ROH wrestler to get Impact wrestling try out

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  1. Perkins posted this on his Twitter account earlier this evening:

  2. I haven't seen him, is he any good?
  3. Perkins is quite good and has an unique look.
  4. Awesome, hopefully he'll impress then. :otunga:
  5. Perkins is a shithead IMO lol. I don't really care for him at all. If I were to make a list of ROH guys I want TNA to steal, he would be far, far down the list.

    But this makes sense that TNA is looking for new guys.. They have lost quite a bit of talent lately. King was a great guy to steal, let's see what else they can do.

    Elgin & Steen... DO IT.
  6. I wouldn't call it a 'unique look' so much as I would say he has a 'fucking retarded hairdo'
  7. So, TJP... I like it. Sign him. Fantastic guy for the X Division, but with not so much personality tbh on indy scene. I have seen some 3+, even 4 stars matches from him in PWG and some in ROH and I'd be glad to see him in a feud against Zema or Kid Kash.
  8. Meh. Its a ho hum signing at best. He might get one random X Division push but he won't be used.

    Get Elgin, Steen, The Briscoes, Eddie Edwards, Bennett, or hell even Strong.

    TJ Perkins bores me
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