ROH: Kenny King update

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  1. For the rest of the story:

    Also, on another note, Austin Aries retweeted the above story from ROH's Twitter feed, and he added the following personal note to his tweet:
    "Now how about the real story of how ROH does business? I haven't forgotten..."
  2. he gonna come to wwe and become wwe champion
  3. King for X Division Champion at Destination X plz
  4. I really enjoyed his match on Impact.
  5. DZ -- Gotta' admit, that would be interesting.

    Leo -- Oh yeah, he had a great match on Impact last night. Would love to see more of him in that brand.
  6. He tore it up, the other three were horrible. King reminds me a lot of Shelton in ring, it's like he's got springs in his boots half the time.
  7. I like him because he can mix it up, especially against smaller guys (like Shelton as well). He can use some power moves, and for his size (he has to be 6 feet + and around 225 or 230) he does great things from the typical X Division aspect of quick, high flying as well.

    I've loved him since I started watching ROH a couple of years ago. He's the man.
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  8. ROH are morons, but King raped them anally in this one. And btw, TNA could at least try to bring someone with a talent (Bennett, Generico, TJP, Edwards...), because Kenny King is a painfully mediocre wrestler, but I realize they got him for free basically.

    Kenny King - not a big loss for ROH (if we ignore the Tag Titles situation), and he brings nothing to TNA, he's Shelton Benjamin 2.0
  9. Still bugs me neither of the big companies have Generico, with all due respect to ROH, PWG and the other smaller promotions his talent deserves to be on a international stage.
  10. Generico could be a major draw and merch seller in TNA and WWE. If they don't change his character and gimmick, of course. El Generico is the best in the world.
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  11. What morons are running ROH? Between that and the technical issues, there's no way I could support a company that's run as terribly as they are.
  12. Time to worship this King fella, fuck yeah.
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