Ring of Honor ROH Field Of Honor Results From Brooklyn (8/22)

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  2. Attendance: 2200. That's up from last years 1400
  3. That's great news!

    The bad news is, Alex Shelley ate a knee from Mark Briscoe, literally, and shattered his front two teeth. ROH will be covering the cost...
  4. That's good, especially considering the fact that NXT was running an event barely half an hour away. I would've rather gone to Field of Honor personally, though.
  5. Prince Bálor's ROH Journey
    Destination: FIELD OF HONOR - Brooklyn, NY
    Date: 8/22/15

    - The show kicked off with Taeler Hendrix throwing the first pitch to King Corino, who is dressed as a cow. :lol1:

    - Adam Cole vs Chris Daniels was a very good show opener. ***½
    This was the right way to kick off the show. I love both guys, and I feel like they didn't overbook anything, despite having Sabin involved in the match.
    But, shenanigans were kept to a minimum here. The action was crisp and they played wisely into Cole's shoulder injury which was the story for this match.
    Cole overcame everything the ring general had thrown his way and would win with a Superkick/Brainbuster onto the knee combo. Sweet finish.

    - War Machine vs Killer Elite Squad was a good match. ***
    Well, I knew they'd jell much better here than they did in their previous bout.
    The match was slow at first, with K.E.S. controlling WM, but then started getting better and better as it progressed, the pace and brutality finally picked up and War Machine ended up winning with Fallout.
    It was a good and fun stiff party that you'd expect of these four hosses.
    Also, judging by the post-match interaction 'tween WM and K.E.S., it seems like there'll be a GHC Tag Team title match in Japan.
    So, I'm looking forward to seeing that.

    - Gauntlet match for the ROH TV title shot was good and fun. ***¼
    - Page and Castle kicked things off and had some good back-and-forth action. Dalton overcame The Decade's shenanigans and eliminated Page with a roll-up. The Decade beat him down afterwards.
    - Kaz was out next and tried to take advantage of a fallen Peacock. Castle channelled his inner John Cena and managed to kick out and kept overcoming the odds. We got some Sabin shenanigans, but Castle would eventually eliminate Kaz. And of course, Sabin and Kaz beat him down afterwards.
    - That brought out Castle's rival, Silas Young. He stormed to the ring in order to pin Castle, but nah-ah. Castle refused to go down. Young would shortly hit Misery and eliminate Castle... Party pooper.
    - The next man out was Bushwhacker Luke. Yes, that's right! Silas tossed him over the top rope, as Luke did the Bushwhacker walk around the bases and got counted out. LOL
    - Moose was out next and Silas wouldn't survive his offense, as he got eliminated.
    - Dijak came out next and had a solid bout with Moose, he looked impressive as he hit a Moonsault Plancha.
    Ultimately, he couldn't get the job done, as Moose Speared him and Dijak was out of the gauntlet.
    - Cedric Alexander, the man who ended Moose's undefeated streak, was out next with Moose's former valet, Veda Scott, who looked gorgeous. Veda got on the apron, which allowed CA to sneak up from behind and hit Moose with a wrench and eliminate him. Ehh, I would've preferred a different ending, 'cause they'd already used this shtick before.
    - The last competitor and the WINNER was Watanabe, so that was a cool surprise.
    Before this whole Gauntlet match started, I was wondering who'd win this match and if they were looking for someone to either feed to Lethal or someone to win the TV title from Lethal.
    I guess I have my answer, and Lethal/Watanabe will be a fine contest.

    - The Young Bucks, ACH & Matt Sydal vs The Kingdom & RPG Vice was good. ***
    This was a spotfest, as one would expect. Outside of running the bases, which was hilarious and Mike spitting some dude in the crowd and Maria wiping it off, this was pretty much a replay of Young Bucks/RPG Vice and of course, ACH, Sydal and The Kingdom were there, too. It was fun to watch, but nothing revolutionary.
    The Young Bucks, ACH & Matt Sydal won with a More Bang For Your Buck, followed by ACH's 450 and a Shooting Star press by Sydal.

    - Goto vs 'Big Mike' Elgin was very good. ***½
    This was the G1 rematch and did not disappoint. I thought Elgin would be victorious here in the US and then set up a future IC title match with Goto, but oh well. Still, a good ROH debut for Goto.

    - Dem Boys vs Time Splitters was good. ***
    The hard-hitting style of Briscoes and the quickness of Time Splitters worked out well, but I expected more.
    Also, at one point, Alex ate a knee from Mark and had his front two teeth shattered. Gotta admire Shelley for finishing the match.

    - Okada vs Roddy was great and enjoyable! ****¼
    This was MOTN and the best singles match on the card. It started out slow at first, 'cause Strong wanted to dictate the pace.
    Then they went outside and Roddy went heel mode, Back Suplex-ing Okada onto the barricades and using the environment as his offense.
    I mean, Roddy's offense throughout the match was just brutal and focused.
    He knew he had to work his ass off in order to hang with the mighty IWGP champ.
    Once they got back in the ring, that's when the second half of the match started picking up.
    They had some cool counter wrestling, mainly Roddy, because he was countering everything Okada had to offer.
    Roddy had the Rainmaker scouted for sure, having countered it about 3-4 times.
    He started pummeling Okada with knee strikes and when he finally hit the Double Knee Gutbuster and a Sick Kick, I totally bought the nearfall.
    Strong's brutal offense affected Okada, because it required two Tombstones, a German Suplex and a Rainmaker to finally put Roddy away. I loved the homestretch, it was super fun.

    - Jay Lethal & Nakamura vs reDRagon was a great and fun main event! ****

    Overall, Field Of Honor was a great show with nothing bad on it. I had a blast watching it. Thank you, ROH!
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