Ring of Honor ROH Allstar Extravaganza 6 live discussion thread

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Ring of Honor Presents:
    Saturday, September 6th, 2014 - 7:30pm
    Mattamy Athletic Centre at the Gardens
    50 Carlton Street - TORONTO, ONT

    ROH World Championship
    "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin vs Jay Briscoe

    When Jay Briscoe finally won the ROH World Title, it was a huge victory for all of a Ring of Honor. Jay has been here since day one and his success reflects the growth and the legacy of ROH. But Jay's reign was cut short due to a shoulder injury. Eventually, Adam Cole was crowned champion in a tournament - but Jay Briscoe insists he never actually lost the title. And he has yet to be pinned in an ROH ring since he returned.

    Now that Michael Elgin has won the championship, he's opened his defenses up to any and all former champions. Jay Briscoe is more than happy to step in and win back the title he claims he never lost! Elgin and Briscoe were in a 4 Way World Title match at FIELD OF HONOR, but Briscoe wasn't involved in the fall. Now Jay Briscoe finally gets his one-on-one title opportunity at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA!

    This is a match demanded not just by the men involved, but the fans as well. Elgin has sworn to be the most competitive fighting champion in the history of ROH. But in the eyes of Jay Briscoe, that historic ROH World Title lineage has a huge blemish on it - he never lost his belt. And to Jay, Elgin can't call himself the champion until he beats him.

    - 2 out of 3 falls for the ROH World Tag Team Championship
    reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) vs The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

    Back at the history making ROH/NJPW event WAR OF THE WORLDS, reDRagon regained the ROH World Tag Team Titles by defeating The Young Bucks. This was no ordinary match. This was a showcase of the best tag team wrestling in the world and truly something special. Many in attendance and watching at home immediately touted the encounter as their match of the year - and quite possibly one of the best ROH matches of all time!

    Matt and Nick Jackson have ushered in a new era of tag wrestling all around the world. Their exciting style and mindblowing combinations are unlike anything else in professional wrestling. But while The Bucks have been "making towns" around the world, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly were honing their game and emerging as the other preeminent team on the planet.

    Signed for ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA VI: reDRagon vs. The Young Bucks...2 out of 3 falls! That's right. Not only will the World Tag Team Titles be on the line, this match will be contested under 2/3 Falls Rules. Just when you think this match is over, it's really only beginning!

    - No Time Limit for the ROH World TV Title
    Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini vs ACH

    It's the World Television Title match everyone is talking about! On ROH TV, ACH challenged Jay Lethal for the TV Title in one of the most athletic and exciting matches in the history of the show. It has to be seen to be believed! Unfortunately for ACH (and fortunately for the House of Truth), the bout had an announced 30 minute time limit - which expired before a winner was determined.

    The time limit draw sounded after both Selezyia and Truth Martini had been ejected from ringside due to interference and even after Lethal himself considered taking his belt and running home. But through it all, ACH kept fighting and the rabid fans kept cheering him on. Had he gotten just a few more minutes, would he be champion today?

    Just as fans demanded "five more minutes," Nigel McGuinness has looked into the TV title draw and made a decision. This match was so spectacular and so competitive that is deserves a rematch. But this time, there will be no draw. There MUST be a winner at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA 6!

    - "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs Adam Cole

    Current IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles vs. former ROH World Champion Adam Cole! This has been a match everyone has been begging to see from the moment Styles returned to Ring of Honor. Styles and Cole were both participants in the 4 Way Survival title match at FIELD OF HONOR, but this is their first singles encounter! AJ Styles has been making his way through all the top stars of ROH, but he's yet to face one of the fastest ringing stars in the world, Adam Cole.

    Cole, meanwhile, has been reshaping his career after losing the World Title, focusing on his new alliance with Michael Bennett and The Kingdom. And that new focus took him all the way to New Japan Pro Wrestling, where Styles has been leading the pack. This is a huge match for Adam Cole in terms of international visibility and acclaim. And Styles remains one of the most athletic and exciting pro wrestlers on the entire planet. Some people will term this one a "dream match" and it's all going down on September 6th at the Maple Leaf Gardens!

    - Grudge Tag Team Match
    Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs The Decade's Roderick Strong & Jimmy Jacobs

    In professional wrestling, loyalty is hard to come by. Alliances are formed only to be destroyed weeks later, partners betray each other every day over championships...and there's no real reward for loyalty. At least, that's the philosophy of The Decade right now. Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong are each former tag team champions. They have weathered the storm as others have come and gone - using ROH as a stepping stone, if you listen to The Decade.

    Recently, the tag team scene got an injection of new blood with the much anticipated addition of "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. In their very first ROH match at BEST IN THE WORLD, Daniels and Kazarian challenged reDRagon for the ROH World Tag Team Titles. More recently, at FIELD OF HONOR, they took on reDRagon for the titles once again - and can blame The Decade for contributing to their loss.

    Now these two teams will have the chance to battle each other in an ROH ring! On September 6th at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and his partner Frankie Kazarian will take on The Decade as represented by Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong! In terms of experience and accomplishments, these are four of the most established athletes on the entire ROH roster. You don't want to miss this! And you can see it LIVE both in Toronto and on iPPV!

    - Battle of The Breakout Stars
    Cedric Alexander vs "The Last Real Man" Silas Young

    When you look at Silas Young and Cedric Alexander, your initial reaction probably doesn't see a whole lot of similarities.

    Cedric is explosive and engaging, with crowds behind him in every city. He's young in his career - just getting started. Silas Young, on the other hand, is a cagey, grizzled veteran of the ropes. He doesn't care one way or the other if the fans support him. Two very different athletes walking two very different paths.

    But when you look a little closer, are those paths all that different? Both men are watching their stock rise in ROH with every single match they have. In fact, both men are right now hot off World Title matches - the biggest challenges in their careers. And while neither was successful in snagging the title, both Alexander and Young proved they have what it takes to hang in championship competition.

    Two breakout stars will collide at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA! Alexander and Young are now confirmed to go one-on-one in Toronto. This will be an obvious clash in attitudes and styles - there's no telling what these two will dish out!

    - Mark Briscoe vs Hanson

    An increasingly heated rivalry between The Briscoes and War Machine has been rocking every ROH event. In the beginning, most fans probably saw a brand new, hungry tag team trying their luck against Ring of Honor's most legendary unit of all time. But it became apparent very quickly that whatever they lacked in experience as a team, Hanson and Rowe could fill in a lot of blanks with "power" and "violence."

    The next singles opportunity for Hanson will be in Toronto versus Mark Briscoe! This rivalry will continue - and now it's going global! Hanson is still constantly looking to prove that himself in ROH. When you are early into your Ring of Honor career, every single match is a critical chance to show your peers and the fans that you belong among the best professional wrestlers on the planet. This is a giant opportunity for Hanson regardless of the issues between him and his opponent...but when you factor that intensity in, Toronto better get ready for a battle!

    - Four Corner Survival Match
    BJ Whitmer & Adam Page vs Josh Alexander & Ethan Gabriel Owens vs Caprice Coleman & Watanabe vs RD Evans & Moose w/ Veda Scott

    It's Tag Team Survival in Toronto! Four of the hottest new tag teams in ROH will battle each other at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA. Each one of these teams is trying to move to the next level and compete for titles. Every win matters! And when the tag scene is this competitive, a huge four corner match is definitely going to rock the Mattamy Athletic Centre.

    In one corner, The Decade will be represented by Adam Page and BJ Whitmer. Across the ring will be a newer team: Caprice Coleman and Takaaki Watanabe. Also entered into the fray will be the team of Ethan Gabriel Owens and Josh Alexander. This team has been making waves in ROH, taking on high level competition and impressing in every outing. And finally, #TheNewStreak has found a new ally in MOOSE, who teams with R.D. Evans in Toronto.

    - Plus an important announcement from Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis!

    For tickets to ROH ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA, click HERE. And to order the iPPV, click HERE. Ringside Members now receive 25% Off All iPPVs & VODs.If you are not a Ringside member but would like to become one, click HERE to sign up.​
  2. Cole vs AJ for MOTN possibly a MOTYC, should post the hype vid in here's it's solid. Jacobs vs Bad Influence is hype worthy too, meh on Roddy though.
  3. Hype vids:

    Based Briscoe

    Cole vs AJ

    Decade vs The Addiction (formerly Bad Influence)

    ACH vs Jay Lethal

    ReDragon vs the Young Bucks

    Monster Mafia's ROH PPV debut
  4. Elgin looks like a cow in that photo. lol.

    Seems nice, I won't be here for the LD though, I watch my ROH stuff on delay.
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    Silas Young has suffered a broken leg and could be out for up to 4 months. A new opponent for Cedric Alexander will be announced later today.

    From the ROH Facebook account.

    Edit: Michael Bennett replaces Silas Young
  6. ROH tomorrow? Great surprise. Jay seemed intent on sodomizing Elgin on that second promo (which kinda made it better, actually). There will be some streams up for this, I'm assuming?
  7. Silas with a broken leg? Damn. That sucks.
  8. Jay and Elgin would make a lovely wedding photo.
  9. ROHspot :boohoo:

    This could be an ok show, I guess. I'm not into TV Title match, and these undercard clusterfucks with jabronis like Alexander and Young and all, but major matches like Styles/Cole, Elgin/Briscoe should be very good. And basically anything involving Bad Influence is a big win for the show already, let alone Strong & Jacobs being their opponents. Mark and Hanson sounds promising.

    I'm into TNA, PWG and NJPW for the past few years, but I'm definitely being open-minded about checking this show out. Of course not the entire show, but these 4-5 matches mos def.

  10. Stacked card. ROH have had two very successful shows these past weeks so I hope they can keep up the momentum they have going on here.

    ROH > TNA
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  11. Their entire year has been pretty darn successful tbf
  12. I thought Testify was adamant he was not going to watch ROH again after his Supercard of Honor review last year?

    Sucks for Young, Bennett is awful.
  13. The thread is now live
  14. Hit me up with a stream on Skype, Stop.
  15. First out is Hansen vs Mark Briscoe
  16. Hey if you could hook it up with a place to watch the replay whenever it comes out let me know.
  17. Holy fucking shit, you remember that? Lol I completely forgot about that show even ever taking place. I watched a match here and there, but hold no grudges at all. Open minded guy here, 90% of the time.
  18. Bought the IPPv (Worked Flawlessly and got it all in HD).

    Really enjoyed myself watching it. Weakest match was probably the TV title match.
    Elgin was a fucking egg no-selling most of Briscoe's offense.
    MOTN was the tag title match, not as strong as the War of the worlds one, but still mighty fine. Plus I got to see someone get clobbered with a hockey stick.
  19. Woo, let's go Addiction
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