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    The year is 2054 The world of duel monsters is in a peak point of popularly not since the daysof Yugi Mutou

    and Seto Kaiba or Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas has duel monsters been played by this many people.

    From Neo Domino City to Maiami City to Heartland City everyone is dueling.

    The Leo Corporation has started the World Duel Cup and The Kaiba Corporation has started Neo Battle City are you a strong enough duelist to win the cup?

    Travel from city to city winning duels and earning cards meet new duelist make new pals or new foes.

    Are you the next duel monsters Champion ?

    With the new breed of duelist who will be the next King of Games?



    Duels will be done with (Must Use that Link).

    When in a duel you must RP and only go OOC when necessary (we will try to have a mod in duels)

    Keep it below MA

    If a player seems inactive PM Them since the forum does not update sometimes.

    You can only change your deck once per arc

    If you get a card that very powerful you must give a GOOD reason to why you have it.

    The same strike rules as the league apply here.

    And for the love of blue eyes get along .

    Have Fun

    Must Fallow the YGO rules unless noted by me or a mod (

    When Needed i will act as NPC

    • New Rules:​
    • Themes/Ace Cards:​
    • -The monsters in your deck must have a theme. This can be anything from using an archtype (ex. lightsworns), a type (ex. dinosaurs), or an attribute (ex. dark). Havinga deck full of random cards and sayingthat's your theme is not acceptable.​
    • -Due to staple cards like Mirror Force,Mystical Space Typhoon, etc., your spells/trap cards are not required to reflect the theme of your deck. This is due to not every theme having proper support cards.However, it is encouraged to use spells/traps that match your theme whenever possible.​
    • -You may have only 5 monsters that goes against your theme. This may be your ace card if you would like.​
    • -Your ace card may be any monster that isn't banned. It would make sense for this to be your most powerful card. Try and be unique with choosing your ace card. The more unique it is, the more interesting it is.​
    • -Don't overrun your deck with powerful monsters. You can have a max of three level 5-6, two levels 7-8, and one level 9-12 monster. The same rule applies for synchros and fusions. You may only have two of each rank for xyz monsters. Choose your cards wisely.​
    • Decks:​
    • -Try and keep your deck around 40 cards. You may have more if you wish, but keep in mind it's tradition in Yu-Gi-Oh! to have a deck of just 40-45 cards.​
    • -Decks designed solely for drawing cards and stalling are not allowed.​
    • -You may not copy someone else's deck. You can have a similar theme and similar cards, however blatant mimicry is not allowed.​
    • -You may list off the cards in your deck present a screenshot if you have any concerns with your deck.​
    • Banned Cards:​
    • -Exodia​
    • -The Creator God of Light Horakhty​
    • -All of the Egyptian god cards (Ra, Slifer, and Obelisk)*​
    • -Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons​
    • -All of the Sacred Beast Monsters (Raviel, Hamon, and Uria)​
    • -Exchange (there is no feature allowing thisto work on Dueling Network)​
    • Unbanned Cards:​
    • -Monster Reborn, Heavy Storm, Pot ofGreed, Pot of Avarice, Solemn Judgment, CardDestruction, Premature Burial, andUltimate Offering and Mirror Force are no longer banned.They are now limited to one copy per deck.​
    • Obtaining New Cards:​
    • -If you win a duel, you get fourdollars/yen/whatever. You can spend onedollar/yen/whatever on a card of your choosing. This can be any card that is not someone else's ace card or a banned card.​
    • -If you lose a duel, you will get two dollars/yen/whatever. The purpose remains the same.​
    • -You must inform everyone when you arespending money and what cards you are going to be buying.​
    • In Character/Out of Character:​
    • -Don't flood the thread with OOC posts.We're trying to have fun, not have pages fullof pointless arguments or "banter."​
    • -Don't swear in character. Too much the show had light swearing so a "Shit" Here andThere is fine​
    • -When dueling, you must be in character. Ifyou have an issue regarding a ruling,thencheck the Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki and PM youropponent about it. The main chat shouldnot have any OOC posts in it.​
    • -Cheating of any kind is unacceptable.​
    • You can have more than one MC but it must be approved first if added past your ogsign up.​

    Sign Up Application

    What I NEED to know about you OC's

    First Name:

    Last Name:

    Birthplace: Yu-Gi-Oh is set in Japan so if your're not born in Japan I want to know how you got there!







    General appearance:

    Dressing Style: This includes makeup if they don't wear it then say that (well if there a girl I don't think a guy is going to wear makeup but if he does put that here!)


    Extras: this is for anything else I should know about your characters like if they have a Yami, if there not human, if they are a Yami, split personality and anything else that doesn't fit in.

    Ace Card:
    Think of it as the card you always use.

    Your Duel Disk​
    Show Spoiler




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    First Name: Jimmy

    Last Name: Watson

    Birthplace: Japan


    Hair: Blond

    Eyes: Blue

    Skin: White

    History: Born in Japan to English parents, raised in England and moved to Japan at age 18, found duel monsters his first night in Japan and has been playing ever since

    Orientation: Straight

    General appearance: Kind of like Duke Devlin from S2, but with Kaiba's hair style

    Dressing Style: Season 2 Duke Devlin

    Personality: Arrogant to people he doesn't like, caring and compassionate to his friends

    Extras: none

    Ace Card: Sorcerer of Dark Magic

    Duel Disk
    Show Spoiler

    Poison of the Old Man x2
    Dark Room of Nightmare x2
    Achacha Chanbara x3
    Meteor of Destruction x1
    Mine Golem x3
    Oozaki x3
    Rapid-Fire Magician x3
    Stealth Bird x3
    Tremendous Fire x3
    Wave-Motion Cannon x3
    Hand Destruction x3
    Swords of Revealing Light x2
    Gravity Bind x2
    Fire Princess x3
    Spell Absorption x2
    Reflect Bounder x1
    Satellite Cannon x1
    Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior x1
    Doom Shaman x1
    Sorcerer of Dark Magic x1 - Ace Card
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    Sign Up Application

    What I NEED to know about you OC's

    First Name: Anthony.

    Last Name: Jarrus

    Birthplace: Old Satellite District

    Accent: Welsh

    Hair: Light Brown.

    Eyes: Light Brown.

    Skin: White.

    History: Anthony Jarrus was never really the happiest person in the world obviously, he grew up in Satellite, a rough area of New Domino, mainly by himself due to his parents leaving him here when they left and made it to New Domino City. Over the course of his childhood Anthony would steal what he needed, whether it be food, water or clothes, ensuring his own survival at the expense of others. He became interested in Duel Monsters at the age of 12 after watching a brief duel between 2 local kids who were using crappy decks and cards that they normally found in the trash. Wanting to learn more about the game, he attacked on of the kids and beat him up, taking the kid's deck and learning how to play by watching others. After several months of watching duels he finally decided to duel himself, being confident that he knew enough about the game to defeat the local duelists, but realizing that his deck was weak. He decided to try to get more cards by manipulating people into putting their decks on the line in duels by mocking, physically assaulting or bullying their loved ones so that the kids would want revenge and then he would offer them that chance in a duel, only if they put their deck on the line... He was fair however, as he would also put his own deck on the line as he figured that if he could lose something that he would duel better. He would win his first duel and many others, forcing his opponents into giving him their decks and slowly but surely built a pretty powerful but still rather unstructured deck. He would soon begin dueling for money, wanting to make enough to leave Satellite and would manipulate people into putting whatever cash they had on them on the line in duels, with him doing the same and he would, after a few years at the age of 17, have a decent amount of money... Enough to ensure his survival in New Domino. He would steal a guy's Duel Runner and make his escape from Satellite through the only way out, a Pipeline. He arrived at New Domino and has now made a serious amount of money in Duel Monsters tournaments and has constructed a signature deck that has helped him become one of the top duelists in the city, having never lost a duel.

    Orientation: Straight.

    General appearance: 5'11" tall, lean build, light brown and short hair and no beard or makeup.

    Dressing Style: He dresses rather formal for a poor kid from Satellite... Normally wearing an attire simular to that of Seto Kaiba in the original Yugioh with his purple blazer and suit pants etc. Not exactly the same, with the jacket color varying.

    Personality: Anthony Jarrus is not a bad person, he won't try to go out of his way to make other people's lives hell, but if he wants something then he will have no problem stepping on whomever gets in his way of getting what he wants. Because of this he has become one of the most ruthless duelists around.

    Extras: this is for anything else I should know about your characters like if they have a Yami, if there not human, if they are a Yami, split personality and anything else that doesn't fit in.

    Ace Card:
    Stardust Dragon

    Your Duel Disk: I can't copy and paste, but the 1st one on the right is mine.

    My New Deck (open)

    Total Cards: 45.
    My New Deck (open)

    Monsters: 20.
    - Dark Resonator (2)
    - Flare Resonator (2)
    - Red Resonator (2)
    - Clock Resonator (1)
    - Creation Resonator (1)
    - Mirror Resonator (1)
    - Barrier Resonator (1)
    - Chain Resonator (1)
    - Doomcaliber Knight (1)
    - Abaki (1)
    - Crass Clown (1)
    - Big Eye (1)
    - Dotedotedu.
    - Black Potan (1)
    - Battle Fader (1)
    - Archfiend Soldier (1)

    Spells: 12.
    - Full Force Strike (1)
    - Swords Of Revealing Light (1)
    - Monster Reborn (1)
    - Pot Of Greed (1)
    - Mystical Space Typhoon (1)
    - Heavy Storm (1)
    - Dark Hole (1)
    - Axe Of Despair (1)
    - Shrink (1)
    - Resonator Call (1)
    - Resonator Engine (1)
    - Resonant Destruction (1)

    Traps: 13.
    - Starlight Road (2)
    - Synchro Strike (1)
    - King's Consonance (1)
    - Follow Wing (1)
    - Stardust Re-Spark (1)
    - Stardust Flash (1)
    - Shooting Star (1)
    - Red Carpet (1)
    - Synchro Deflector (1)
    - Synchro Material (1)
    - Mirror Force (1)
    - Magic Cylinder (1)

    Extra Deck: 2.
    - Stardust Dragon (1) (Ace)
    - Armades, Keeper Of Boundaries (1)

  4. My Deck: (open)

    Monsters: 22.
    - Evilswarm Mandragora (2)
    - Evilswarm Zahak (1)
    - Evilswarm Thunderbird (1)
    - Evilswarm Salamandra (1)
    - Evilswarm Obliviwisp (1)
    - Evilswarm O'lantern (2)
    - Evilswarm Ketos (2)
    - Evilswarm Kerykeion (2)
    - Evilswarm Hraesvelg (1)
    - Evilswarm Castor (2)
    - Evilswarm Azzathoth (1)
    - Evilswarm Golem (1)
    - Evilswarm Coppelia (1)
    - Caius The Shadow Monarch (1)
    - Endless Decay (1)
    - Millennium Shield (1)
    - Dark Armed Dragon (1) (Ace Card)

    Spells: 10.
    - Big Bang Shot (1)
    - Mystical Space Typhoon (1)
    - Mystic Plasma Zone (1)
    - Monster Reborn (1)
    - Pot Of Greed (1)
    - Allure Of Darkness (1)
    - Dark Hole (1)
    - Infestation Pandemic (1)
    - Heavy Storm (1)
    - Shrink (1)

    Traps: 9.
    - Mirror Force (1)
    - Storming Mirror Force (1)
    - Memory Loss (1)
    - Dark Bribe (1)
    - Seven Tools Of The Bandit (1)
    - Fiendish Chain (1)
    - Judgement Of Anubis (1)
    - Dark Illusion (1)
    - Infestation Terminus (1)

    Extra: 3.
    - Evilswarm Bahumat (1)
    - Evilswarm Ouroboros (1)
    - Evilswarm Thanatos

  5. Wait, are we supposed to post our deck builds too?
  6. Just for rules, It's meant to be fun and not about winning like my two decks are dragons, But the ace card is a glass cannon.
  7. Aight, I've added in my deck build to my sign up post
  8. First Name: Kurisu

    Last Name: Yamada

    Birthplace:Neo domino city

    Accent: ./japanese

    Hair: Dark blonde

    Eyes: Blue

    Skin: pale

    History:Kurisu loved dueling since he was young his dream was to be as good asYusei Fudo.
    At 14 he joined duel academy and was at the top of his class . now at 17 his dream can now start.

    Orientation: Straight

    General appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    But with blonde hair.

    Dressing Style: Black duel academy jacket with blue trin and Jeans and Boots

    Personality: Determined,cocky,pulls the best out of others

    Ace Card Black Rose Dragoon (Synchro)

    Duel Disk
    VA: ENG Vic Mignogna(Normal)
    ENG (Alt form) Christopher Sabat
    JAP: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

    First Name: Rose

    Last Name: Matsui

    Birthplace:Neo Domino City




    History: One-half of "The Black Rose Duo" Rose Matsui who mostly goes by Matsui was the 2nd top duelist of her class and the top female of her class.
    Along with her boyfriend, Kurisu Yamada are known to be the cockiest duo in the duel circuit.


    General appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Dressing Style: Black duel academy uniform with blue trim.

    Personality: Determined,cocky,pulls the best out of others

    Ace Card:
    Number 39:Hope
    Duel Disk
    VA: ENG: Cherami Leigh
    JAP: Ayumi Kinoshita
  9. First Name: Ryuk

    Last Name: Shanasaki

    Birthplace: Tokyo

    Accent: Japanese

    Hair: Long black hair

    Eyes: Golden

    Skin: Pale

    History: Unknown. Just some monotone little shithead.

    Orientation: Straight

    General appearance: Well built, 6ft 1" .

    Dressing Style: Black long leather jacket, black tight long sleeved t-shirt, black jeans and black boots.

    Personality: He is a very closed off person, doesn't communicate much, or even acknowledge their existence.

    Extras: Nothing

    Ace Card: Super Electromagnet Voltech Dragon

    Your Duel Disk
    Yugi Muto's but all black.

    Deck (open)
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  10. Just start this already... We got 4 people so as long as all 4 are active then it'll survive. Btw before we start I'm going to make a new deck since FN Punk made me the Evilswarm deck and that bugs me so I want to make my own.
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