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    This is for in only in character posts.
    Current Arc: Duel's evolution/デュエルの進化

    In the near future. The world of duel monsters is at a peak point of popularly. Not since the days of Yugi Mutou and Seto Kaiba or Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas has duel monsters been played by this many people. From Neo Domino City to Maiami City to Heartland City and Den City everyone is dueling. The Kaiba Corporation has resurfaced after years of going dark. Duel Academia has seen a revival in high-class duelists. SOL Technology and their LINK VRAINS system have taken over the dueling world. The riding duel is making a comeback with a new era of D-Wheels. The world is looking for its next dueling king. With the World Duel Exhibition or just WDE for short about to start in Neo Domino City, Is it just a “festival of dueling” or something else? This is an awakening of many who are ready to rule the duel.
    Duels will be played on YGOPro
    ThemesBets/Ace Cards:
    -The monsters in your deck must have a theme. This can be anything from using an archtype (ex. lightsworns), a type (ex. dinosaurs), or an attribute (ex. dark). Having a deck full of random cards and saying that's your theme is not acceptable.

    -Due to staple cards like Mirror Force, Mystical Space Typhoon, etc., your spells/trap cards are not required to reflect the theme of your deck. This is due to not every theme having proper support cards.However, it is encouraged to use spells/traps that match your theme whenever possible.

    -Your ace card may be any monster that isn't banned. It would make sense for this to be your most powerful card. Try and be unique with choosing your
    ace card. The more unique it is, the more interesting it is.

    -Don't overrun your deck. We mostly want anime-like duels.

    -Try and keep your deck around 40 cards. You may have more if you wish, but keep in mind it's tradition in Yu-Gi-Oh! to have a deck of just 40-45 cards.

    -Decks designed solely for drawing cards and stalling are not allowed.

    -You may not copy someone else's deck. You can have a similar theme and similar cards, however, blatant mimicry is not allowed.

    -You may list off the cards in your deck present a screenshot if you have any concerns with your deck.

    Banned Cards:
    -The Creator God of Light Horakhty
    -All of the Egyptian god cards (Ra, Slifer, and Obelisk)*
    -Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons
    -All of the Sacred Beast Monsters (
    , Hamon, and Uria)
    The Wicked Gods
    *God cards are banned until needed

    Unbanned Cards:
    -Monster Reborn, Heavy Storm, Pot of Greed, Pot of Avarice, Solemn Judgment, CardDestruction, Premature Burial, Ultimate Offering, and Mirror Force are no longer banned.They are now limited to one copy per deck.

    In Character/Out of Character:
    -Don't flood the thread with OOC posts.We're trying to have fun, not have pages full of pointless arguments or "banter."
    -Don't swear in character. Too much the show had light swearing so a "Shit" Here andThere is fine
    -When dueling, you must be in character. If you have an issue regarding a ruling, then check the Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki and PM your opponent about it. The main chat should not have any OOC posts in it.
    -Cheating of any kind is unacceptable.
    -Duel Replays are to be sent to mods via file sharing.
    You can have more than one MC but it must be approved first if added past your sign up.

    NPC Duels
    There are going to be Characters major to the arcs and some just there so players can duel to build character. Major story duelist may be controlled by me, but any one can make an npc deck to be submitted.
    Kuris Yamada - @impactking
    Seth Harraway - @Sanic
    Tadhg O'Connor-Kenny - @Dylan™
    Ayane Matsui - @impactking
    Hideki Nomku - @Electro
    Cody Tsuda @Serpent
    Daisuke Kaiba
    Kenji Yuki
    Rika Iori
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  2. Chapter 1 - Humble Beginnings

    We open up in New Domino City, a figure walks into the frame, wearing a black t-shirt, a black and white duel disk on his arm, Adidas tracksuit bottoms and blue and white Adidas trainers. Seth Harraway appears, his black hair pointing up, and a slight smile on his face, as he takes in his surroundings. New Domino City is all new to Seth, not much knowledge of the game Yu-Gi-Oh, but passionate about dueling nevertheless.

    "It feels so weird, but good at the same time."

    Seth starts to walk at a slow pace, still looking around at the various buildings and monuments.

    "There's duelists out there far more experienced than me, does it give them an advantage? Yes, but does it mean that I can't fight back against them? Nah, not in the slightest. I'll fight back, and show everyone my style of dueling. In almost every situation, there is a Hero and a Villain. Me? I'm not the hero this city needs, but i'm not a villain either. I fight for myself and others I wish to call my friends."

    "I don't hide behind a mask, however my most powerful monsters do, and they can do all kinds of weird and wonderful things. So far... I've found no-one to duel, but maybe that will change soon."

    Seth walks at a much more faster pace, through the crowd and out of sight.
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  3. In an unknown alleyway in Neo Domino City, Hideki doesn't seem to be phased mid-duel. His signature Blue-Eyes White Dragon is on his side of the field, along with a face-down spell or trap card, he seems more confident than his opponent. The duelist he is up against seems like some sort of thief or hustler considering almost the entire duel, the man has had his eyes on Nomku's Millenium Puzzle. The opposing duelist has no more monsters on the field but has a face-down spell/trap card.

    Hustler: I don't care if that dragon might be able to attack my life points directly, either way, I am going to be the victor of this duel and your puzzle, along with your Blue-Eyes will be mine.

    Hideki chuckles at the statement of his opponent.

    Yami Hideki: This is where you underestimate me. You're mistaken, my friend. Now it is time to end this once and for all! Blue-Eyes attack his life points directly! Burst Stream of Destruction!

    The Hustler smiles having realized Hideki has fallen into his trap.

    Hustler: Foolish... I activate my trap card, Mirror Force. This means you can say goodbye to your Blue Eyes!

    He chuckles thinking he has destroyed the one thing that made the duel one-sided in the first place. However, Hideki stays calm and just smiles.

    Yami Hideki: I believe you have been made to look the foolish one here.

    Hustler: What?!

    Hideki activates the face-down that was on his side of the field.

    Yami Hideki: I activate Seven Tools of the Bandit! This means your Mirror Force is useless and my attack still goes through either way as I will give up one-thousand life points to do so.

    Hustler: No! Argh!!!!

    Blue-Eyes continues to attack as Nomku's opponent falls on his back with the duel over and Hideki's puzzle and his cards still in his possession, he walks off saying nothing to his defeated opponent.

    OOC: Now open to interaction, but can't duel for today just interactions.
  4. Seth Harraway looks around the corner, the fallen Hustler in front of him, and Hideki Nomku walking the opposite way. Seth, with a stern look on his face, walks around the corner, and calls out to Nomku.


    Hideki turns around, the Millennium Puzzle in sight, Seth walks up to him.

    "Looks like I have found another duelist around here, i'm guessing you took out that guy back there. Anyway, the name is Seth, nice to meet ya."

    Seth extends a hand out, a smirk on his face.
  5. Before he can do anything, Nomku deactivates his duel disk. Hideki looks down at Harraway's hand and shakes it.

    Yami Hideki: I am Hideki, and yeah I was the one who dueled the Hustler back there. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson.

    Hideki smiles and questions Seth.

    Yami Hideki: So, what brings you to Neo Domino City? Doesn't seem like you're from around here from your accent.
  6. Prologue

    *In a highrise building in Neo Domino City. We see a figure looking out the window of the office. He is dressed in an outfit similar to Seto Kaiba's battle city attire, but it's blue and black. He also has a similar hairstyle, but his hair is as blue as a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He looks over at a display case over to his right and inside is 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons. Above the case of a photo of Seto Kaiba. The door to the room opens and a man in a black suit and sunglasses stands in the frame.*

    Goon: Sir, The plan for the World Duel Exhibition have been set and the notices have been set out,

    ?: Good, Now the Kaiba Corporation can start to be great again not since my grandfather age has the Kaiba name been feared.

    *He opens the case and removes the cards and inserts them into his deck case. He turns and reveals his face.*

    ?: I must avenge the defeats he suffered, but to do that I must find the duelist who is closest to the duelist who made a fool of my family. No one will make a fool of Daisuke Kaiba or the Kaiba Family again.

    Goon: Sir, You ride to the Academia for classes is ready downstairs. I suggest getting into uniform.

    *Daisuke Takes his Gen 1 Duel Disk and the uniform jacket and a drawing of a upside-down pyramid with an eye on it falls from his pocket. as he leaves the room.*​
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  7. "I'm from Europe, the United Kingdom or Britain to be more exact. I came here originally for studies, but the WDE interested me. I taught myself the game, and assembled a deck."

    Seth looks towards the Millennium Puzzle, his eyes almost attracted to it.

    "So what you got there? I don't think I've seen anything like that before."

  8. Hideki looks down the puzzle, the suns rays shine off of it.

    Hideki: It's just something my Dad got me a while back as a going away present, pretty cool right?​
  9. Cuid A - An Cheád Comhrac:
    The First Fight

    We open to the Ra Yellow Dormitory in Duel Academia. We saw Tadhg O'Connor Kenny with his backpack on the floor infront of him. Tadhg is repeatedly taking out and reslotting his deck into his Ra Yellow Duel Disk. He looks concentrated, in deep thought.

    Tadhg (thinking): It's a year today. A year since I left my family with my father's deck to get a future away from hard-work and evil landlords. I remember it like it was cúpla lá ó shin.

    There is a flashback. We see a younger Tadhg in a very brown, dull looking shack; his home in Ireland. His father kneels down beside him. He is wearing tattered clothes, but we cannot see his face. Tadhg's father hands him in one hand a glass case in which we see The Immortal Of Thunder face up. on top of a deck. In his other hand, he hands a pamphlet with pictures of various monsters.

    He begins to speak, in a strange voice which is both calm and urgent. In the background. we hear loud banging.

    Father: Son, remember that game we used to play back when we lived in Corcaigh?

    Young Tadhg: Monster Mash?

    Father: Yes, Monster Mash. Well, Daddy has a job here that he can't leave. He has to protect your mother. But I want to give you these.

    Tadhg's father places the deck and the pamphlet on Tadhg's open palm.

    Father: This is my deck, and this is an invitation to Neo Domino City. There, they play Monster Mash for sport. You can play as much as you like.

    Tadhg: But...but what about you?

    Father: I told you, son. I have to stay to protect your mother. I can't protect the two of ye, so you must go while you still can.

    Tadhg: But I don't want to lea-

    Father: Please, son! Go now!

    Tadhg's father turns back and heads into another room. The loud banging is followed by the crash of the door hitting the floot. Tadhg runs out the back door just in time to see a man with a suit and a baseball bat enter the house. As Tadhg runs through the cornfields around the house and escapes, he can hear the cries of his parents ''Please! No!'' and screams.

    There is another flash as we return to the present day.

    Tadhg (thinking): I need to avenge my father by doing good with his deck. I need a ''Monster Mash'' tournament to see what's good and what's bad in this city, and to do justice in the name of The O'Connor-Kennys.
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    We open up in Den City with the sun shining bright in the sky, a figure walks on wearing a grey/black suit with a dark blue tie. His black long hair slightly moves as a gust of wind came, Cody takes a deep breath.

    Cody Tsuda: That smell is very familiar, I just can't get the thought on it... Ah that's right, the smell of a new generation. Now that everything has reopened, the game of YuGiOh is now even more popular than what it once was.

    Cody puts his hands in his deck pocket and pulls out his "Ancient Gear Chaos Giant".

    Cody Tsuda: It's time buddy, many months of training for this day, many adventures we're going to go on, today is the start of Cody Tsuda. Where I become the top duelist in the dueling world.

    Cody Tsuda places his card back in his deck pocket and continues to walk
  11. "Damn right about that."

    Seth looks over at Hideki's duel disk, then back at his own.

    "We should duel one day, maybe not now, but I'm sure we'll meet again."

    Seth looks back towards Hideki.

    "What do you say?"
  12. 4 Friends an intro

    7*Outside the classrooms of Neo Domino Academia the students are exiting their classes, But four students 2 boys and two girls are hanging around in one of the 2nd year rooms. They call to each other and we learn that their names are Kuris Yamada, Ayane Matsui, Kenji Yuki, and Rika Iori. The 4 all take a seat at one table and start to chat more.*

    Kenji: So you guys going to enter the World Duel Exhibition?

    Ayane: World Duel Exhibition, What's that?

    Kenji: It's going to be this huge festival for dueling. It's going to be awesome.

    Rika: And you found about this how? This better not be like your homemade D-Wheel idea.

    Ayane Haha, That was great I bet they're still patching up that wall.

    Kenji: Hey! It's not that funny...

    Kuris: It kinda was Kenji.

    Kenji: Well, look at this,

    *Kenji Pulls out his phone and shows every the ad for the WDE by Kaiba Corp. The four all look at the screen. With puzzled looks on their faces.*

    Kuris: Man this seems good, But why now of all times?

    Kenji: Hey guys come on it;s all for fun and look it's being held in the same area as Battle City was.

    Ayane: OK, this is cool and all guys. Let's sign up,

    *The four get up and exit the classroom and Kuris bumps into who else but Daisuke Kaiba . the two notice how both have their dragon hanging from their necks. They nod and Daisuke walks away,*

    Rika: Who was that?

    : That was Daisuke Kaibathe grandson of the legendary Seto.

    : He walks around with a huge stick up his ass. All over his family name.

    : He seems like he just wants to be like granddaddy.

    : Oh come on, Kuris you're just mad how he dissed Black Rose at the start of the year.

    Kuris: No one disses my Black Rose Dragon.

    Ayane: Guys, hurry up we have to get to the town square to sign up.

    Rika: Yeah guys let's go.

    *The four then travels to the town square and the crowd is already forming.*
  13. Hideki smiles at Seth, he looks down noticing the puzzle shining. Suddenly it activates causing Hideki to revert back to his usual form.

    Hideki: Of course we can duel one day. Hey, maybe we could even team up in a tag duel

    Hideki winks.
  14. Seth is still intrigued about the Millennium Puzzle, especially what it just did, he manages to keep a smile though.

    "I'll be seeing you then..."

    Harraway walks back the way he came, he reaches inside his pocket, and pulls out a card, 'Contrast Hero Chaos'.

    "Whatever that was... it's interesting for sure. Seems like it did something to him, but I guess I'll find out in the future. He seems nice though."

    Seth looks down at the card.

    "Time to make my mark."

    Seth slides the card back into his pocket, and walks back onto the streets.
  15. Hideki is walking around Neo Domino City walking past a crowd of duelists hungry for competition. He smiles at a few because of him getting to know them after his time there. He takes his deck box from out of his back pocket and looks through a few of the cards in his deck. Blue-Eyes, Alternative Dragon, Monster Reborn are just a few to name. Suddenly, three men come running past Hideki. While going past, they managed to snatch both his deck and the Millenium Puzzle from around his neck. In anger and shock, Hideki tries to run after them but is unable to keep up with them. He falls to his knees in despair.
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    Chapter 1: A New Generation

    The scene sets in Neo Domino City with a shadowed figure walking through the streets on his way to the big welcoming of the new generation of duelists. As he continues to walk forward and out into the open, three men are running towards the street Aaron came out of and nearly hit him over.

    "Hey, watch where you're going!"

    He continues to watch them run off and begins to shake his head in disgust with how rude certain people can be. He then sees a crowd circling and is curious on what is going on, he walks over and spots there is a duel between two people, one of which has a Five-Headed Dragon out whilst the other opponent has one face down card.

    "Wow, a Five-Headed Dragon! One of the most rarest and powerful card in the game of Duel Monsters.

    Suddenly a shine of light is coming from his deck pocket in which he reaches out for to pick out the card that was shining. It was his Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon.

    "Of Course I can't forget about you buddy, you see I said the words 'one of', you are for sure the greatest card"

    The rainbow dragon makes a loud roar that only Aaron could hear, he then smiles back at the card.

    Stranger: "Are you talking to your card, what kind of weirdo are you? *laughs*

    Aaron Phoenix just stares at the stranger right in the eyes and few seconds after that walks away.

    "Ignore him buddy, let's go start our adventure!"
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    While walking the streets of Neo Domino City, Tadhg feels a vibration in his pocket. He stops to take his phone out, fumbling it and nearly dropping it by accident. Tadhg looks at the screen and sees an advertisement for The World Duel Exhibition from Kaiba Corp.

    ''Hey, what's this?''

    Tadhg scrolls and reads for a few moments.

    ''Huh, same place as Battle City. It's been a while since then...''

    Tadhg looks up into the sky as he starts to walk again and begins to himself.

    ''KaibaCorp can't be up to much good. Anyways, I'd better get to the Town Square before the crowd gets too-''

    Tadhg trails off as he sees the crowd that has gathered.


    ''Well, I suppose I don't have much else to do right now.''

    Tadhg joins the evergrowing queue.
  18. "Hey! You okay?"

    Seth Harraway runs up to Hideki, he looks down at him on his knees, noticing that the Millennium Puzzle has gone from around his neck. Harraway then looks onwards, the three men who stole Hideki's deck and puzzle still running away from the scene.


    He helps Hideki to his feet, and looks around Neo Domino City, the scenery still all new to him.

    "That sucks man, it really does."

    Both Seth and Hideki turn around and notice many people heading towards the Town Square.

    "Something seems to be going on, you want to come with me to check it out?"
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  19. Tadhg looks to his left, noticing two men: one looking quite distressed while the other tries to help him to his feet. He ponders aloud.

    ''Huh, I wonder what that's all about...''

    He surveys the area before turning away.

    ''Not my problem. Besides, this queue needs to hurry up before we all die of the bloody blight!''
  20. Hideki looks up at Seth still on one knee. His facial expression is one of despair as he tries not to think about the fact that he has not just lost the Puzzle, but also his deck too. He sighs and stands up. He responds to Seth's question by nodding and stands behind him as they head towards the Town Square.