ROH returns to Kalamazoo Friday night - 7pm Bell Time

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  1. Fri, October 23rd - Wing's Event Center - Kalamazoo, MI
    GLORY BY HONOR XIV is in just a few days and this year the ROH tradition is coming to Kalamazoo! Fans at this massive event will get to witness all the action live, but the night will also be taped for future episodes of ROH television! With FINAL BATTLE mere months away, every single match and moment is even more important than ever for the stars of ROH.

    - Jay Lethal vs. "Mr ROH" Roderick Strong
    ROH Head Match Maker, Nigel McGuinness, has been evaluating a #1 contender for the ROH World Television Championship from a deep pool of challengers. But considering Roderick Strong’s amazing year so far, combining the year with the 60 minute draw against Lethal and the controversy surrounding the subsequent rematch, McGuinness believes Strong has proven that he is the #1 contender to ROH World Television Championship.

    Based on the Strong/Lethal rematch from Ring of Honor Television, which saw Lethal retain after assistance from The House of Truth, McGuinness has also added two special stipulations to the contract of this match: a 30 minute time limit and The House of Truth is BANNED from ringside!

    Roderick Strong will now have the chance to do what no one has been able to do in over a year and a half and that’s defeat Jay Lethal with the ROH World Television Championship on the line. There will be no distractions for Strong, which means if Lethal defeats him there will be no excuses or finger pointing. For Lethal, Strong has been his toughest challenger since becoming dual champion and he’ll be looking to get rid of Strong once and for all here. Truth Martini and The House of Truth will not be allowed at ringside, but one must suspect that they will have something up their sleeves. This is Lethal’s chance to prove bell to bell that he is the very best and needs no help.

    - "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs Donovan Dijak w/ Truth Martini
    Many make the argument that AJ Styles is THE best professional wrestler in the entire world, and that point of view is backed up by his dynamic matches and status as former two-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion. To put it simply, Styles has seen and done it all - but he's never been ROH World Champion. That could change when he finally gets his shot at Jay Lethal.

    Lethal and his manager, Truth Martini are never without a plan. Martini has recruited those who he feels are destined for greatness into his House of Truth, and so far his scouting has been on point. Men like Michael Elgin, Matt Taven, Roderick Strong, and now current World and Television Champion Jay Lethal have all had the "it" factor Truth Martini cultivates. So when Donovan Dijak won the most recent ROH Top Prospect Tournament, it came as little surprise that Martini would enfold him in the House of Truth.

    This is the highest profile match of Dijak's young career, and could mean massive implications for his future. Perhaps most importantly, this is Martini's method for softening up Styles for his eventual encounter with Jay Lethal! Martini is sending the massive Dijak to do the dirty work for the HOT and to prove he deserves the tutelage of the "managerial sensation."

    - The Briscoes vs. The All Night Express
    ANX returned to ROH at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA and it was a huge shocker to everyone watching! Kenny King and Rhett Titus reunited to answer an open challenge made by Jay and Mark Briscoe. And it was clear that ANX have not lost a step! They fell right back into the same incredible chemistry they have always had as a team. It was enough to pull off a victory against the record-holding EIGHT time former ROH World Tag Team Champions, the Briscoes.

    But ANX are former World Tag Team Champions as well! King and Titus are bonded by ambition and their return has set the entire ROH tag team division on notice. And seeing as they were never defeated to lose their titles, they have all the motivation in the world to get back into championship contention as soon as possible. But first they are signed to face Dem Boys in a huge rematch at GLORY BY HONOR! This time, Jay and Mark won't be taken by surprise and will be more ready than ever before to battle the newly reunited ANX.

    - The Kingdom w/ Maria Kanellis vs. The Addiction w/ Chris Sabin
    “The General” Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian want "their" ROH World Tag Team Championships back.The Addiction believes there is a conspiracy against them, and point to the fact that neither Daniels nor Kazarian were pinned when they lost their titles

    In April, The Addiction and Chris Sabin shockingly revealed themselves to be The Knights of The Rising Dawn. The KRD were a mysterious group that had attacked Ring of Honor superstars and released anti-ROH propaganda for months. At the 14th Anniversary Spectacular, The KRD made an appearance wearing Kingdom T-shirts. This enraged the Kingdom and prompted a then-injured Adam Cole to publicly state that the Kingdom was not the KRD. Fast forward to All Star Extravaganza VII and a masked man dressed as one of the KRD charged out and hit Christopher Daniels with Cradle Shock, the finishing move of Chris Sabin. Is this a case of The Kingdom playing mind games? If so, it cost The Addiction their championship and they want retribution in Kalamazoo!

    - Adam Cole vs. Dalton Castle
    A DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR rematch comes to GLORY BY HONOR! Back in July, Dalton Castle challenged former ROH World Champion Adam Cole in one of the highest profile matches of Castle's career. Now, mere months later, these two clash again - but as viscerally changed men.

    Adam Cole has finally shown his true colors. We now know that his overtures of friendship and respect to his former partner, Kyle O'Reilly, were nothing more than deception as part of The Kingdom's master plan. Cole is - by his own gloating admission - a snake. He plays dirty and will manipulate the emotions of his so-called friends if it serves his plan.

    How dangerous is a wounded peacock? We'll find out when Dalton Castle steps through the curtain in Kalamazoo! Castle lost his Boys to Silas Young as per the stipulation of their match at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA. We have yet to see exactly how much this has affected him, but speculation is that without The Boys, Dalton Castle will be forced to change his entire in-ring game plan.

    - Leah Von Dutch vs. "Crazy" Mary Dobson
    On the surface, both competitors possess similar backgrounds: each veterans of the ring for four years, Dobson and Von Dutch have competed on many of the same cards on the independent circuit. Their familiarity extends to their Ring of Honor debuts when the foes signed to compete on opposite sides of a six-woman tag team match just over a year ago.

    But the two Women of Honor stars stylistically couldn’t be more different. While Von Dutch was honing her craft, traveling around the world learning Lancashire style from Robbie Brookside in England, Von Dutch learned to tactically dismember opponents in a style similar to Luna Vachon taught to her by trainer Mad Man Pondo. Will Von Dutch’s mat wrestling be the difference or will Dobson’s unpredictability be the key?

    - Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser w/ The Boys vs. War Machine
    For months, the heated rivalry between Silas Young and Dalton Castle escalated as ROH fans waited to see what would happen next. Eventually, the ultimate challenge was laid down for ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA: if Young lost to Castle, he would join Castle's ringside circus as one of the Boys. But if Silas Young defeated his rival, The Boys would become his! Young won the match, and now he has sworn to teach The Boys how to become Real Men.

    Now he has enlisted the assistance of the Beer City Bruiser, a loathsome brawler who of course gets along fantastically with surly, bitter Silas Young. They will team up against WAR MACHINE in Kalamazoo! War Machine are hotter than ever, coming off a tour of Japan with Pro Wrestling NOAH and ready to destroy anyone and everyone in their path. The Boys will be at ringside, as Young insists they observe his every move as they learn to become men!

    - ACH vs. Cedric Alexander w/ Veda Scott
    Two of Ring of Honor's most exciting, brightest stars clash at GLORY BY HONOR! These two men have taken very different paths as of late, with one driven by bitterness while the other is pure motivation. After finding himself on a losing streak and growing more frustrated by the day, Cedric Alexander decided to try some dishonorable tactics. It worked - and it caught the attention of Veda Scott, who was on the lookout for a client with the ruthless edge (and disregard for the rules) that she felt Moose was missing. But coming off a brutal No Disqualification match against Moose at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA, there's no telling what Cedric and Veda have planned next. But we DO know who's lined up for them in Kalamazoo: ACH!

    On the other side of the coin, ACH channeled his own desire to improve into a challenge series against his partner, Matt Sydal. While Sydal is currently competing in Japan, ACH has continued to up his game here in ROH, including a big victory in a recent Four Corner Survival match in Lockport on the ROH Reloaded Tour. He has now earned himself a spot on the ROH ALL STARS team - but first he has to get through Cedric Alexander the night before in Kalamazoo!

    “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin
    Caprice Coleman
    Moose w/ Stokely Hathaway

    Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents
    National TV Taping
    Friday, October 23rd, 2015
    Wings Stadium Anexx
    3600 Vanrick Drive - Kalamazoo, Michigan
    Doors open 5:30pm - 7pm Bell Time

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