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    (EDIT: Seeing as how this announcement involves both ROH and NJPW i wasnt sure were to put it, seeing as it involves both companeys, i ended up picking this one, but in all honesty in could fit either one.)

    Im amazed nobody has made any threads about this, because this is huge news!

    The story so far is WWEs relationship with MSG has been a bit bad lately, as the companey keeps doing shows in the Barcley Center, MSG's rival, rather then MSG itself. ROH decided to try and make a deal with them to have a show there, but thanks to WWE having their way and a single call later on, it didnt fall through.

    Appearntly that is no longer the case, as Ring Of Honor and NJPW have announced the G1 Supercard on April 6th 2019 at Madison Square Garden.

    So see the official video and page with mroe information, head here.

    This will be the first time a wrestleing promotion other then WWE held an event in MSG since the 1960s, maybe even longer then that, and in many ways is the first shot in what might be a war between WWE and NJPW/ROH. Which is only growing more and more by the day. Everyone thought since WWE did their thing and got their way that there was no way this would happen, but it has. I can only imagine how WWE feels right now.

    Like i said before im shocked nobody else made a thread about this, this is gigantic news, what are yalls thoughts?
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  2. The only reason nobody made a thread is because no one probably saw it or looked for such thing, and to be honest I would have made a thread, but the last I knew was that it was just all talks.

    My thoughts are as follows. First, the fact this is taking place before Wrestlemania is both great choice because it is a Fuck You to WWE by both companies in a manner of speaking and the fact they are doing it in MSG is just brilliant as hell, but it is also a bad choice as more people would be at Wrestlemamia because of reasons and it makes fans decide on what they want to watch, you know. Overall, I am glad to see RoH and NJPW stepping up to the plate and this could even led NJPW to do more American shows, which fine by me. I have some more thoughts, bit it will just be ramblings.
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  3. I've been vaguely following this story. It's an interesting one. And the announcement about those 2 companies doing a show together in MSG the day before wrestlemania is brilliant as hell. I haven't watched any of either of the programs ever but I may just have to tune into this All-in event and see what's up. Haven't been feeling wwe for quite a while now. Maybe a change will do some good.
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  4. NJPW will change you.