Ring of Honor ROH looking to buy TNA?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Out of all the possible buyers this is probably their best bet. Sinclair have a good track record. TNA merged into ROH would probably go off pretty smoothly, or if Sinclair wanted and were willing to put in the years needed, they could bunker down and give TNA the old ROH treatment and turn it into a working promotion. But I guess that depends on how damaged TNA's live brand is. And it is pretty damaged.

    Merging TNA into ROH would cause less financial loss, but putting in the time, money and effort to repair TNA and turn it around could pay off in the long run. But it would be a hell of a horsejob.

    My personal take is that I think it is more likely that TNA would be merged into ROH proper, with a potential second show down the road. Especially if ROH does go to 2 hours. Less hassle or risk of loss. And the tape library can be cultivated and used for reruns
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  2. It would be best if they merge with their twin. Nah, but seriously it would be interesting to see what and how this will play out.
  3. Would Bennett be welcomed back is probably the biggest question on everyone's mind.
  4. Bennett is fucking garbage, but I am sure some people like him?
  5. I don't think Bennett left under bad circumstances, more like he just had nothing left to do in ROH since they did not see him as a world champion.

    Davey Richards on the other hand. Now that's an interesting discussion on if they'd take him back considering he blasted them in interviews after leaving and he refused to job on the way out
  6. What about Aries did he not call Roh smokey mountain of honor? He came back, him and Richards actually have classics In their Roh cv
  7. Aries beef was with Cornette.

    Cornette was long out the door when Davey decided to be a cockhead and throw ROH under several busses since he thought he was getting a WWE deal.
  8. Ok but why mention Richards and not douchebags like King? All three are twats
  9. We all know you dislike Richards
  10. I'm just saying. Out of the people on the current TNA roster, Richards is the one who has beef with the current ROH management. King and Aries had problems with Cornette, so their problems with the company left with him.

    IF Sinclair buys TNA and merges it into ROH, that's going to be a elephant in the room when Davey has to work for people he called some pretty nasty things.
  11. Fuck Aries and his bum buddy King, I am not defending Richards but it is easy to come back under new management like nothing has happened.
  12. Let's not pretend that Kenny is not paying his dues back right now on TV.
  13. Do not give a shit if he is paying his dues or not

    Tag title win against haas and Benjamin was paying his dues
  14. I've always thought this would be a good idea for both companies, TNA especially. If TNA were to merge into ROH proper and we got ROH: Impact or whatever I think that eventually they'd be in a position to compete with WWE. Think about that though you'd have the ROH and TNA guys on the same roster with the occasional NJPW joined events... I'm marking out just thinking of all the possibilities. Please let them reach a deal.
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  15. So the indy version of WWE purchasing WCW?

    Another invasion is afoot.
  16. Sinclair's would buy TNA and stick it on their network along with ROH, only way they'll use TNA is for ratings and for a chance to give ROH International coverage via TNA's links.
  17. Honestly, it'd be better for ROH to just keep their money. TNA is dead.
  18. Even though TNA didn't buy GFW, was that not another poorly booked invasion angle?
  19. If Sinclair thinks they're worth the money, sure. Why not? I mean, there are some guys on the roster I'd love to see on ROH TV.
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