Ring of Honor ROH says farewell to Kevin Steen

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. Steen's 3 last matches:

    Hopkins MA: Steen vs Ciampa

    Cincinnati OH: Steen vs Young (NO DQ)

    Dearborn MI: Steen vs Corino

    Get hyped.
  2. Any news on if he's signed with anyone else? Or is he just taking a break?
  3. He's going through WWE medical right now. Expected to report in August if he passes all.
  4. That's gonna be tough. They gave Hero a bunch of shit and he's half of Steens size.
  5. You obviously haven't seen Hero now. Dude's fucking fattyboomballaty.

    It's not so much about weight (something Steen has been working on since this tryout started), but medical issues. His knees and such
  6. Well best of luck to him. I think he'd do better in TNA tbh. Steen isn't exactly PG friendly.
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  7. He'll adapt. It's not like his act is reliant on swear words.
  8. Are any of those events going to be TV tapings?
  9. I wonder if WWE has a place for him. I'm certain they do, otherwise they wouldn't sign him.
    If he's signed to simply enhance talent, I would decline if I were him.
    Steen has a unique look (ala Wyatt) and has more going for him character wise than a guy such as Ryback or Axel

    He isn't big, but he isn't small. He can work the audience with the best of them
  10. You're preaching to the choir if you're trying to tell me that Steen's a talented bloke. He's been a bit of a schyster on the indys for the last year, goofing off and just trying to sell merch but the dude is top of the top when motivated. A change in scenery is what he needs.

    HHH and company knows talent, and signs talent if they have a spot for them to fill. Prime example is Steen, they are courting him so obviously they have some idea of a spot for him. But they declined on Ricochet. Arguably the greatest high flyer today because they already have a talented high flyer in Adrian Neville.
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  11. No need to elaborate any further. Spot on
  12. Hopefully since it's his real name they keep it Kevin Steen but if they change the name, *dislike*
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  13. Kevin Steen is three syllables long so he has that going for him.
    Though he has options, (and unlike Punk) he's a relatively short and not as young as he could be.
    In doing negotiations, he must realize he's in his prime years from a financial standpoint and can't afford to come to WWE later
    He can't really make more elsewhere and he isn't getting any younger.
    I'm not sure how good shape his body is in. I can't imagine it's tip top considering he's overweight and has worked a high risk style.

    Steen didn't have many options, but there are reasons HHH and Rock never body slammed or took high risks (though they had the ability to do so).
  14. Unlikely.
  15. I know, but they could do what they did to Bryan Danielson and make it into a trademark name without butchering his gimmick, name ETC.
  16. Considering the talent themselves pick their names it is all up to Steen what he is called.
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  17. The only person I've ever heard of in the last 5-7 years in the WWE who chose their own name was Chris Hero. I may be mistaken.
  18. It's standard procedure.

    Rollins picked his own name, Ambrose picked his own name, Reigns picked his own name, Kalisto picked his own name, Crowe picked his own name, Zayn picked his own name. Etc etc etc.

    They come up with a list of names and shoot them at creative until they come to a final decision.
  19. Melvin Stern?
  20. Kervin Stronk
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