Ring of Honor Spoiler ROH TV Tapings (post-Best In The World '16)

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    From Concord on 6/25:

    Show Spoiler

    Hour 1:

    * Internet Match: Amber Gallows defeated a local woman wrestler.

    * Donovan Dijak (w/ Nana) defeated Jason Kincaid with FYE. Kincaid was super over.

    * Fish Tank with ACH and Mark Briscoe, leads into their match. Briscoe gets the victory.

    * Addiction defeated Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser

    Hour 2:

    * Kevin Kelly interviews Kyle O'Reilly before his World Title Match "next week". It's implied the match will take the whole 3rd hour.

    * Jay White vs Kamaitachi (w/ Christopher Daniels). Turns into a 6 man tag with MCMG and Addiction after Kaz comes out. White pins Daniels for the win.

    * BJ Whitmer and Kevin Sullivan shoot a promo on Corino, saying Whitmer and Corino were supposed to carry on the legacy of evil Sullivan started.

    * Dalton Castle (w/ The Boys) vs Roddy Strong. Castle wins with bangarang. After the match, Strong gets the mic and emotionally thanks the crowd for over a decade of support. Crowd gives the proverbial "thank you Roddy" chants.

    Hour 3

    * Jay Lethal vs Kyle O'Reilly. Bullet Club comes out and tears apart O'Reilly before the match starts, banging his shoulder with steel chairs.

    * Shane Taylor and Keith Lee defeat local wrestlers. War Machine came out to beat up the winners.

    * Cheeseburger, Ferrara & Moose vs The Cabinet (Caprice Coleman and ANX) was originally Burger vs. Ferrara, but the Cabinet comes down and challenged them to a match and won.

    * Jay Lethal defeated O'Reilly after O'Reilly refuses to give up his shot. After the match, Bullet Club Strikes again on O'Reilly

    Hour 4

    * Internet Match: Mandy Leon defeated Taeler Hendrix

    * Jay Lethal comes out, makes the main even of Young Bucks vs Briscoes a tag match, with he and Adam Cole joining.

    * War Machine defeated Brutal Bob and his buddy. Taylor and Lee come back out to brawl, but War Machine fights them off.

    * Moose defeated P Dog

    * Dijak and Nana challenge Moose to a match. Dijak wins with Feast Your Eyes

    * Jay Lethal and Briscoes defeated Adam Cole and Young Bucks. After match, Cole & Young bucks whip up one Lethal. They then proceed to cut Lethal's dreads off and shave his head after a 3 way superkick.

    Source: WrestlingInc
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