Ring of Honor ROH Glory by Honor XIV

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  1. Matches signed:
    Jay Letha & The Kingdom vs. AJ Styles, ACH & Roderick Strong

    Also signed to appear
    The Briscoes
    "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin
    Adam Cole
    Dalton Castle
    Silas Young w/ the Boys
    Adam Page w/ BJ Whitmer
  2. [​IMG]
    Uh...since when is ACH an ROH all-star? lol. I love ACH but he doesn't belong in this match.
  3. Another kickass poster!
  4. Well, Jay Briscoe will prolly not be available for the event, hence why they got Tomoaki HonmACH.
  5. Briscoe is not a title contender. That's why he isn't in that match.
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    ACH has been an all star for about two years. They have built him up as one for quite some time. He's had a fair amount of title matches and is in the midst of a slow push. TV title is in his future mate.

    For example, he was in this exact same match last year as well. All Star 2 years in a row.
  7. C & C wrestle factory were on the All Star team before and they have not done anything of note. This current all star match looks cracking.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Gonna be a good match.
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  9. This is two nights, right? Is it a TV taping and a VOD show?
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  10. Lethal vs. Strong is gonna be on the second night.
  11. ROH Glory By Honor XIV TV Tapings From Kalamazoo (10/23)

    Show Spoiler

    * Samson Walker defeated Hakim Zane in a Future of Honor dark match

    Episode 1:

    * Brutal Bob challenged Cheeseburger for Final Battle

    * ACH defeated Cedric Alexander with a 450. Great match and promo

    * Caprice Coleman made Will Ferrara tap out. Prince Nana came out to evaluate them both during the match. Kevin Kelly interviewed Nana after the match and he said the Age of Enlightenment is coming

    * The Briscoes defeated Kenny King and Rhett Titus in another really good match

    Episode 2:

    * War Machine defeated Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser with the Boys

    * In-ring segment with Nigel McGuinness and Steve Corino. Nigel can't give his announcing job back but he books Corino vs. BJ Whitmer in a Fight Without Honor for Final Battle. Corino cuts a great promo and gives thanks but says he needs neck fusion surgery. He thanks everyone, gives hugs to Nigel and the announcers, then gets a "thank you Steve" chant from the crowd

    * Michael Elgin squashed a local wrestler and challenged Jay Lethal for the ROH World title

    * The Kingdom retains the ROH Tag Team Titles over The Addiction with Chris Sabin when a masked KRD member kicked Kazarian. War Machine had a staredown with The Kingdom after

    * Leah Von Dutch defeated Crazy Mary in a dark match

    Episode 3:

    * Moose squashed Dominic Carter. Stokley cuts a promo on Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin. Elgin comes out and has words with Moose until The House of Truth comes out and we get a match

    * Michael Elgin and Moose defeated Jay Diesel and Donovan Dijak. Elgin and Moose had a staredown after the match

    * BJ Whitmer comes out to cut promos on Steve Corino and Nigel, calling them liars. Nigel bans The Decade from Final Battle

    * Roderick Strong defeated Jay Lethal to become the new ROH TV Champion. House of Truth was banned from ringside

    Episode 4:

    * Will Ferrara defeated Adam Page when interference from The Decade backfired. Mark Briscoe got up from commentary and chased them away

    * Cheeseburger defeated Tim Hughes. Brutal Bob attacked him after the match

    * AJ Styles and Jay Lethal make their match at Final Battle official. They shake hands

    * The Addiction come out and say they're going to New Japan Pro Wrestling because of the conspiracies against them

    * Adam Cole vs. Dalton Castle ends when Todd Sinclair tosses the match due to The Kingdom's antics. They go to attack Castle but War Machine makes the save and we've got a match

    * The Kingdom defeated Castle and War Machine when Cole pinned Castle after another brutal match

    Episode #3, the main event... Hell yeah!
  12. ROH Glory By Honor XIV Results From Dayton (10/24)

    Show Spoiler

    * Wildman Kongo defeated The Outlaw in a dark match

    * ACH suffered a concussion the night before and is out, Castle will replace him in the Champions vs. All Stars main event

    * Kelly Klein defeated Ray Lynn

    * Adam Cole defeated Will Ferrera

    * Kenny King and Rhett Titus defeated Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young

    * Caprice Coleman defeated Sampson Walker

    * Michael Elgin defeated Donovan Dijak

    * Jay Diesel defeated Shereh Ali

    * Cliff Compton defeated Bob Evans, Cedric Alexander and Adam Page in a Fatal 4 Way. Cheeseburger interfered and challenged Evans for Final Battle

    * The Briscoes defeated War Machine

    * Jay Lethal, Roderick Strong and The Kingdom defeated The Addiction, Moose and Dalton Castle. AJ Styles was on commentary. Lethal had a staredown with Styles and Strong after
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