Ring of Honor ROH All Star Extravaganza VII Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Roadster, Aug 31, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
    ROH is going to return to PPV, starting with Friday - September 18th, 2015. It will be emanating from San Antonio, Texas at the Shrine Auditorium.

  2. Currently signed to appear at the event.

    ROH World & World TV Champion Jay Lethal
    ROH World Tag Team Champions The Addiction
    AJ Styles
    Jay & Mark Briscoe
    Matt Sydal
    Roderick Strong
    The Young Bucks
    Adam Cole
    The Kingdom
    Michael Elgin
  3. The card as of right now:

    Main Event - ROH World Championship
    Kyle O'Reilly vs Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini

    ROH World Television Championship
    Bobby Fish vs Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini

    ROH World Tag Team Championship
    The Addiction (c) vs The Kingdom w/ Maria Kanellis

    Match #3 in the Best of Five Match Series
    ACH vs #Reborn Matt Sydal

    Open Challenge To Any Tag Team in The World Match
    The Briscoes vs ????
    • Cedric Alexander vs Moose w/ Stokely Hathaway
    • Dalton Castle w/ the Boys vs "Pro Wrestling's Last Real Man" Silas Young
  4. I'm hoping for reDRagon to become the golDRagon #Puns:heyman2:
  5. Castle vs Silas has a hilarious stipulation, so I'm really looking forward to that.
  6. Here's a HQ poster:

    ROH's been killing it with these posters. Great job!
  7. I expect reDRagon vs. Jay Lethal to be the matches of the night. I also expect Fish vs. Lethal to the opener to give Lethal time to be fully ready for a kickass match in the main event.
  8. Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly please. The match that put them on the map a few years ago, was one of the best ROH matches of the modern ROH era.
  9. Looking forward to Lethal defending the titles, I don't see him losing either of 'em, though.
  10. I want him to lose the World Title to O'Reilly and have Cole win the 4-way!
  11. Yeah, but Lethal ain't dropping that World title just yet.
  12. I hope they don't have reDRagon be jobbed out to one guy, in one night. TV Title is the most likely to change hands. Isn't he the longest reigning champ?
  13. I'm fine with reDRagon losing to Lethal, but I see shenanigans involved in both title matches.

    Oh, yeah. Lethal's the longest reigning TV champ, so if anything, he'll be dropping the TV title long before he drops the World title, IMO.
  14. Jay Lethal finally getting the big push he deserves.
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  15. Not to be nitpicky. But in the OP it says "ROH are returning to ppv starting with". Makes it seems like ROH hasn't been on PPV for over a year.
  16. When is this?
  17. September 18th
  18. You're thinking of iPPVs. They've only had 4 PPVs.
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