Ring of Honor ROH World Title Update!

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Roray, Jul 3, 2013.

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  2. Siiiiick. Put Hardy in that tournament.
  3. Well, with the Briscoes gone, I wonder who'll be next champ.
    Money on Lethal or Adam Cole to win the Belt.
  4. August 3rd eh? I think I might go this time.
  5. If Elgin wins I am going to facepalm. He isn't ready to be champion.
    They should have put it on Hardy. He's the hottest heel act in the company right now with Corino.
  6. Steen again, please?
  7. This will be interesting considering ROH is in a rebuilding process after the SCUM angle. I'd be happy to see Kingston return to ROH now that Chikara is "no more" and the tournament would be a nice setting to bring him back in.
  8. Kingston vs. Steen in the finals, thank you very much!
  9. Motherfucking war it would be.
  10. Second man entered in the tournament is Bryan Kendrick.
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  11. That's freaking awesome!
  12. ROH's site is down but their twitter has confirmed that the third man in the tournament is...Machine Gun Karl Anderson.

    Marking like fuck.
  13. Anderson? ANDERSON? OH GOD YES....Karl Anderson, Next ROH Champ....Please make it happen, ROH.
  14. Roderick Strong. plz
  15. Austin wants chops to the dick.
  16. The most dangerous move in wrestling!
  17. Probably gonna make a discussion thread for this once the fourth guy is revealed and ROH's site is back up so I can get more info. That sound good for people? Then we can update it with results as it rolls on.
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  18. Fourth Guy.....I'm counting on ROH to place Paul London into the Tournament.
  19. Still want Steen to win it again.
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