Ring of Honor ROH apologizing for Briscoe being an idiot

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  1. ROH released the following statement regarding Briscoe's twitter rant from yesterday.
    What Briscoe said can be read in this thread.

    So not only did he voice a negative opinion on same sex marriage but also threatened to kill people supporting it. ROH seems to think that just apologizing and moving on is enough. Do you guys agree? Would you take some kind of action if you were in power in ROH?

    Personally I would strip him off the belt. The champion of the company should know better. Freedom of speech does not make you immune to consequences.
  2. Although I do not agree with his views, I don't think he should be crucified for having an opinion. Isn't the "free" world all about people being able to express their views and opinions no matter what they may be? This is wrestling, use it in an angle and you have the heel with the most heat in the business in the North, and probably beloved in the South. The world has become too PC for my tastes. As long as he's not actually shooting or hurting people he should be allowed to say what he feels, no matter how stupid or morally wrong it is. I know I may get shit on for this view, but its how I feel. It also could have been a joke that came out wrong. Maybe he meant it as a joke but obviously it can't be taken that way through reading it.
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  3. I agree to some extent. Idiots have the right to voice their opinion too.
  4. You always seem to take everything literally, don't you?
  5. It can and have been interpreted as a serious threat. There's a country musician in America serving hail time for saying virtually the exact same thing.

    So yes, I see it as a serious issue.

    If you don't have anything productive to contribute with other than trying to make a joke of what I am saying then don't post.
  6. I'll stop "not contributing" when certain people like you stop making the big deal out of everything and take things too serious/literally/butthurt. For fucks sake, just loose up a little bit, all I'm asking for.
  7. I don't know where you get the idea that I am uptight. I approach most things with a laid back approach. But this is a situation which I find interesting and approach with a serious demeanor because it is a subject deserving of such.

    Perhaps it's because it's still a relatively new issue and that our societies are still overwhelmingly heterosexist, but there's a massive propensity for prejudice against sexual orientation to be shrugged off as something not truly worth deliberation or protection. That aside, the larger issue is that he issued a physical threat of violence (as some ironic statement on the corruption of his kids' values) and a public opinion against a specific culture/identity. He represents a public company that airs on a public TV channel upon which his actions may have dire consequences. Simply because it's contained to most wrestling sites will not mean corporate entities may not get wind of it and start adding their own fuel to the fire.
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  8. Well this is not good publicity for ROH after the streaming problems and the whole Kenny King fiasco,they don't really need this,I like jay as a wrestler but his comments were unacceptable. ROH need to look credible and maybe taking the belt off him would be a good idea.
  9. This isn't the first time he's said things like that on twitter either. He hoped for a bunch of dead gays and transsexuals after hurricane Sandy as well. Jay needs to go to school
  10. I never heard about that, he needs to do some growing up, what a prick
  11. Well this country does support freedom of speech, it's his opinion on the subject. I completely disagree with him of course, but we can't always punish people for what they say, otherwise we are taking their freedom away. I can't see Jay really killing people over homosexuality, maybe causing a fight, but not death. I would have him lose a match still, and make him look weak for a couple of weeks, but not take the belt off of him. Oh and use an Elton John song when he comes out to the ring.
  12. I remember him saying something along the lines of "Awful lot of fags out today" on twitter when ROH had a show in New York one time.
  13. You've got to question whether a person should be allowed free speech when they're using it as a tool to spread hate.
  14. Freedom of speech doesn't equal freedom from consequence.
    I'm shocked people on the web are shocked that people are upset about the entire thing.
  15. Yeah that's well put tbh, he can say it but shouldn't have be able to avoid a negative backlash due to the freedom.
  16. Dont see how he is making a big deal. Also if you made comments like that on tv or radio ur ass would be gotten rid off for a good length of time due to being a public figure. Yes we have free speech but ppl really need to learn if u r remotely famous you have to keep certain opinions to urself.
  18. That's a bit stupid. An apology should be enough imo.
  19. I can see why the "death threat" would be a concern but I get the feeling he'd receive just as much flack even if he had left that part out. People seem to be even more sensitive than usual (and people these days are pretty damn sensitive) when it comes to certain gay people not having their feelings hurt.
  20. People aren't more sensitive now than people were during the hayday of the black rights movement. It just seems so since we are living in a much more global society with much more advanced and easily accessible means of communication which virtually anyone can use to voice their opinion.
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