Ring of Honor ROH to stop doing live IPPVs

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    Statement from Ring of Honor to PWinsider:

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    About damn time. Other indy companies should also look into this. I'm looking at you Gabe Sapolsky family.
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  2. Wise decision. The only publicity I ever saw after most RoH's PPV's were negative responses to their consistent streaming problems. It's a different ball game when you're delivering a product people have paid for and don't deliver it to perfection. Though I'm thinking this creates less revenue, so they'll probably want to look into finding a fix for their streaming issues.
  3. Brilliant decision, anything to take heat away from the company. Came away from this reading the reports that you're much better off stealing their content instead of buying their iPPV because the downloads looked a hell of a lot better than the streams. Obviously that should never be the case.

    Don't see how the lack of a live feed will get you many fewer buyrates though. Yeah there might be spoilers but if you just offer the show after it ends even those won't be that big a deal *knock on wood*.
  4. :phew: Awesome news. Glad they finally decided to take this step after having such consistent poor results with live streaming. Kudos to you, ROH.
  5. Damn that's awesome. Good for them.
  6. About fucking time! iPPV has been horrible from the start. Tape em like TNAs one night only PPVs and things will turn out a lot better. Also, totally disagree with sentence 1 of that story.
  7. I never had problems but I have one of the faster internet connections in the u.s. Not sure if that had something to do with it or not.
  8. This isn't "Good" for them.

    It's a smart move, but it's not a good one.

    This will totally bring down sales, the excitement of watching an ROH iPPV, and overall is just a bad move. How do they expect to advance if they can't even get a good PPV broadcast going??

    Hopefully in the future they could get a better deal/provider for the iPPVs going.
  9. Its for the best at the end of the day.It was gaining way too much negative exposure and the its was stopping viewers from seeing memorable moments such as Jay Briscoes title win.
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