the current actions in the ring.

    Hanson picks up TJP and holds him sideways and would wait for cedric to stand up, he uses TJP's body to spin around and kicks Cedric in the face with TJP's legs and knocks Cedric back, Hanson would then use TJP as a riot shield-like item and bulldoze right over Cedric, pushing him to the outside! He doesn't waste time though, he turns around and puts him over his back and hits a SAMOAN DROP, then goes right back up to his feet and hits a elbow to the face of TJP, he has brutality destroyed TJP's upperbody! He picks up by his hair and then tosses him to the outside, while standing in the middle of the ring, TJP lands on the floor!

    Hanson wins!!

    Hanson smacks his chest in anger due to adrenaline and begins to celebrate his win as Jay Lethal is standing outside, looking completely terrified of his opponent for the iPPV.

    We end this week's ROH tv with Hanson doing the belt around the waist taunt and the crowd cheering him on.
  11. ROH Website Post #2:

    Due to the actions and chaos that has been caused by The Decade, we have decided to make a huge match announcement for the 13th Anniversary show, it will be a "Destruction of the Decade" 5-Man match up, featuring:

    Jimmy Jacobs,
    Roderick Strong,
    BJ Whitmer,
    Adam Page,
    and TaDarius Thomas

    The winner will receive a ROH World Television Championship match, BUT, to make things more interesting, we have decided that in the match, whoever is to be pinned and loses in the match decision will be suspended from ROH until further notice!

    This upcoming iPPV is looking to become a HUGE show, don't miss the action, order now!
  12. ROH Episode 4 of 4 in Nashville TV Tapings:

    Tag Team Match:
    The Kingdom (Michael Bennett/Matt Taven) vs. The PG Streakers (RD Evans/Tim Donst)

    Singles Match:
    Caprice Coleman vs. TaDarius Thomas

    Singles Match:
    Jay Briscoe vs. Chris Hero
  13. ---

    We kick off tonight's final taping set to take place in The Asylum in Nashville, the crowd is still hot and ready for tonight's show.

    Before the matches for tonight go under way, Hanson makes his way down to the ring after scoring a huge Battle Royal victory to claim himself the #1 contendorship for the ROH Television Champion last week on ROH Wrestling, he steps into the ring with a microphone in hand.

    Hanson: It's been 1 whole year, 1 whole year indeed since I had won the Top Prospects tournament and had made my way into ROH to make something of myself and to prove to the entire world that I could be something if given the right chance. I have watched a man I wasn't too fond of, Raymond Rowe, evolve into someone I could consider a good friend, I watched him go through suffering in the hospital and now he's out for who knows how long? Then I had the best damn match of my career at Final Battle against former ROH World Heavyweight Champion Michael Elgin. I didn't walk out the winner, but neither did he, we tore the roof off of the place and put on one of the best matches this company has and WILL ever see. But after the match, ... that's what sticks wtih me in my mind. THAT'S waht makes me upset, THAT'S what offends me in the situation. After the match up, Elgin felt the need to attack me from behind and honestly, put not only my career, but my life in jerporady. I'm not one to ask for pity, no.. not at all, don't think at all that this is what that is. This is me making a statement. Elgin, I can alm-- No, I can do it.. I can PROMISE you, that I won't be trying to screw up your ROH World Championship match, because as a matter of fact, I WANT you to win the championship at the iPPV, because I want to be the man who takes it off of you right there after, because you and I have some unsettled business to take care of! As for my match up at the iPPV with Television Champion Jay Lethal.. you best be preparing yourself for your will, because I promise that I am going to KILL you for that championship!

    Hanson drops the microphone and then heads to the back.


    Tag Team Match:
    The Kingdom vs. The PG Streakers
    Time: 5 Minutes

    Donst and Evans got a great pop for the entire match, putting on a lot of comedic acts as they interacted with Bennett and Taven. Donst wearing his geeky looking amateur wrestling gear as he was on a streak of never losing an argument in his from being so obnoxious. Bennett would have Donst in a headlock down on the mat, Donst would try and escape the hold but Bennett would continue to apply pressure and pushing him down on the mat, here comes RD Evans to try and break up the hold, but Taven springboards off the ropes and over them a hits a diving kick to the face of Evans, then rolls him to the outside and throws him into the barricade. Donst begins to 'hulk up' and work his way out of the hold, Bennett notices he is in trouble and begins to try and loosen the hold up and back away, but Donst pushes Bennett off of him from the waist and then swings with a right, but Bennett outsmarts him and gets behind Donst and germans Donst, bridged pin, 1..2..3! Bennett and Taven get the win like it's nothing.

    Bennett and Taven begin to celebrate and gloat, but RD Evans gets into the ring and tries to break it up, Taven and Bennett look at him like he's an idiot, and begin to try and corner him to the turnbuckle, but here come The Addiction! Christopher Daniels and Kaz run down to the ring and distract Bennett and Taven as they stare them down, giving RD enough time to make his way to the top rope, he leaps off and dives onto both Benett and Taven from behind, taking them down, the crowd gives a loud pop for Evans! Donst makes his way up to his feet slowly, not really sure what is going on and just goes along with the celebration but continues to ask RD 'what just happened?'


    Singles Match:
    Caprice Coleman vs. TaDarius Thomas
    Time: 6-7 Minutes

    Caprice would bring out a package of new types of moves through out the entire time, basically showcasing the moves. Caprice trying to focus more on the technical sides of things, he would have TD locked in the Billy Goat's Curse! TD would be trying to crawl over to the ropes, trying to make an escape from Caprice and get himself out of the hold, but he wouldn't need to worry too much about it, as reDRagon would run down to the ring and begin beating down Caprice, causing the match to end in a DQ.

    reDRagon wouldn't even give Caprice a chance to TRY and fight back, as they continued to attack him like a pile of dogs, screaming at Caprice 'Who is he?! WHO IS YOUR PARTNER??!!?'..... but the lights would go out and the tension would build up.

    The lights would come back on with a banner hanging down from the ceiling neard the entrance way that had the letters 'DDoS' wrote on them, reDRagon would seem as confused as everyone else was.

    This would give Caprice enough time to make it back to his feet and find a way out of the ring and head through the crowd to escape from reDRagon.

    Commercial would go into place as reDRagon would try and figure out what the sign meant.


    NON-Title Match:
    Singles Match:
    Jay Briscoe vs. Chris Hero
    Time: 15 Minutes

    The match would have a classic style of a ROH Main Event feeling to it as the ROH World Heavyweight Champion Jay Briscoe would be taking on that Young Knockout Kid, CHRIS HERO! Who would be making his long awaited return to ROH!

    Jay and Hero had great chemistry through out the entire match. Hero would begin to go for a rolling elbow, but Jay would duck over it and reach himself to behind Hero, he himself would drop down to his knees and sweep the legs of Hero, causing Hero to go down to the mat, Briscoe would then get back up and head to the front of Hero and pick him back up to his feet by his hair, setting up for the Jay Driller, but Hero would roll out from under Briscoe's feet and then push him into the ropes, Briscoe would bounce off and wabble back over to Hero, who would hit a HUGE rolling elbow to the back of Jay Briscoe's head, which would cause Briscoe to go back into the ropes, Hero would then go to the side, off of the ropes and hit a running big boot to the side of the face of Jay Briscoe! Cover! 1..2.. NO, KICK OUT! Hero can't believe it, Hero would pick Briscoe back up and then try and go for the Hero's welcome, but Briscoe would move his way out of the move and then hit a shoulder tackle onto Hero, Hero would fastly get back up to his feet, but Briscoe would hit a even harder running shoulder tackle onto Hero, who would get back up fast again, but just a little bit slower, Briscoe would tackle Hero into the chest, causing Hero to be knocked down to the mat. Briscoe would taunt for something big.

    Michael Elgin would make his way down to the ring, looking as if he was going to cost Briscoe the match, but Ciampa would come from behind Elgin and stop him from doing so.

    Jay looked over and then noticed Ciampa saved him though and would set Hero up for the Jay Driller.. it connects! Pin! 1..2..3!!!

    Jay Briscoe wins!!

    The match ends and Jay would make his way to the outside of the ring and stop the brawl between Elgin and Ciampa, seperating them, they looked confused as Jay would stand in the middle of them and he would scream, "NO!" .. "WE DON'T SETTLE THIS YET!" and would hold the ROH Title above his head and look back and forth at both men, as the episode of ROH TV would end with all 3 men staring down at each other in a triangle.
  14. ROH Wrestling Presents, "The Not So Lucky Side" (Last stop until 13th Anni. Show)
    Friday, December 5th, 2015:
    Pittsburgh, PA:

    Main Event:
    NON-Title, Champion vs. Champion:
    Jay Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal

    Singles Match:
    Hanson vs. Tommaso Ciampa

    Singles Match:
    Michael Elgin vs. Chris Hero

    Tag Team Match:
    reDRagon (w/ The Kingdom) vs. The Addiction (w/ Caprice Coleman and Matt Sydal)

    Singles Match:
    Cedric Alexander vs. Adam Page

    Singles Match:
    ACH vs. TJ Perkins

    Tag Team Match:
    BJ Whitmer/Roderick Strong vs. Jimmy Jacobs/TaDarius Thomas
  15. PLUS: More interviews and build up following the house show and before the iPPV.
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