Ring of Honor ROH News, May 29th

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  1. - Christopher Daniels has signed a contract with ROH, and will be full time with the promotion starting with the June 22nd PPV.

    - While NJPW was in the US for the ROH shows, Adam Cole and Michael Elgin worked out for NJPW bookers Gedo and Jado. Adam Cole impressed them and should be headed to work a tour with the company soon. Elgin did not get an offer, which was reportedly a big blow to him.

    - NJPW performer Takaaki Watanabe will be working with ROH going forward.

    Credit: The Wrestling Observer via wrestlezone.com


    So glad that Elgin got sacked by NJPW, deservedly so. Fucking embarrassing clown.

    Also glad Daniels signed the contract.
  2. Cole doing a tour for NJPW will do wonders for him.

    At the same time as I feel a bit bad for Elgin, since he has it out there as a goal for him to work the G1, I find it hilarious. You seen the "book elgin for new japan" twitter parody account?
  3. Also some more news:

    - Tom Lawlor was super friendly to everyone and they liked him a lot. They would love to work with him again, especially when they found out he had experience as a pro wrestler. They are trying to use him again, but it’s limited as far as what he can do because the new UFC contracts forbid guys from doing any kind of dangerous activity. UFC allowed him to do the show, but he was given a no-contact rule, which rules him out of doing matches. Lawlor told people in ROH that he and Josh Barnett have talked about becoming a tag team, but Barnett is also not allowed to do pro wrestling anymore since he signed with UFC. Barnett was still wrestling regularly in Japan, usually top of the card, for the IGF, when he was fighting in Strikeforce because he negotiated being allowed to do pro wrestling into his contract there.
  4. Waiting for news of Frankie Kazarian joining ROH and Bad Influence reforming there. Now THAT might hook me up t watch ROH more, most def,

    Also I wish Bad Inf goes to PWG to do a show or two, or hell even be full time there since they're from California anyhow.
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  5. I think both are just a matter of time. Kaz's TNA contract just needs to expire in full.
  6. Yeah, it expires June 1st.
  7. Cole touring with NJPW? Good deal for him.

    Anyway, Bad Influence in ROH would be good but I would think they would fit in with PWG's style the most and they could do some work in CHIKARA as heels once the Flood Storyline is done with (that is, if Daniels and Kaz haven't been signed to another promotion by then.)
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  8. Bad Influence and their funny shit are PERFECT for PWG, no doubt. Can't wait until they do some PWG shows. Gonna be classic.
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  9. Agreed.

    To see Bad Influence in a Promotion such as PWG would be great, imagine the comedy we would get out of it.

    Plus all the Matches such as Bad Influence vs The Young Buck, vs Best Friends, vs Inner City Machine guns, etc. It'll be great.
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  10. True dat. Hell, you can even give 'em Unbreakable FN Machines and PP Ray, and it would still be fun matches.
  11. Here's a bit of Steen news from the same report:

    - There was an issue with Kevin Steen as far as being unhappy about losing to Shinsuke Nakamura. Steen wasn’t happy after losing to Cole in Toronto that he came back to lose to Nakamura, but that was how the negotiations went with New Japan and ROH and the decision was made based on Steen’s contract expiring. New Japan had a strict no jobs proviso for Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Nakamura. One person said that they think Steen doesn’t follow New Japan closely and didn’t realize who the biggest stars were and Nakamura’s standing, but even so, he was the most over of the ROH talent and he was working the next PPV and house shows and there are no dates for Nakamura currently on the books. At the end, we’re told everything worked out. As far as how big a deal this was, we’ve heard people say it was a big thing the night of the show, and others have downplayed it, saying it was an issue the week of the show but no longer the day of the show. Steen did bring up losing twice in a row in his interview after the match where he all but said he was leaving the promotion and noted losing to Cole and Nakamura made his decision easier.
  12. ROH just announced this on twitta so I'll throw this in here. Cedric vs Strong @ best in the world is now a submission match
  13. I'd like to add that it looks like Elgin resigned with ROH.

    Speculation is Kaz is expected to sign with ROH, apparently his actual contract with TNA doesn't actually end until like 6 days from now.

    Ya'll see the CM Punk back to ROH Rumors, apparently his release date is in June prior to the "Best in the World" event, tis pretty much the only reason I see the rumors sparking tbh.
  14. Dude if they go with a triple threat ladder match again this year, Bad Influence Vs The Bucks Vs Inner City/Best Friends.
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