ROH promoting Punk V Bryan feud?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 10, 2012.

  1. Yesterday WWE released a article documenting Punk and Bryans history with each other. Obviously as a attempt to build some momentum for OTL. Ring of Honour have apparently also jumped on the wagon. Perhaps showing some love for their to alumni. By uploading their first match against each other to their Youtube.

    Could this increase PPV buys for OTL? Not likely

  2. Well Ring of Honor is a very respectable wrestling promotion and they always wish the best for their talents and if they are going to have a big main event at a big PPV of a big federation especially when both workers came from that promotion then yeah I see why they would upload this.
  3. Already posted by the bot. Get with the times
  4. I highly doubt the WWE bot posted a youtube video from ROH's channel Dolph's:otunga:
  5. I'd expect ROH to do that, it's nice for them to do it, I guess. Showing their Alumni respect, cool.
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  6. Last time I checked, Joe posted it in the ROH thread, you trippin, bro.:true:
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  7. WWE helped promote RoH by mentioning both their past in that company. Maybe it's just a returning favour or just a symbol that RoH is pleased that two of their talents are now contending for the WWE title.
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