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  1. [​IMG]
    The year is 2054 The world of duel monsters is in a peak point of popularly not since the daysof Yugi Mutou

    and Seto Kaiba or Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas has duel monsters been played by this many people.

    From Neo Domino City to Maiami City to Heartland City everyone is dueling.

    The Leo Corporation has started the World Duel Cup and The Kaiba Corporation has started Neo Battle City are you a strong enough duelist to win the cup?

    Travel from city to city winning duels and earning cards meet new duelist make new pals or new foes.

    Are you the next duel monsters Champion ?

    With the new breed of duelist who will be the next King of Games?



    Duels will be done with (Must Use that Link).

    When in a duel you must RP and only go OOC when necessary (we will try to have a mod in duels)

    Keep it below MA

    If a player seems inactive PM Them since the forum does not update sometimes.

    You can only change your deck once per arc

    If you get a card that very powerful you must give a GOOD reason to why you have it.

    The same strike rules as the league apply here.

    And for the love of blue eyes get along .

    Have Fun

    Must Fallow the YGO rules unless noted by me or a mod (

    When Needed i will act as NPC
    • New Rules:​
    • Themes/Ace Cards:​
    • -The monsters in your deck must have a theme. This can be anything from using an archtype (ex. lightsworns), a type (ex. dinosaurs), or an attribute (ex. dark). Havinga deck full of random cards and sayingthat's your theme is not acceptable.​
    • -Due to staple cards like Mirror Force,Mystical Space Typhoon, etc., your spells/trap cards are not required to reflect the theme of your deck. This is due to not every theme having proper support cards.However, it is encouraged to use spells/traps that match your theme whenever possible.​
    • -You may have only 5 monsters that goes against your theme. This may be your ace card if you would like.​
    • -Your ace card may be any monster that isn't banned. It would make sense for this to be your most powerful card. Try and be unique with choosing your ace card. The more unique it is, the more interesting it is.​
    • -Don't overrun your deck with powerful monsters. You can have a max of three level 5-6, two levels 7-8, and one level 9-12 monster. The same rule applies for synchros and fusions. You may only have two of each rank for xyz monsters. Choose your cards wisely.​
    • Decks:​
    • -Try and keep your deck around 40 cards. You may have more if you wish, but keep in mind it's tradition in Yu-Gi-Oh! to have a deck of just 40-45 cards.​
    • -Decks designed solely for drawing cards and stalling are not allowed.​
    • -You may not copy someone else's deck. You can have a similar theme and similar cards, however blatant mimicry is not allowed.​
    • -You may list off the cards in your deck present a screenshot if you have any concerns with your deck.​
    • Banned Cards:​
    • -Exodia​
    • -The Creator God of Light Horakhty​
    • -All of the Egyptian god cards (Ra, Slifer, and Obelisk)*​
    • -Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons​
    • -All of the Sacred Beast Monsters (Raviel, Hamon, and Uria)​
    • -Exchange (there is no feature allowing thisto work on Dueling Network)​
    • Unbanned Cards:​
    • -Monster Reborn, Heavy Storm, Pot ofGreed, Pot of Avarice, Solemn Judgment, CardDestruction, Premature Burial, andUltimate Offering and Mirror Force are no longer banned.They are now limited to one copy per deck.​
    • Obtaining New Cards:​
    • -If you win a duel, you get fourdollars/yen/whatever. You can spend onedollar/yen/whatever on a card of your choosing. This can be any card that is not someone else's ace card or a banned card.​
    • -If you lose a duel, you will get two dollars/yen/whatever. The purpose remains the same.​
    • -You must inform everyone when you arespending money and what cards you are going to be buying.​
    • In Character/Out of Character:​
    • -Don't flood the thread with OOC posts.We're trying to have fun, not have pages fullof pointless arguments or "banter."​
    • -Don't swear in character. Too much the show had light swearing so a "Shit" Here andThere is fine​
    • -When dueling, you must be in character. Ifyou have an issue regarding a ruling,thencheck the Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki and PM youropponent about it. The main chat shouldnot have any OOC posts in it.​
    • -Cheating of any kind is unacceptable.​
    • You can have more than one MC but it must be approved first if added past your ogsign up.​
  2. Anthony Jarrus, considered by many to be the World's Number One Duelist having never being defeated in a duel, is riding his brand new Duel Runner throughout the streets of New Domino City while thinking to himself.
    Anthony Jarrus (In His Head): This ain't fun anymore. It's too easy. No challenge or no doubt. I'm going into duels expecting to win and it's boring when there's no doubt, no thrill of being close to defeat. This is my job now, nothing more or less. I make a living by being the best duelist in the world and if I want to survive here, I have to do my job or else I'll end up back down in the dumps. I've been there once, and I'm never going back.
    Anthony Jarrus rides off into the distance.

    OOC: Just a little into as to where my character's at right now.
  3. "3 deaths and 11 fatal injuries were counted at the suicide bombing in one of Kaiba Corps prestigious dueling arenas...several of the victims have been identified, two of the deaths were confirmed to be Johnathan and Lily Shanasaki, the owners of ShanaTiki (A very popular bar)..."

    A girl is situated in front of the TV, behind her are another two girls and one boy. The girl at the front turns to address the rest.

    "After the death of his parents...Ryuk just stopped the communication with me, no phone calls, no text messages...not even a e-mail. I--"

    The girl is cut off when a knock at the door is heard, she rushes over to the door expecting to see the energetic Ryuk, but that joy is ripped painfully from her..the man at the door is not Ryuk, but it is a relative of him.

    "Oh Yuuki it's you. Why don't you come in?"

    The girl steps aside to let him in, but he refuses, instead he gives her a letter and leaves. Not a single word spoken, just passes a letter and leaves. She looks back up from the letter she is holding and shouts at Yuuki...

    "Hey! Don't just giv---"

    He looks back at her, and when she sees the lone tear in his eye she rips the letter open. Inside it, the date for the funeral of 'Ryuk Shanasaki, son of Johnathon and Lily Shanasaki', she collapsed to the ground and began to weep...

    Later, Neo Domino city...10:30 PM..Friday night.

    "It's for the best Yuuki, when I hang up get rid of your phone. Buy a new one with the money I sent you, forget about me..and take good care of Mia. Goodbye." Ryuk hangs up the phone, finishes his drink and leaves the bar he is at.

    'I'll keep the cards you love Mia, don't worry.' Ryuk looks down at his deck pouch, puts his helmet on and gets on his bike. Next stop, hell.

    OOC: Sure, why not. He should have a shitty background.
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  4. Anthony Jarrus is on the balcony of his apartment in New Domino City at 10.A.M. staring out into the distance. Staring at the Satellite
    Anthony Jarrus (Thinking To Himself): I'm never going back to that place... I won't let all the work that I put into escaping end up for nothing. The only thing that can keep me here is Duel Monsters and this deck.
    He stares down at his deck pouch, thinking about all the years it took to assemble that deck. The deck is filled with both recently aquired cards or cards found in the trash or won off of Satellite duelists.
    Jarrus: It's time to duel.
    Jarrus leaes his apartment, seemingly to find an opponent to test his deck against. He walks out and onto the streets, hoping for someone to recognise and challenge him.

    OOC: (I'd prefer an NPC duel rather that burying one of the MC's)

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