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    Best in the World 2015
    19/06/2015 - New York, NY

    The Card:

    Champion vs Champion: Briscoe vs Lethal

    No DQ Match for the World Tag Team Titles: ReDragon vs The Addiction

    6-Man Tag Team Match: Kingdom vs Bullet Club

    #1 Contenders Match: Elgin vs Moose vs Strong

    The Decade vs Sydal/ACH

    Donovan Dijak vs Mark Briscoe

    The Last Real Man vs The Exotic Experience: Silas Young vs Dalton Castle

    Tag Team Match: C&C Wrestlefactory vs WarMachine
  2. Man, I am beyond hyped for the ME! This should be a pretty entertaining PPV.
  3. Card is fine.
  4. Thought it was at eight, dammit.
  5. It's live (thread only)
  6. Thanks man
  7. Couldn't discuss, my computer can hardly manage the stream by itself. Was good though
  8. I just finished match 1 & 2. Here are some quick thoughts.

    Match 1: Really fun opener. Dijak has a massive upside, all he eneeds is time and polish and he'll be a factor in ROH. And Mark Briscoe is comically underrated. Such a good wrestler when he wants to be.

    Match 2: Another good match but not as good as the first match. The story was clear but I felt that they could have done more with ACH and Page throughout it. But it advanced storylines which is what a match like this should do so I am happy. If I had to star rate it I would go with 2.
  9. Bar the spot to the outside I wasn't too into the opener. Mark's selective selling of his back really took me outta it. The beard game is strong however.

    More people need to vary top rope moves also like the froggybow lil twists help.

    The main was some fantastic story telling however, I'm not a Lethal fan but I bought into him going over. Jaydriller onto the table was a sick spot for sure.

    Also SUPERKICKSUPERKICK! (my phone automatically put the second one in there I guess that what the S stands for in S5). Corino sold that on commentary like an absolute champ as usual. His excitement is infectious.
  10. Show Spoiler

    Well I went into this pay per view with a little bit of a letdown. Before I was able to get a torrent of it, some asshole put the result of the main event into the title of his youtube "review." Since I was ROH stuff on youtube, his "review" came up in my recommended to watch list. I was beyond pissed off because it's bad enough that he would do something so idiotic, but also that he would do this while posting a second rate review on a second rate channel on youtube two hours after the pay per view was over. It is not a way to raise a fan base for your youtube channel.

    Anyhow, this is pretty much my outlook. It was a good pay per view. It wasn't great and I generally expect a little more from ROH. But, that being said, there really wasn't a bad match on the card.

    I liked:

    Mark Briscoe vs Donovan Dijack. This was a decent match. It has a few good spots, especially when Dijack slammed Briscoe out of the ring.

    Decade vs ACH and Sydal. This was an all right, again nothing to get too excited over.

    Dalton Castle vs Silas Young. I didn't want to like this match. I have very little interest in either guy. Silas Young has always grated on my nerves and my impression of Dalton Castle is that he is a bit of a mockery of gay people and I personally don't care for wrestling teams that do this. However, as the match wore on, it actually was pretty decent. I won't say it was really good, but it was enjoyable.

    Moose vs Michael Elgin vs Roderick Strong. I didn't really have a horse in this race, but it wasn't the kind of race in which I needed one. It was a good match and since I knew the outcom of the World Championship match, I think the right man to face Jay Lethal won. Also, I am not a Michael Elgin fan, but I liked his interaction with the fan who had the replica belt. Even as a heel, he interacted nicely with the guy.'

    The Kingdom vs the Bullet Club was pretty good although major parts of it looked REALLY choreographed. And I don't need anyone telling me it looked choreographed because it was. Good wrestlers are good when they can make it look more natural and less choreographed.I like the Young Bucks, but you can only keep humping the air so much before you just begin to look like you really need to get laid.

    I was pretty indifferent to the Addiction versus Redragon, but I am putting it in the like column because of Chris Sabin. Chris is one of my favorite wrestlers and I love seeing him. A few years back, he and I actually communicated for a few months and while he is as dumb as a bag of bricks, he is the nicest guy. It was his congenial personality that really made me become a big fan of his and even though we haven't talked in years, I still really like the guy.

    Jay Lethal vs Jay Briscoe. It wasn't as good as it could have been, but it was a pretty good match. I honestly really liked the sincere show of respect by both guys after the match.

    I didn't like:


    I didn't really care:

    C&C Wrestle Factory vs War Machine. This was pretty much a waste of time just to advance a bad story a little bit.
  11. BITW was a pretty good PPV. Even though the first hour was rather forgettable, the second half/everything else more than made up for it.

    - Mark Briscoe vs Dijak was a decent show opener. That slam on the floor was a cool spot, besides that, there really wasn't anything else too exciting in this match.
    Also, I'm glad ODB ripped up that stupid Book of Truth.

    - The Decade vs ACH & Matt Sydal was alright, but nothing special.
    The match was more of a storyline-advancer 'tween Page and ACH, although they could've done something more with the two throughout this match.

    - Dalton Castle vs Silas Young was decent. Highlight of this match would be their fight on the apron, followed by SY hitting a Spear to the floor.

    - War Machine vs C&C Wrestle Factory was meh. This Cedric Alexander angle did not belong on a PPV.

    - Strong vs Moose vs Elgin was a good #1 contender's match. All I can say is, the right man won!
    2015 is Roddy's year, he's been having such a great year in the ring thus far!
    Roddy vs Lethal is gonna blow the roof off the place at Death Before Dishonor.

    - Bullet Club vs The Kingdom was effin' awesome. It was so fun and enjoyable, I loved every single bit of it!
    This was easily the best thing on the show, IMO.

    - The Addiction vs reDRagon was good. Damn, some ladders were introduced during the match, this has to be a tease for a ladder war finale 'tween these two teams.

    - Jay Lethal vs Jay Briscoe was a very good ME, with some awesome storytelling.
    Dayumn, Jaydriller on the table was an awesome spot!

    But anyways, despite having the finish to the ME spoiled (thanks to some shithead on YouTube while I was looking for a link to watch the show...) I still marked for Lethal winning the title.

    I was glad they were serious about this Champion vs Champion match and I was more than glad they didn't find a way to mess it up, the finish was CLEAN, so that was awesome, as well as the post-match handshake 'tween Lethal and Briscoe.
  12. You have to admit this is weird that we had the exact experience. Do you remember the video? Would be interesting if the same dickhead ruined it for both of us.
  13. It is weird, man.

    I don't even remember the video, I haven't even clicked on it, all I saw yesterday was a picture of Jay Lethal (as a thumbnail for the video) holding both the TV and World title.
  14. Ah, video thumbnail spoilers. My doom
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  15. It seems to be everyone's doom. :heyman:
  16. Gladly I didn't have issues with this show given I watched it live. However, I did have issues with the illegal stream provider switching from the PPV to gay porn during the show. :dawg:
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  17. OIC.

    I imagine that was quite the experience :lol1:
  18. Well, it was pretty funny at least :dawg:
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