Ring of Honor ROH Replaces TNA for annual Brooklyn Cyclones' wrestling event

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, May 17, 2014.

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  1. Pwinsider.

    Nice for ROH.
  2. Wow that's cool,
    I wonder why they decided to swap out promotions after awhile?
  3. Because TNA is lol.
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  4. Suppose in terms of size this looks like TNA may be on a bigger downward spiral than we realise and ROH is on an upward one.

    Nice though as enjoyed the ROH I've started to watch.
  6. Well, good. Honestly I've been enjoying ROH a lot more than TNA as of late, so for me this makes sense. And it is nice that TNA seems to be going down while ROH grows up, as there may be more of a competition between those two (since for anyone to reach WWE for the near future... yeah), and that sounds great.
  7. stuff happens, TNA will be fine, ROH will do their thing, the sport evolves!
  8. NJPW along with AJ Styles, and a new PPV deal.... seems like it's helping ROH these days. Good.
  9. If Bauer is to be believed we'll also be getting improved production values and such during this year as well. They've already switched to HD cameras.
  10. That's good for competition in business. Means TNA will probably have to step it up ASAP.
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  11. Good to see Ring of Honor stepping it up. Sucks that it has to be at a cost for a TNA event, but if Ring of Honor continues to improve, then that'll be great.
  12. It's really all about the hype, outside of speculation about the Bryan injury every bit of hype in the pro wrestling business is with ROH right now. They have all these guys wanting to join their promotion, including TNA's biggest draws, they have this deal with New Japan putting on dream matches for even non-indy watchers and both shows delivered, they have the PPV deal coming up (amazing how that's seen as such a positive for ROH while it's a dead medium for the other two promotions), there's a whole lot to get excited for with ROH, while TNA seems at their most lifeless, which is impressive for a company the vast majority of wrestling fans have wanted to die for years.

    It'll really be interesting to see Slammiversary on June 15 compete with Best in the World on June 22. Guess we won't know the buyrates, but if when ROH kicks TNA's ass on PPV with the same talent TNA threw away, then that can only be good news for us wrestling fans. It'll be fun to see a "war" for the #2 promotion in North America.
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