ROH Returns to Nashville This Saturday Night!

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  1. 7pm Bell Time - The Fairgrounds - Nashville, TN
    This Saturday, Ring of Honor launches 2015 in a HUGE way when we return to Nashville! The stop of the WINTER WARRIORS TOUR is already stacked: the first round of the TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT, a Triple Treat World Television Championship match, and the debut of Alberto El Patron! But we are determined to make 2015 the biggest and best year in ROH history, and our very first event will show you how. And don't forget: our television cameras will be rolling on THIS SATURDAY, so this is your chance to make your voice heard on an episode of ROH TV! In addition to everything already announced, Nashville is primed for a whole lot more...


    This match has a question mark hanging over it because we don't know who *exactly* will face Jay Briscoe. Either Matt Taven OR Michael Bennett must step into the ring with the champion. However, we can confirm this will be a non-title match per the request of Jay Briscoe. It seems that even though neither member of The Kingdom has EARNED a World Championship opportunity, Briscoe would be more than happy to brutalize either one of them in a non-title situation!

    But even without the championship on the line, this promises to be a heated match thanks to the long, contentious history between The Kingdom and Jay Briscoe. Plus - as we are about to see, Nigel McGuinness has yet to name a new number one contender to the World Championship following Adam Cole's defeat at FINAL BATTLE. A strong showing against Jay Briscoe definitely gives you a good argument for a future title opportunity!

    Jay Briscoe had this to say about his FINAL BATTLE opponent and more as he prepares for THIS SATURDAY!


    In the fallout from FINAL BATTLE, information came to light indicating that former champion Adam Cole had suffered a severe shoulder injury. Speculation ran rampant - would he be taking time off? Surgery? Something even more debilitating? Thus far, Cole has remained absolutely silent about his injury. We can confirm that he WILL be in Nashville THIS SATURDAY - and Adam Cole himself promises a full update on his reaction to FINAL BATTLE and his future!

    Alberto El Patrón vs "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

    Christopher Daniels plans on welcoming Alberto El Patrón to ROH THIS SATURDAY


    Finally, ROH Head Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness is headed to Nashville with an update on the World Championship. Now that FINAL BATTLE is over, we know that Jay Briscoe is kicking off 2015 with the title. The question remains, however...WHO is the number one contender? Cole vs. Briscoe was such a brutal, bloody Fight Without Honor that there's whispers BOTH men emerged with major battle scars - not just physically, but mentally.

    Nigel has the critical task of determining who on the ROH roster has earned the right to challenge our champion, Jay Briscoe, who proved at FINAL BATTLE that he is the toughest athlete in professional wrestling today!

    Plus - Nigel McGuinness also promises to have an update on the status of Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa's reinstatement into ROH was contingent on a zero tolerance policy: no physical contact with ROH officials. At FINAL BATTLE, Ciampa took out a referee - though the circumstances left everyone asking questions about his intent. Now THIS SATURDAY we will get the full update.


    Jay Lethal says he is the “Greatest First-Generation Wrestler” but he also is a wanted man! THIS SATURDAY, Lethal defends the ROH WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP against his two top contenders in a Triple Threat Match. Lethal emerged victorious against “Reborn” Matt Sydal at FINAL BATTLE and also has defeated ACH in Lakeland in October but this is a new year and a new challenge for the TV CHAMP.

    Both ACH and Sydal are tremendous high-flyers and have given Lethal fits in their one-on-one matches but with Triple Threat rules in effect, the title is in real jeopardy and it would be a shock to no one if a NEW CHAMPION is crowned.

    But Jay Lethal has had more successful title defenses than any other Television Champion in company history and looks to add to his “Golden Legacy” THIS SATURDAY.


    Months ago, "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin put his personal stamp of approval on War Machine, the dominant new tag team formed by Raymond Rowe and Hanson. Hanson and Rowe battled each other in the finals of last year's TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT, and forged a mutual respect. Seeing that Elgin was outnumbered by Adam Cole and his crew, War Machine backed up Elgin whenever he needed. It seemed like an unstoppable trio who were on the way to unprecedented success in ROH.

    But things don't always go as planned. First, Raymond Rowe was injured in a horrific motorcycle accident. He remains on the shelf, though he very publically continues to support his friend and partner, Hanson, in his ROH career. The entire tag team division is on notice for when War Machine reunites! For right now, however, Hanson is tearing through Ring of Honor on his own. And, of course, Michael Elgin's championship reign ended at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA. Since that day, we have seen a significant change in the former champion. He's unstable. Paranoid. And he's turning against everyone he used to trust.

    That destructive paranoia split the former partnership between Elgin and Hanson right in half! To many, it seems like Elgin has attempted to plant seeds of mistrust and resentment between Hanson and Rowe. Elgin continues to claim that his issues are not personal - that his problems lie with Ring of Honor. But for Hanson, "personal" doesn't even begin to cover it! The growing rivalry between Hanson and the former World Champion is only going to get more intense as we kick of 2015.

    On a recent episode of ROH TV, Hanson and Elgin battled one-on-one! This was a war between two of the strongest, most unapologetically hard-hitting athletes in all of ROH. In the end, the ring couldn't contain the brutality, and Elgin put Hanson through a table. The indecisive conclusion of the match - no pinfall, no clear winner - incensed both competitors. Michael Elgin claims it's further evidence of the unfair treatment he receives from ROH. Meanwhile, Hanson wants to lay out Elgin in the center of the ring once and for all!

    So when we kick of 2015 in Nashville, we will also witness the continuation of this rivalry. That's right! Head Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness has made the decision and signed the match for THIS SATURDAY! When the ROH WINTER WARRIORS TOUR hits Nashville, you will see the rematch between MICHAEL ELGIN and HANSON!


    The search to find the next ROH star for 2015 kicks off THIS SATURDAY. We now know who will be facing whom in the opening matches. If you make it out of the first round, it's on to Philadelphia on January 24th for the semi-finals and finals. This year, the winner of the TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT is guaranteed a World Television Title opportunity when we hit Baltimore on March 7th for a TV taping. Who will be crowned the ROH TOP PROSPECT for 2015...?


    Truth Martini has already made his pick for 2015 TOP PROSPECT: his own private security force, J. Diesel. Since taking up with the House of Truth, Diesel has certainly seen his stock rise, including a spot in TAG WARS teaming alongside ROH World Television Champion, Jay Lethal! But Will Ferrara is ALSO on a hot streak - and he's doing it all on his own. Ferrara is determined to beat the odds and rise through the ranks of ROH. But with Truth Martini no doubt pulling the strings, does the House of Truth have this tournament locked down?

    Battle of the Big Men! At 6'7" and 6'8" feet tall, respectively, Donovan Dijak and Jake Dirden tower over everyone else in this tournament. This promises to be a "giant" clash in styles, too. Dijak is a polished, educated athlete who uses intelligence and strategy to his advantage. On the other side of the ring stands "The Missouri Madman" Jake Dirden, known for his wild instability and deployment of the Asiatic Spike. ROH might need to reinforce the ring for this match!

    Arguably the two most "unconventional" athletes in the tournament will face each other in Round One! Ashley Sixx is gritty and edgy, while "The Peacock of Pro Wrestling" Dalton Castle is a walking, talking, 24/7 party. But what these two men have in common is their talent and hype going into this tournament. Sixx and Castle are two of the most frequently mentioned athletes when the discussion turns to untapped talent waiting to breakout. But only one can advance to the second round of the 2015 ROH TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT!

    Every single opening round match of the TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT showcases the wide variety of hungry young talent out there, and this contest is no different. The Beer City Bruiser likes to drink beer, break some faces, and follow that up with a celebratory beer. Quite a contrast to Mikey Web, whose quickness and agility impressed ROH officials at training seminars and earned him a spot in this tournament. ROH has the most diverse, multi-talented locker room in all of professional wrestling. In this year's tournament, we have gathered athletes representing a multitude of styles and disciplines all with ONE thing in common: each wants to be the 2015 TOP PROSPECT!

    ROH officials spent the year scouting through the Ring of Honor training seminar system. THIS SATURDAY in Nashville, the eight most promising competitors in professional wrestling will battle it out - with an ROH World Television Title match on the line! Be there LIVE to see the hungriest young athletes battle for an opportunity to compete with the best professional wrestlers on the planet. To be there for the opening rounds in Nashville, click HERE! And for tickets to our Philadelphia event hosting the semifinals and finals, click HERE!


    Following Adam Page's "promotion," The Decade is apparently in search of a new young boy. We aren't exactly sure what goes into the "audition process" for such an alleged honor, but so far we've seen them vet some potential candidates through ROH pre-show matches. As evidenced by the subsequent beatdowns, so far no one has proven satisfactory.

    But in Nashville, Whitmer, Jacobs, and Page will be in six man tag team action! We don't yet know their opponents - might they include some potential recruits? Or will The Decade already have a line-up of new candidates ready to carry their bags in Tennessee? The Decade is renewed and refocused for 2015, so don't miss your chance to see them in action!


    Cedric Alexander closed out 2014 with two very different kinds of matches. At FINAL BATTLE, Alexander teamed with The Addiction to take on ACH and The Young Bucks in a wild, high-flying, chaotic contest than many instantly said stole the entire show. FINAL BATTLE showcased Cedric Alexander as the unbelievably athletic young breakout star he became over the course of the year. But this week on ROH TV, he battles Tommaso Ciampa in a No DQ match that went further than ANYONE expected! We knew these two would go to war, but the brutality and toughness evidenced by Cedric Alexander has put the entire world on notice. There's a lot more to Cedric than just his in-ring athleticism, and he's not afraid to take it to the next level of violence when necessary.

    What will 2015 bring for Cedric Alexander? His very first match is a huge test against Frankie Kazarian! Of course, at FINAL BATTLE, these two athletes were on the same side of the ring working together. But THIS SATURDAY it's definitely every man for himself! When The Addiction steps into singles competition, they don't stop being the cagey entertainers we see as a tag team. Cedric learned that for himself at CHAMPIONS VS. ALL STARS when he took on Kazarian's partner, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. While Daniels might do a lot of preening and strutting, he still lets his opponents know that his experience gives him an undeniable advantage - and Frankie Kazarian subscribes to the exact same philosophy.

    There's no doubt that Kazarian was watching his partner's match with Cedric Alexander in Kalamazoo very closely. The Addiction is determined to be the best in ROH: the best tag team AND the best singles competitors. THIS SATURDAY, Daniels will face Alberto El Patron in his Ring of Honor debut. The last time we were in Nashville marked the first appearance of The Addiction, and their first World Tag Team Championship opportunity. Don't miss your chance to see The Addiction in singles action this time! For tickets to our ROH television taping featuring Cedric Alexander vs. Frankie Kazarian, click HERE!


    If you think about who really "defines" Ring of Honor and its history, Roderick Strong and Mark Briscoe will no doubt be right at the top of your list. These two athletes have been loyal to ROH above all else, because they truly believe that this is the best wrestling on the planet and the place they call home. Roderick Strong - "Mr. ROH" - is one of only two Triple Crown Champions in Ring of Honor history. And alongside his brother Jay, Mark Briscoe is a record-holding ROH World Tag Team Champion. These two athletes have sculpted a legacy that will live on forever in ROH. And THIS SATURDAY, Roderick Strong and Mark Briscoe face each other one-on-one!

    At Michael Bennett's Bachelor Party, best man Adam Cole concocted a match pitting Strong and Briscoe against each other, with the loser banned from drinking the entire night. We suspect that their next matchup in Nashville will be a slightly different level of intensity! After his victory of Adam Page at FINAL BATTLE, Roderick Strong is slated for a huge 2015 and set to face Alberto El Patron at the end of the month in Dearborn. Meanwhile, with his brother reigning as World Champion, Mark Briscoe can refocus his efforts on his own singles career.

    When you take two professional wrestlers with as much skill and experience as Roderick Strong and Mark Briscoe and put them in a ring together, you are guaranteed to witness a match defining what Ring of Honor is all about. Whether you've been a fan since day one or are brand new to ROH, THIS is the quality of competition and athleticism you can count on night after night. Want to be there LIVE when we get 2015 rolling? Get your tickets today right HERE!

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