Ring of Honor ROH vs New Japan incoming

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    Pretty exited, the right match ups could be real good. Anyone in either New York or Toronto should consider going.

  2. Oh Shit....Some Good matches can be predicted to come out of this.
    Seems like a Nice Idea though to Branch ROH out to Japan by having stars from NJPW, Which Is Japan's biggest Promotion atm, go over and do a show or two in America with them. Good Business done by ROH there. (That is until we learn about how much they'll cost to appear :emoji_slight_smile: )
  3. Since it is joint shows I assume the costs are split. Since New Japan are using them to establish themselves in the states and Canada.
  4. Good Business there by both companies. Time to think of Possible line ups:

    Nakamura vs Cole
    Okada vs Cole
    Tanahasi vs Cole
    Gedo and Jado vs Fish and O'Reilly
  5. I see Cole vs Nakamura as the most likely. I don't see Cole dropping the belt to a New Japan guy but I also don't see him going over either of the two top champs in New Japan, Nakamura can take the loss well, especially if it is flunky.

    As for who I want ReDragon to face: Timesplitters all the way, Fish and O'Reilly vs Shelley and Kushida. Then throw the Bucks vs ACH & Thomas in an IWGP jr tag defense, or the Hooligans.

    Also @Senhor Perfect and that banned fool @CM Punk should totally go to the Toronto show and take pics.
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  6. The video that was leaked online announced for the NJPW/ROH shows:

    - IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada
    - IWGP Intercontinental Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi
    - Shinsuke Nakamura
    - Jushin "Thunder" Liger
    - Tamae Watanabe
    - Jado & Gedo
  7. The world needs Ciampa or Elgin vs Shibata
  8. I'm only for Shibata vs Elgin just so Shibata can school Elgin. No way would I want Elgin to go over him.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. ROH's drones look like total jobbers compared to New Japan's wrestlers. But it doesn't matter anyway, because whoever from ROH faces anyone above Yujiro's place on totem pole, is going to lose. Styles is the only guy whom I could see going over someone like, let's say... Makabe? And even that is quite a stretch.

    I hope Ishii and Nakamura teach Elgin and The Worst Wrestler on the Planet how to pace strikes and apply proper holds.
  12. Time Splitters would be sick to see over here vs. Fish & O'Reilly imo
  13. This alone could get me to start watching ROH regularly and I'll try to watch more of New Japan.
  14. Where can I go to watch some of the New Japan matches? Do I just have to like find whatever match looks good and try and search for it on YouTube or is there like a site with a bunch of recent matches on there?
  15. Swag man Nakamura and Mr. Potato Head Shibata better be there.

    Also, if I remember correctly ROH doesn't do iPPV's anymore. Will they televise these events then?
  16. They're Usually on Youtube, Some Full Event and some Matches.
  17. New Japan will probably help on that front. Might even get ROH a proper IPPV provider. Or they just to VOD like they have done. Put the events up right after ending live.
  18. I like this move.... is it permanent or just a 1 time thing?
  19. Has Adam Cole had a standout match in ROH since he got the main event push? A four star match maybe? Because he sure as hell hasn't had one in PWG ever since he defeated Steen for the title. His last great match, I reckon. What makes him eligible to be in your wet dreams for facing Tanahashi and Nakamura?

    You know what'd make my year as a wrestling fan? Iizuka winning ROH Title from Cole by DQ in a 5 min bloody brawl.
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