Ring of Honor ROH/NJPW War Of The Worlds Night 1 Results

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Prince Bálor, May 13, 2015.

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    Looking forward to this one!
  2. Here's something I've found on Tumblr.
    Dayumn, Bloody Sunday on the apron.
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  3. People who were there said it was unforgettable experience.
  4. This was an enjoyable and a fantastic 3 hour show, with absolutely nothing bad on it!
    Thank you so much, ROH & NJPW!

    - Battle of the Bookers: Gedo vs Delirious was a fine show opener.

    - Roddy vs KUSHIDA was so effin' great, I loved everything about this match! Strong is having a great year in the ring and the dude is easily one of the most consistent wrestlers on the indies. Roddy getting a shot with NJPW would really tickle my fancy.

    - Jay Lethal vs Watanabe was good.

    - The Young Bucks vs The Addiction vs The Kingdom was fun-tastic, I enjoyed it!

    - Naito vs Elgin was good.

    - reDRagon vs Liger & Tanahashi was a basic tag match, but it was good and they made it fun.

    - AJ Styles vs Adam Cole was awesome! This was a co-main event, but they worked it like it was the ME and put on a killer performance. I was a bit concerned for Cole's health, seeing as how he's just returned from injury and was put in a high profile match. But yeah, all my concern was gone about halfway through the match. Cole played the asshole heel that he's so great at and Styles was... Well, the excellent Styles! Everything just clicked so well here, I couldn't help but mark out for all those near falls (including Cole hitting the Clash on Styles). So... All in all, this was awesome, I loved it!

    - Okada & Nakamura vs Dem Boys was a great ME! The Rainmaker and The King Of Strong Style were insanely over here, both teams worked well and it was highly enjoyable. The finish was damn nice, Boma Ye on Jay, followed by the RAINMAKER LARIATOOO on Mark! Cool stuff to end the show.
  5. Amazing show
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