Ring of Honor ROH Reportedly Dealing With Financial Problems

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0204/589198/roh-reportedly-dealing-with-financial-problems/
  2. I'm not exactly sure Sinclair really cares about ROH, much. And ROH is obviously growing and for Sinclair not to give them an expanded budget is downright retarded. Stunting ROH's growth in a vital time. smh.
  3. Freaking Sinclair treating ROH like 3AM timeslot filler. smh
  4. Perhaps Obama could get Sinclair to give ROH more money...?
  5. It's hilarious that ROH is owned by a wealthy media corporation yet their production values are bollocks.
  6. Sinclair usually gives their assets a short leash for the first year of a deal, I'm sure once they see results they'll end up slowly flowing more money into ROH's direction.
  7. Have not watched Roh for about 7 months, are their production values still that bad? They seemed like they were improving when I last watched.
  8. They're improving but they're still not what they should be IMO.
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  9. Oh that is slightly alarming, does not bother me that much but taking pride in how u look as a company is important. Still the actual wrestling and story lines is how I judge a company. Not asking for a wwe production syle.
  10. It's still very much watchable, I mean around my area it's one of the more popular programming in that time slot, I'd say top 3 for males age group 14-49
  11. It was a good product when I stopped watching, it was improving, was kind of bored with having Cole and Elgin pushed down my throat.
  12. This rumor got sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

    ROH COO Joe Koff was on the PWinsider radio show and they asked about this. He addressed the budget rumors saying that Sinclair has continually invested more in ROH each year and that the production is a work in progress, but has been upgraded and invested in. He added that ROH is a business and he's running it like a business...and that the reason Sinclair is successful is because they don't spend unwisely. He reiterated that SBG is very happy with them and supports what they're trying to do.

    And as Kevin Kelly pointed out on JR's podcast. ROH started 2014 with one production truck, now they have 3.

    In short, ROH doesn't have "financial issues", they operate on a budget because their parent company wants them to not spend money unwisely.
  13. So uh... are we getting those New Japan guys?
  14. Seems like we will be getting them spread out over the year.
  15. Really? Well, sounds alright. Honestly also sounds like better business for ROH.
  16. For the May US tour expect about 10 guys rather than 16 like last year. And Bulley Club will likely take a bigger role. But I'd be all for a ROH vs Bullet Club show
  17. 10 is good enough, guess there would be enough big stars in the mix there (hoping for Shibata). Bullet Club is fine I guess, and I assume less expensive also if they live in the US.
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