Ring of Honor ROH's Allstar Extravaganza V card

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. ROH.com

    This card looks really good. Nice to see ROH trying.
  2. Card looks great. Let's go Roddy.
  3. Updated card:

  4. Sounds like a decent card.
  5. I have a really weird obsession with Silas Young after his match with Adam Page a couple of weeks ago. And that match against Ciampa could be great.
  6. Tag match looks good also Bucks have got me really excited for this show.
  7. Let Steen beat Kendrick's skinny ass lol.
  8. Solid show apparently apart from Mike Bennet giving Whitmer a unprotected piledriver to the apron, sending him to the hospital.
  9. Yeah, it looked nasty.
  10. Haven't seen the show yet. Gonna wait for DVD quality. But still, F Bennet :dawg:
  11. Haven't seen it either lol, just saw a short clip of the piledriver.
  12. I saw a pic of it. Looked brutal.
  13. It did.
  14. According to people on Wrestlingforum, Triple H was in Toronto to scout talent, lol dafuq.
  15. wut lmao
  16. That's my thought as well. Trips doesn't do scouting himself unless it is someone special. And no way was he at a ROH show. But a funny rumor non the less.
  17. Funny rumor indeed haha.
  18. Scary coincidence. Yesterday was also the 16 year anniversary of Owen dropping Austin on his head.
  19. Yeah, I read that somewhere.
  20. Bennett advanced in the tournament and is facing Ciampa. Ciampa is gonna murder him.
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