Ring of Honor ROH to air nationally on COMET

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Nov 16, 2015.

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    So ROH are moving off of Destination America in December, to the recently launched/launching COMET network. Which will air nationally and in all the big US markets. Difference between COMET and DA is that ROH are guaranteed to be on COMET since it is owned and run by Sinclair broadcasting, the same company that owns ROH.
  2. I think I actually have that channel. Ah hell yeah.
  3. Assuming TNA will get the same treatment, minus the national deal ofc.
  4. It's weird. Many people who actually pay for cable don't get Comet, but on the over the air digital TV it's right there. Wow.
    Check to make sure you can't just do something like that if you don't find it.

    Anyway it's a great deal. Heard the Destination America deal was very lucrative for the station, so a little surprised ROH couldn't land a better deal, but w/e. Upwards and onwards!
  5. Comet as a station is like 2 months old or something like that. So it not being on all the cable stations is not that surprising. But from what I understand the long term plan is to make it a full on cable station.

    As for DA: The guy who brought in both ROH and TNA got let go, and the new head of programming didn't like wrestling. A perk for ROH being on Comet is that Comet is 50% owned by the company that owns ROH. So they are guaranteed TV time.
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