ROH returns to Philadelphia & The Arena This Saturday Night

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  1. Sat, January 24th, 2015 - 2300 (ECW) Arena - South Philly
    Just a few more days and Ring of Honor makes its long awaited return to South Philadelphia! We are back at one of the most legendary venues in professional wrestling - and we are about to make history once again! The 2300 Arena (the former ECW Arena) will be playing host to a full night of ROH action filmed for television! If you've never experienced ROH live then Philadelphia is THE place to make it happen! January 24th is the next stop on the ROH WINTER WARRIORS TOUR and it's going to be huge:


    On January 24th, QT Marshall will take on "Mr. ROH" Roderick Strong! Just a week later, Roddy is scheduled to challenge Jay Lethal for his ROH World Television Championship. So chances are he'll be less than amused by QT Marshall's usual showboating. Strong has resolved to show the world why he's the pinnacle of ROH athletes and climb all the way back to the World Championship. But for all of his over-the-top self worship, QT Marshall is an incredibly talented athlete - and an incredibly smart competitor. He obviously knows what a win over someone with Roderick Strong's credentials would do to elevate his ROH career.


    Also just added to our Philadelphia return: Hanson vs. The Romantic Touch! Hanson has his sights set squarely on the ROH World Championship. One of the most physically imposing men to ever step into an ROH ring, Hanson spent 2014 barreling through the competition as his stock rose higher and higher. He seems virtually unstoppable! But The Romantic Touch would like to remind everyone that we are less than one month from Valentine's he's in prime fighting condition! This will definitely be a clash in styles and attitudes you won't want to miss!



    January 24th is set to host a first time EVER match that is worth the price of admission all on its own - and you'll only see this go down in Ring of Honor! The Young Bucks AND AJ Styles are both scheduled to appear in Philadelphia. But on this stop of the WINTER WARRIORS TOUR, these 3 international superstars will represent the BULLET CLUB vs. 3 of ROH's most exciting stars.

    Nigel McGuinness wasted no time lining up this elite team to face Styles and the Bucks! Of course, at FINAL BATTLE we saw ACH team with the Young Bucks. But he has history teaming with Matt Sydal as well! While Sydal and ACH have exhibited amazing cohesiveness as a team, they've also both had their eyes on the ROH World Television Championship.

    Meanwhile, Cedric Alexander played his own integral part in the show-stealing encounter at FINAL BATTLE. So he was absolutely ecstatic at the opportunity to thrill the fans of ROH in another sure to be amazing 6 Man Tag! These are six of the absolute best in the world. It's rare enough to have this much talent converge for one event - and Ring of Honor is giving them to you all in one match!


    We may have turned the page on a new year, but it was made crystal clear in Nashville that the rivalry between The Kingdom and The Briscoes is FAR from forgotten. With Bennett and Maria still flaunting their bogus "Title of Love" and Matt Taven to back them up, The Kingdom continues to antagonize Dem Boys at every single opportunity. Finally, Mark Briscoe declared that he "can't stand no more" and challenged Bennett and Taven to a tag match.

    But in the aftermath of that encounter, the "Title of Love" made another appearance - as a weapon. Seemingly outnumbered, The Briscoes were forced to listen while Maria gloated about The Kingdom's superiority - and taunted them because, as she pointed out, they would never lay a hand on a woman.

    Well...Maria Kanellis might be off limits to Dem Boys, but she forgot that the Briscoe "family" tree branches out a whole lot further than Sandy Fork! To the complete shock of everyone in the building, ODB hit the ring to run off The Kingdom! That's right - ODB is here in ROH!

    Her unconventional style and attitude brought ODB years of professional wrestling success. Now she's come to Ring of Honor with her sights set on The Kingdom! With ODB backing them up, The Briscoes finally have what they need to take down Bennett, Taven, and Maria. Make no mistake about it: in Ring of Honor, ODB stands for One Dirty...BRISCOE!


    Now that The Decade has restructured, is it time for Jimmy Jacobs to refocus? After months of in-fighting among The Decade, is it time for The Zombie Princess to remind everyone why he has been a cornerstone of ROH? There's no better test - or at least no more unpredictable foe - in Ring of Honor than "The Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa!

    Meanwhile, after his accidental contact with a referee at FINAL BATTLE, Ciampa's entire ROH career was in jeopardy. Nigel McGuinness stepped in to keep him wrestling in Ring of Honor. Nigel made it clear, however, that there are absolutely no more chances left. We know Jimmy Jacobs is well known for bending the rules himself. Can Tommaso Ciampa keep himself in check...or will his next match be his LAST match?


    Like Tommaso Ciampa, Michael Elgin has ensured he stays in the World Championship picture - even if it means causing complete chaos. With turmoil surrounding the number one contender, we are all tuning into ROH TV to find out what happens! As a former World Champion looking to reclaim his glory, Elgin knows that all eyes are on him as we head toward the 13th Anniversary Pay-Per-View in Las Vegas!

    And this is exactly why Veda Scott has been incessantly lobbying ROH officials for her client MOOSE to face Elgin in Philadelphia. Veda insists that Moose is the future of professional wrestling and deserves the highest level of competition. And with Stokely Hathaway providing the mental guidance and motivational acumen, Moose might have signed on with the perfect "team" to take him to the top!

    - IN RING FISH TANK with reDRagon

    The ROH World Tag Team Champions have returned! After successfully defending the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Championship in front of tens of thousands in the Tokyo Dome, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly are once again driving the reDRagon Wagon on American soil. They have requested a live, in-ring forum to produce a special episode of The Fish Tank. We don't know who they plan to invite as a guest or what on earth they want to talk about, but we are giving them the spotlight on January 24th in Philadelphia!

    - PLUS the semi-finals and final of the 2015 ROH TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT are happening live in Philadelphia! The 2015 Top Prospect will be crowned...and he will earn himself a guaranteed ROH World Television Championship opportunity in Baltimore! To be there live and in person, click HERE.

    Also Signed to appear
    ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini
    The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)
    BJ Whitmer
    Adam Page
    Caprice Coleman

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