Ring of Honor ROH's big announcement: ROH signs PPV deal

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  2. :yay: I was excited to get that email this morning. Hope their live debut goes smoothly. Tickets should be pretty cheap, too. Yo, @Snowman , you and @Testify should go!
  3. Awesome news, this is the actual step in ROH growing and POTENTIALLY becoming a treat to TNA. I'm glad to hear this news. iPPV is crap, PPV is PPV.

  4. Damn. Just saw this before having to do something, was hoping to get in before Testify and say "Hey GN, when Testicles sees this he's gonna lose his mind and go cray cray and start flipping tables... then flip the table back over to put you through it... but don't worry, they'll just cut to commercial and you'll mysteriously be saved backstage :dawg:". But damn, now Testify's here and I can't do that. :mad1:

    As for going or not: Why can't you? You're about as close to Nashville as I am. :otunga: I'm not sure how transportation would work, if things work out okay I'll happily check this show out. Don't know why I don't watch more ROH, tend to enjoy it whenever I do
  5. You should give current ROH a watch. 2014 product has been very enjoyable. They've stepped it up a bit.

    As for IPPV: New Japan has helped them negotiate a deal with UStream apparently so it looks like they might offer both regular ppv and ippv.
  6. Really? They stepped up? Haha, just from watching the PPV's I thought 2013 wasn't a bad year for ROH at all (although a lot of that was just reveling in the simplicity of watching dudes who love to fight fight each other) And now it's even better? Sweet!

    If you say so, I'll check out the TV. Probably on Wednesdays.
  7. Hoss has their latest big event (supercard of honor 8) up on watchwrestling. Good start of point since it ended a lot of feuds and started up new ones.
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  8. Yeah, ROH has been pretty fun indeed, it's a nice watch. I'm happy to learn they signed a PPV deal!
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  9. This. :yay:

    :hmm: Isn't there a bus from you to there? And really? It's that far away? Crap. :lol1: Worth a shot if you can make it! If not, shall be enjoyable to catch on TV / online either way I'm sure. :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Wait so how do non yanks watch from now on?
  11. If the new japan shows do well: IPPV on Ustream.
  12. Boy oh boy, did Elgin/Styles suck or what? Lelgin in terrible.
  13. There is a second encounter for you to enjoy:otunga:
  14. HELL YES!
  15. I hope this leads to ROH getting a bigger television deal.

  16. That'll take some more work I think. ROH are owned by Sinclair Broadcasting, who operates the largest amount of local stations in the entire country. So they'll never have to fight for TV slots. But it'll take some work I believe to make Sinclair set up a true national TV deal.
  17. Didn't know that. Guess I'll have to continue keeping up with ROH through this site and the occasional....er.....other sources until I have a cable provider that contains one of their stations (assuming I'll ever be able to find one here in Texas).

  18. They do own a number of Texas based stations according to their wiki, so you might be in luck. Otherwise you could sign up for the free membership on ROH's website and get the shows for free a week after they air.
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