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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 16, 2013.

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    So I figured we'd build an archive in a sense of good - great ROH matches. You know matches you'd recommend people to watch if they want to get into ROH and what it is/was about. Pick one match, post it, describe it and so forth. Let's see how big an archive we can build.

    ROH 7th Anniversary, Nigel McGuinnes (c) vs Kenta for the ROH world title.

    Nice, physical match with lots of hard strikes and offence. Nigel working injured and being the great heel that he is against the inventor of the GTS (take that Punk).
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  2. [video=dailymotion][/video]

    Davey's best match as champ IMO, the crowd loved Steen to pieces, Corino coming out and saying nothing on commentary was a great move it made you wonder what he'd do. Steen being able to use the piledriver again was a simple but dope storytelling device, especially as it was the first move he went for. Kevin crawling to the corner and tearing the pad off as he desperately tries to get out of the ankle lock before rolling Davey into it and hitting the sleeper suplex into the piledriver for the win was great. Jacobs was great outside aswell. Finally you had Nigel on commentary.

  3. Another one from an anniversary show, and another one featuring McGuinness. This time vs the best in the world Bryan Danielson (WWE's Daniel Bryan). This one tells a good story. It features two wrestlers who are evenly matched, one heel, one face. Bryan wants to reclaim the ROH world title and become a two time champion as well as cut the reign of his arch rival short. Whilst Nigel wants to retain his gold and prove that he can beat Danielson clear in the middle of the ring (something he has been unable to do).
  4. Will add to this on Monday, great thread idea!

  5. Stopspot continues his search through the anniversary shows and this time we land on the second anniversary. The match is the finals of the Pure wrestling tournament to crown the first ever Pure champion. Contenders are AJ Styles and the leader of the Second City Saints, CM Punk. Styles working as the face and Punk as the heel. Styles has had to fight through three other guys tonight to get to Punk and is selling an injured leg. This match tells a good story between two guys who are said to have legit heat (at least Punk hating AJ for some reason) and is also one of the first real Pure matches.
  6. That was in 04, Punk hated AJ as they apparently all agreed to band together so they could work for both TNA and ROH after TNA refused to allow them to after Rob Feinstein was found to be a pedo. AJ and Daniels plus some other guys apparently went back on their word and worked for TNA only for a while. It seems likely to be the reason Punk has beef with TNA in general

    "In 2004, Feinstein was caught in an internet-based sting operation, in which he allegedly tried to solicit sex on the internet from a person that he thought to be an underage boy (but was actually an adult, posing as a minor). After this was publicized by some news outlets, Feinstein resigned from both RF Video and ROH in June 2004.[3][4] In the aftermath of the scandal, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) ended its talent-sharing agreement with Ring of Honor, abruptly withdrawing all of its contracted wrestlers from their prior commitments to perform in ROH shows—including major ROH draws A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels, who each either held or were about to hold ROH championships.[5] Doug Gentry eventually bought Feinstein's stake in ROH, and later sold it to Cary Silkin.[6] ROH then started its own mail-order and online store operations, which sell DVDs of its live events, plus shoot interviews with wrestlers and managers—even some competitors' wrestling-related merchandise."

    From WIki
  7. Steen/Generico Final Battle 2010

  8. Danielson vs Daniels vs Low Ki

  9. Chris Daniels SHOULD've been the 1st ROH champ. :upset:
  10. Not that I necessarily think anyone will sit here for an hour and watch this, but it's a hell of a match.

    Joe vs. Punk II, which took place in October 2004 for the World Championship. I also think it added to the match even more with it being in Chicago. In my opinion all three of those matches are great, but this is one of my favorites.
  11. Seriously hate that I can't find this complete match. Bummer. The best I can do is this highlight reel that includes music playing throughout. Ah well, gets the idea across:

    Team ROH vs. Team CZW in a Cage of Death match from Death Before Dishonor IV in 2006.
    Team ROH included Samoa Joe, Adam Pearce, BJ Whitmer, Ace Steel, and American Dragon (Bryan Danielson) while Team CZW included Chris Hero, Necro Butcher, Nate Webb, Claudio Castagnoli, and Eddie Kingston.
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