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    In order to avoid the "Rate ROH" threads that draw very little attention, I've decided to create something like this.

    From now on, this is going to be the general discussion thread for the weekly ROH show.
    If y'all want to take part, of course.

    This thread is quite similar to the Lucha Underground thread.

    Okay, let's do this!​

  2. 4/25/15 episode:

    - The show started with The Addiction promo. Daniels & Kaz talk about how they're in ROH to prove they're the best in da biz. And then, prolly the most interesting thing they said (well, Kaz did) - 'We have to put on the suits of armor like the KNIGHTS that we are...' - Cool reference there, knowing they'd be revealed as the Knights of the Rising Dawn later on the show.

    - BJ Whitmer vs Ferrara vs Coleman vs Moose was an okay 4 Corner Survival match.

    - Adam Page's and ACH promos were nice! Their match afterwards was short, but exactly what it needed to be.

    - The Addiction vs reDRagon was a real good match, I enjoyed it! New tag champs, baybay! And the KRD are... Daniels, Kaz & Sabin, sweet!
  3. BJ is an ace heel. Enjoyed ACH/Page story progression. The main event was a very, very good match. Addiction ending the nearly one-year long reign of reDRagon and revealing themselves as the KRD was an awesome way to finish the show, and it's good to see Kaz and CD in relevant storylines even if it took a year.
  4. Ring Of Honor TV Results (5/2):
    Show Spoiler

    Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr & Lance Archer) vs. War Machine

    The two teams start brawling after shaking hands, and the ref can't do anything. This could possible be the two largest teams to compete against each other in ROH in the past several years. Michael Elgin is ringside for this match.

    Finally we gain some order, and the Killer Elite Squad work over Hanson. Archer sends Rowe out of the ring and they continue to beat down Hanson. Elgin is visibly rooting for KES throughout this match.

    Hasnson gets the hot tag, and Rowe lands a suplex. Smith prevents another, but War Machine hits Fallout. While they go for a pin, Archer pulls the ref out of the ring. Hanson gets tired of Elgin and takes him out with a dive as KES beat up Rowe.

    Hanson comes back to make the save as the ref is completely buried by mass. Archer with a chokeslam on Rowe and the ref ends the match, and it doesn't go over well with the crowd.

    Result: No Contest

    Everyone brawls, including Elgin after the match. Security comes out to help but don't do much good.

    ROH World Television Title
    Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini & Donovan Dijak) vs. Tommaso Ciampa

    ROH goes to a commercial after the tale of the tape, and we come back to the match going on. Lethal goes for a quick pin that doesn't work, and Ciampa gains control. He works over Lethal until going outside after Martini. This allows Lethal to land his three straight dives as we go to another commercial break.

    Lethal runs things throughout the entire next segment until Ciampa suplexes him. Ciampa follows up with a big knee that has Lethal reeling. Outside Ciamps beats Lethal from pillar to post, even using the Samoa Joe running knee.

    Back in the ring the two go back and forth with punches, and end up laid out. Martini tries to toss his book in the ring to Lethal, but Ciampa prevents it. Lethal hits a neckbreaker anyway, but Ciampa manages to kick out at two. The crowd is going nuts.

    Ciampa blocks Lethal Combination and locks on the Sicilian Stretch. Lethal gets to the ropes after a lengthy struggle. Ciampa goes to suplex Lethal, but Martini pulls a Warrior/Rude on him and grabs the leg. Ciampa catches Lethal mid-dive and slams him outside, before hitting a top rope sidewalk slam inside. He almost gets the three, but Martini pulls the ref out.

    Ciampa runs outside but gets booted in the grill by Dijak. Lethal gets a 2.9 out of that, but Ciampa scores a dive outside on Dijak. Back in the ring he gets a two count and Dijak & Martini try to intervene again. The ref sends them to the back, but Lethal hits a low blow and Lethal Injection to finish it.

    Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall (Lethal Injection) to retain the ROH World Television Title

    Ciampa gets a ton of cheers from the crowd, as most know he's leaving ROH. He blasts Todd Sinclair in the balls and knees him five times in a row as streamers fly in. The story has been that he'll be fired if he touches an official, so that's it.

    Looking forward to this one, especially to Lethal/Ciampa.
  5. The 5/2/15 episode was fine.

    K.E.S. vs War Machine was fine. While the match wasn't bad, I'm positive these two badass teams will be gelling better in their future bouts.

    Lethal vs Ciampa was an awesome ME! I love both Lethal and Ciampa. Damn, it sucks to know Ciampa's gone.

    LOL'd at Ciampa no-selling Lethal's suplex, only to get back down to the mat to fake it and lure him into small package.

    The post-match segment was greatness, Ciampa beating down Todd Sinclair... :lol1:

  6. Ring Of Honor TV Recap (5/9):

    Show Spoiler

    Chris Sabin vs. Kyle O'Reilly

    Adam Cole joins the commentary team, and O'Reilly has his gourd bandaged up. Sabin attacks him outside the ring, and sustains the beating for several minutes. On commentary, the announcers mention that Ciampa has been fired from Ring of Honor.

    They get back into the ring and O'Reilly attacks the arm of Chris Sabin, as Sabin begs for a time out. Instead, Sabin spits at O'Reilly and hits a big dive to the outside of the ring as we cut to our first commercial break.

    As we come back, Sabin is working over the head of O'Reilly and tears the bandage off his head. O'Reilly gets busted open, and the crowd gets behind him. He grabs an armbar, but Sabin is able to reach the ropes.

    Sabin uses the ol' "stand on his nutskis in the tree of woe" move, straight out of the Frank Gotch playbook. He follows up with a big springboard DDT that gets two. They go back and forth with strikes before O'Reilly hits a brainbuster for two. Sabin throws Kyle outside to take a break.

    Fish and Daniels both come to ringside to help, and then as the ref is distracted, Sabin and Kaz team up on O'Reilly. Sabin hits the Cradle Shock for the pinfall.

    Winner: Chris Sabin via pinfall (Cradle Shock)

    It's great to see Sabin back on TV. This was a good segment that went a solid 22 minutes total.

    - Corino hypes the upcoming NJPW/ROH shows, and we see a recap video of the issues ACH has had with Decade.

    Alberto El Patron, ACH & Matt Sydal vs. Roderick Strong & The Briscoes

    ACH and Mark trade chain holds, and then Sydal and Roderick follow the same formula before shaking hands. Patron then worked over Jay Briscoe until he tagged out to Mark, who took control and beat down El Patron.

    ACH gets the tag and takes over briefly before Strong busts a backbreaker out on Sydal that really god the crowd going. Tags to ACH and Mark Briscoe result in several dives, with Jay Briscoe coming out the better of everyone. This was a really cool sequence.

    ACH gets a big double foot stomp to Briscoe and tags out to Patron. AEP gives Strong a dose of his own medicine with a big time backbreaker for a two count, but then Strong scores a gutbuster for a two count of his own.

    The match goes crazy, but Roderick Strong ends up looking dominant. He hits a big superplex on ACH, and Patron lands a big double foot stomp of his own. AEP locks an armbar on Mark, followed by a Sydal Shooting Star Press and an ACH 450 for the win.

    Winners: ACH, Matt Sydal & Alberto El Patron via pinfall (450 Splash)

    Pumped for this one!
  7. This was a fun show, as usual. Opener was fine, solid debut for Sabin. Main event was a pretty good match.
  8. I had a blast watching the 5/9/15 episode.

    - First off, I liked seeing Adam Cole back, baybay! Even if it was in a commentator role only.

    - Chris Sabin vs Kyle O'Reilly was a good, entertaining match. I've always liked heel Sabin, and not to mention Daniels and Kaz...

    - El Patrón, ACH & Matt Sydal vs The Briscoes & Roddy was a really fun ME, loved it!
  9. Ring Of Honor TV Results (5/16)

    Show Spoiler

    Adam Page vs. ACH

    Adam Page is bounced out of the ring, but comes back in and kicks ACH. Page sends ACH out, but gets punched when he gives chase. ACH runs Page's face into the boot of a fan ringside. ACH hits a headscissors takedown that sees him wrap around the ringpost first.

    ACH gets caught in the ring apron, which allows Page to take control. Page drops ACH for a two count, and Page throws on a chinlock as we go to our first commercial break of the show.

    We come back to Page landing a pumphandle half nelson suplex that gets a two count. Kevin Kelly keeps pushing this ridiculous code line on the air. Either way, Page gets a nice powerslam that earns him a two count.

    ACH fights back with chops, but the two hit a double crossbody that results in both guys down. ACH gets a clothesline and about ten kicks as he gains momentum. That momentum halts when he misses a crossbody and walks into a huge Page DDT for 2. We go to another commercial.

    We come back to both men trying to suplex each other to no avail. Eventually, both men go over the top rope with one. The ref inexplicably stops the count outside, and ACH misses a baseball slice. Page lands a shooting star shoulderblock and a giant backbreaker for two.

    ACH hits a big double foot stomp that can't get the job done. He misses his finish and Adam Page hits a low blow for the win. Excellent match that took up the first 25 minutes of the show.

    Winner: Adam Page via pinfall (low blow)

    Page goes to shake ACH's hand, but he gets tackled instead. Officials have to split the two up, but ACH flips over the top onto everyone as Page escapes.

    - We see a recap of Addiction and Chris Sabin being revealed as KRD. Next week we get Kyle O'Reilly vs. Jay Lethal in a TV title match.

    - A great Young Bucks merchandise ad airs.

    War Machine vs. Briscoes

    Rowe gets beat on for a little before taking over with a big chop. He and Hanson double team Mark and play to the crowd. Hanson continues the beat down on Mark for several minutes before hitting a backbreaker for a two count.

    Jay gets the tag and they hit a jawbreaker/lariat on Rowe. The Briscoes brawl and retain control as we go to another commercial break.

    We come back to more of the same until Rowe stops Jay with a big slam. Hanson is tagged in and dominates the world champion before putting him in the corner and landing strikes. The two teams go through a series of reversals the two teams face off.

    A superkick and clothesline send Jay and Hanson over the top as Rowe chucks Mark over the top rope. War Machine goes for Fallout, but Mark stops it. Mark is then knocked off the top rope as Jay eats a double chokeslam for two.

    Briscoes hit a Doomsday Device on Rowe, but he ends up outside, where he eats an apron blockbuster. A Jay Driller on Hanson gets only two, and Briscoe can't believe it. Another Jay Driller gets 3.

    Winners: Briscoes via pinfall (Jay Driller)

    The two teams shake hands to close the show.

    Seems like good stuff.
  10. So RoH tv, it is ran like TNA, WWE, or still like before where it was all over the place? I also don't get how a NE network is nationwide?

    Just wondering how/if/when I could get into this. I was going to NXT but they have been all over TNA talent as of late, i think it's pathetic.
  11. The 5/16/15 episode was very good!

    - Adam Page vs ACH was good stuff.

    - The Briscoes vs War Machine was a great ME, I enjoyed it!
  12. If by all over the place you mean in lots of smaller stations isntead of a big one, yes. And it's nationwide because that was the last territory that didn't have ROH in it, I assume. So now if you put all the sindicated deals together it covers the entire USA.
    You can get the links on watch wrestling, they become available online after a couple days. (also the only TNA talent in NXT is Joe bro, not sure how that destroys the whole product).
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  13. The 5/23/15 episode was good.

    - Elgin vs Coleman was a solid show opener. Oh, and by the way, somebody should burn Elgin's ugly ass robe.

    - Lethal/Martini and Kyle's promos were nice.

    - Jay Lethal vs Kyle O'Reilly was great, I enjoyed it.
  14. Ring Of Honor TV Results: First Show To Air On Destination America, Briscoes & Moose In Action

    Show Spoiler

    - We start out with a promo from the Briscoes trash talking the House of Truth. Tonight's main event will be the Briscoe Brothers vs. Jay Lethal and Donovan Dijak.

    KUSHIDA vs. Will Ferrara

    KUSHIDA gets streamers during his entrance. The two avoid each other's moves before KUSHIDA hits a dropkick and takes control, landing a few more. KUSHIDA gets knees on a standing moonsault attempt, and Ferrara grabs a chinlock. This doesn't last long, as KUSHIDA battles back with big strikes before getting a big clothesline. Ferrara then hits a crash an burn tornado DDT to the outside.

    KUSHIDA starts working the arm before the two trade punches. KUSHIDA winds up with a baseball-type delivery and clocks Ferrara before getting a two off of a moonsault. Ferrara gets a couple of two counts off of quick pin attempts, but KUSHIDA applies the Hoverboard Lock (double wristlock) and gets the submission.

    Winner: KUSHIDA via submission (Hoverboard Lock)

    - Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come out to the announce booth. Addiction say that next week and only next week, ReDRagon will get a tag team title shot.

    Silas Young vs. Watanabe

    Silas Young and Watanabe trade strikes early until Watanabe hits a belly-to-back suplex. Watanabe puts Young on the top rope, but gets knocked to the mat and Young clotheslines him. Young taunts before pinning him, but it's only good for two. Watanabe comes back with a neckbreaker, and the crowd is really in to him.

    The two battle outside the ring as Young fights off a German suplex briefly before getting turned inside out with one on the floor. Back in the ring the two trade backslides until Young punts him in the head and hits a TKO for the victory.

    Winner: Silas Young via pinfall (TKO)

    - We get a look back at the issues between BJ Whitmer and Moose.

    BJ Whitmer (w/ Adam Page & Colby Corino) vs. Moose (w/ Stokely Hathaway & Veda Scott)

    Well, Moose is over to a polarizing level as half the crowd is changing "Moose," while the other half chants "sucks." Either way, he gets the streamer treatment. It's a shock theWWE didn't offer him a full-on deal (that we know of. Whitmer gets on the mic and says he could easily beat Moose and end his winning streak, but he isn't going to do that. He sees this as an opportunity to step out of his shadows for a member of Decade....then points at Colby Corino. He says Colby can prove he's more of a man than his father. Steve is begging from ringside for this not to happen.

    Moose (w/ Stokely Hathaway & Veda Scott) vs. Colby Corino (w/ BJ Whitmer & Adam Page)

    Colby slaps Moose, then throws strikes, but Moose laughs it off and tosses Colby out of the ring. Colby is sent head first into the guard rail before Moose picks him up and swings him. Steve Corino doesn't seem too worried on commentary that his 18 year old son could die here.

    Moose hits a couple of apron powerbombs on Colby, before landing another on the floor. Colby looks like he's crying on the floor, and Steve still doesn't take his announcer voice off to show concern. Colby is rolled into the ring and pinned.
  15. The 5/30/15 episode was solid.

    - Liked the promo by Dem Boys in the opening.

    - KUSHIDA vs Will Ferrara was solid.

    - Silas vs Watanabe was OK.

    - Moose vs CC. It was fun watching Moose wreck Corino's baby boy.

    - Dem Boys vs Dijak & Diesel was a solid ME.
  16. I'm stickying this thread for now. With ROH TV only being one hour making discussion threads for every singular ep seems redundant. As long as this thread stays decently active we can use it as the go to discussion thread and LD if needed for ROH TV.

    This weeks episode was good. Some have said that the DA debut episode needed more "oompf" but I felt it made up for a "weak" undercard with a lot of storyline build throughout the episode. You got to see a lot of the Briscoes, the HOT were prominent, the ACH/Page feud and the Whitmer is a dick story got some focus as well as the continued rise of Moose. They even had a backstage segment that wasn't just a promo. Don't think I've seen that in ROH before.

    Best singles match of the night was Ferrara vs Kushida with Young vs Watanabe trailing. I'd personally call the Whitmer/Moose/Corino thing more of a segment than a match. And the tag main event was decent and the storyline push in it helped it as well.

    Good enough a debut on National TV.
  17. Also enjoyed this. Didn't set the world on fire and starting with the New Japan joint shows is not a great idea imo, but it was fun to watch. I think it did a better job as an introductory episode than I expected (although I would've enjoyed some 20-second clips or something talking about who the Briscoes, HoT, Moose, Decade and etc were), they recapped some stuff, it was cool. Now they just need to buy some lights and we're set.
  18. Ring Of Honor TV Report (6/6):

    Show Spoiler

    - Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come out and say Bobby Fish got attacked in the parking lot and the main event might not happen. They say the contract is to fight Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly, not O'Reilly and a replacement. This brings Kyle out, and the match starts

    ROH Tag Team Championships
    Addiction (c) vs. Kyle O'Reilly

    O'Reilly gets the advantage on both guys, but Kaz and Daniels double team him and control the match. O'Reilly threatens periodically, but Addiction cut him off and end his glimmer of hope. O'Reilly does a cool spot on the outside where Addiction is on a chair and he hits a big knee on both of them. Back inside, O'Reilly gets an armbar on Kaz and Daniels hits him with the belt.

    Winner: Kyle O'Reilly via DQ

    Addiction attacks after the match, but Matt Sydal and ACH make the save.

    - We get a promo from Mark Briscoe, where he talks about his match at Best in the World against Donovan Dijak.

    Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Dalton Castle (w/ His boys)

    Castle and Liger both get awesome reactions, and this whole situation is a pretty cool scene. Castle controls thing early and hits a huracanrana to the outside of the ring. He flaunts around with his boys as we go to a commercial break.

    When we come back, Liger hits a big dive outside to take control and beats down Castle a little bit. Liger then poses with Castle's boys, which really makes Castle mad. The crowd is going crazy for this whole situation.

    Castle attacks Liger with body presses for a two count, and then both guys are down after a double clothesline. Liger gets up and lands a huracanrana for a nearfall, but Castle gets his knees up on a splash attempt. Castle answers with an inverted airplane spin, but Liger hits the Liger Bomb and brainbuster for the win.

    Winner: Jushin Thunder Liger via pinfall (brainbuster)

    Castle showed a lot of respect to Liger after the match. This was all really cool to see. Backstage Liger wishes Cheeseburger good luck. They slap each other and hug.

    Cheese Burger vs. Brutal Bob Evans

    These two brawl outside quickly as this rivalry has gotten pretty emotional. Cheeseburger ends up moving out of the way of a charging Evans, who hits the guard rail. This sets up Cheeseburger for a nice senton off of the rail.

    The two go back and forth with big smacks, but Evans hits a big shoulder block. Instead of taking the pin, Evans ends up pulling Cheeseburger. Evans slams Cheeseburger through a table by the ring and the ref calls the match.

    Result: No contest

    - Jay Lethal is backstage talking about next week's contract signing. We also get a new episode of Inside ROH. ReDRagon will get their tag title rematch at Best in the World.

    Kingdom (w/ Maria) vs. Bullet Club (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows)

    Kingdom comes out with the IWGP Tag Team Championships, which is always cool to see on an ROH show. Karl Anderson is really in to Maria, which has been the story line of late. He chases her and both teams end up brawling. This ends in Gallows hitting a powerbomb on Bennett to the apron as we go to a commercial.

    We come back to see the Bullet Club working over Bennett, and Red Shoes doesn't give a damn about their double teaming. Taven sees this and hits a splash, followed by a dropkick. All hell breaks loose, and the ref really doesn't care. Kingdom is in control.

    Taven hits a superkick as Bennett spears Anderson, then Taven flips to the outside. This match is all over the place, and the ref calls the match.

    Result: No contest

    Bullet Club looks like they're going to hit Kingdom with chairs, but Maria distracts them. Kingdom fights them off briefly, but Taven gets tossed into a bunch of chairs to end the show.

    So, some of the matches here are from Global Wars Night 2, which I haven't watched in its entirety, so this'll be cool to see, I guess.
  19. The 6/6/15 episode was aight.

    - The Addiction vs Sleazy Kyle ended exactly how I thought it would and plus, it further cements the feud 'tween The Addiction and reDRagon. Looking forward to their match at BITW!

    - Mark Briscoe vs Donovan Dijak at BITW? Nice!

    - Liger vs Castle was entertaining.

    - Brutal Bob vs Cheeseburger was okay for what it was. While this feud isn't my cup of tea, it's kinda nice they remembered it still existed.

    - The Kingdom vs Bullet Club was aight. Highlight of the match was Karl doing a mid-air Gun Stun on Taven.
  20. ROH on DA drew a combined total of 299K viewers this week. Up from last weeks 273K. Then add on the Sinclair and NESN numbers and we end up somewhere in the 700-800K range. Another good week for ROH TV
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