ROH TV EP #225 is available now

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  1. ROHTV225
    ROH TV is available now to everyone by clicking here.

    The legendary 2300 Arena is South Philadelphia, PA is the home for this week’s action packed hour of Ring of Honor Television!

    We kick things off with a first time EVER meeting of two teams highly decorated tag teams as former ROH World Tag Team Champions The All Night Express take on former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Roppongi Vice. Ring of Honor's tag team division is STACKED! Teams from all around the world are finding a home in ROH and each one has championship gold in its sights. ANX wants to regain something they feel they never lost. RPG Vice want their first taste of tag team gold in ROH. The stakes are high in this one as a win drives you up in the rankings.

    We will hear from former ROH World Champion Adam Cole and The Kingdom. The brash former champion has recently shown a much darker side to his personality. He has requested time to address issues he feels are damaging the name of the Kingdom.

    New Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions War Machine (Raymond Rowe & Hanson) defend against The House of Truth, Donovan Dijak & Joey “Diesel” Daddiego w/Truth Martini. Dijak is a physical freak with all the athletic tools you’d want in a future superstar. Diesel is a bully with hands of steel. Martini wants to control Ring of Honor and there is no better way than controlling championships. With ROH World Champion Jay Lethal already in the H.O.T., adding the ROH World Tag Team Championships brings him that much closer to total control. War Machine is ready for anything. They returned as a unit in 2015 and haven’t been stopped! They capped off 2015 by beating The Kingdom to become champions at Final Battle. Can the H.O.T stop the unstoppable?

    Four of the brightest stars in Ring of Honor will be competing in the same match in our Television main event!

    Former ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe vs The 24/7 Party Dalton Castle vs #reborn Matt Sydal vs Moose w/Stokely Hathaway

    Dalton Castle’s 2015 was peppered with emotional ups and downs fueled by Silas Young's influence over The Boys. He has championship aspirations just like any other ROH star and many point to 2016 as the year he'll be in the running for the ROH World or Television titles.

    You can't talk about a hot 2015 without bringing MOOSE into the conversation! Pegged as a sure-thing future champion, this could be his chance to shine and prove those words correct. “Big Stoke” will have his charge primed and ready for anything here.

    Matt Sydal is absolutely fearless, and among these four ROH stars he's the one most known for taking to the sky. His desire to win championship gold in Ring of Honor may be unmatched.

    Jay Briscoe is a former two-time ROH World Champion and a record holding EIGHT time former ROH World Tag Team Champion. His legacy speaks for itself. He has a championship pedigree that is unmatched in Ring of Honor history books.

    A win here will set the stage for a big year! Is Dalton ready for prime time? Does Hathaway have Moose ready to achieve championship dreams? Can Matt Sydal take to the air and is it enough for victory? Can Jay Briscoe get back in the hunt for a record 3rd ROH World Championship? Grab your seat, sit back and watch the Brest Wrestling on The Planet.

    You do not want to miss this week's Ring of Honor television on Comet! If you’re not sure how to locate Comet, please use this link to find it in your area

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