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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by impactking, Jul 13, 2017.

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    Big thanks to @Dylan™ and @Electro for helping getting this running,
    In the near future. The world of duel monsters is at a peak point of popularly. Not since the days of Yugi Mutou and Seto Kaiba or Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas has duel monsters been played by this many people. From Neo Domino City to Maiami City to Heartland City and Den City everyone is dueling. The Kaiba Corporation has resurfaced after years of going dark. Duel Academia has seen a revival in high-class duelists. SOL Technology and their LINK VRAINS system have taken over the dueling world. The riding duel is making a comeback with a new era of D-Wheels. The world is looking for its next dueling king. With the World Duel Exhibition or just WDE for short about to start in Neo Domino City, Is it just a “festival of dueling” or something else? This is an awakening of many who are ready to rule the duel.

    Duels will be played on YGOPro
    ThemesBets/Ace Cards:
    -The monsters in your deck must have a theme. This can be anything from using an archtype (ex. lightsworns), a type (ex. dinosaurs), or an attribute (ex. dark). Having a deck full of random cards and saying that's your theme is not acceptable.

    -Due to staple cards like Mirror Force, Mystical Space Typhoon, etc., your spells/trap cards are not required to reflect the theme of your deck. This is due to not every theme having proper support cards.However, it is encouraged to use spells/traps that match your theme whenever possible.

    -Your ace card may be any monster that isn't banned. It would make sense for this to be your most powerful card. Try and be unique with choosing your
    ace card. The more unique it is, the more interesting it is.

    -Don't overrun your deck. We mostly want anime-like duels.

    -Try and keep your deck around 40 cards. You may have more if you wish, but keep in mind it's tradition in Yu-Gi-Oh! to have a deck of just 40-45 cards.

    -Decks designed solely for drawing cards and stalling are not allowed.

    -You may not copy someone else's deck. You can have a similar theme and similar cards, however, blatant mimicry is not allowed.

    -You may list off the cards in your deck present a screenshot if you have any concerns with your deck.

    Banned Cards:
    -The Creator God of Light Horakhty
    -All of the Egyptian god cards (Ra, Slifer, and Obelisk)*
    -Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons
    -All of the Sacred Beast Monsters (
    , Hamon, and Uria)
    The Wicked Gods
    *God cards are banned until needed

    Unbanned Cards:
    -Monster Reborn, Heavy Storm, Pot ofGreed, Pot of Avarice, Solemn Judgment, CardDestruction, Premature Burial, Ultimate Offering, and Mirror Force are no longer banned.They are now limited to one copy per deck.

    In Character/Out of Character:
    -Don't flood the thread with OOC posts.We're trying to have fun, not have pages full of pointless arguments or "banter."
    -Don't swear in character. Too much the show had light swearing so a "Shit" Here andThere is fine
    -When dueling, you must be in character. If you have an issue regarding a ruling, then check the Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki and PM your opponent about it. The main chat should not have any OOC posts in it.
    -Cheating of any kind is unacceptable.
    -Duel Replays are to be sent to mods via file sharing.
    You can have more than one MC but it must be approved first if added past your sign up.

    Sign up

    First Name:

    Last Name:

    Birthplace: (Yu-Gi-Oh is set in "Japan" so if you're not born in "Japan" I want to know how you got there.)






    General appearance/Representation:

    Dressing Style: This includes makeup if they don't wear it then say that (well if there a girl I don't think a guy is going to wear makeup but if he does put that here!)


    Extras: this is for anything else I should know about your characters like if they have a Yami, if there not human, if they are a Yami, split personality and anything else that doesn't fit in.

    Ace Card:

    Deck Theme:

    Duel Disk: Google "Duel Disk PNG" and find one you like in images.

    VA: This is your character's voice. Since most will most likely pick ENG it is suggested that you put two if wanted.
    D-Wheel Design: Same as duel disk
    LINK VRAINS Avatar Differences: example

    Attached Files:

  2. You know what? I haven't played the game since I was a babybeav and I stunk at it. So maybe let me have some time to make sure I am not super-duper busy, and I will sign up and relearn the game a bit, then I am all for it.
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  3. First Name: Kuris

    Last Name: Yamada

    Birthplace: Neo Domino City

    Accent: Japanese

    Hair: Black and Blonde

    Eyes: Blue

    Skin: Pale

    History: Kurisu loved dueling since he was young his dream was to be as good asYusei Fudo.​
    At 14 he joined the Neo Domino City duel academy and was at the top of his class. He's now a 2nd year in their high school program and is ready to duel his way to victory.

    General appearance/Representation: The Persona 5 protag minus the glasses, Plus what's mentioned above.

    Dressing Style: Duel academy uniform of this era

    Personality: Determined, cocky, kind of quiet outside of duels

    Extras: Nothing yet,

    Ace Card: Black Rose Dragon

    Deck Theme: Dragons

    Duel Disk:

    VA: Engish: Todd Haberkorn
    JAP: Mamoru Miyano
    D-Wheel Design:
    LINK VRAINS Avatar Differences:
    Attached Files:​
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  4. [​IMG]

    First Name: Seth

    Last Name: Harraway

    Birth Place: Exeter, England
    Seth moved to Japan in order to further his studies, he heard about the WDE and decided to teach himself the game of Yu-Gi-Oh in order to compete.

    Accent: British

    Hair: Same as my rep, but black instead of pink.

    Eyes: Brown

    Skin: White

    Fairly new to the game of Yu-Gi-Oh, Seth is a graduate from Oxford University and mostly keeps to himself, the few friends that he has are ones that have stuck with him since day one.

    General Appearance/Representation:
    Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black (with Black hair instead of pink)

    Dressing Style:
    Black adidas tracksuit bottoms, plain black t-shirt, adidas trainers (come in many colours).

    Cool, Calm and Collective. He can turn up the pressure in a high stakes duel and becomes more vocal and bold.


    Ace Card:
    Contrast Hero Chaos

    Masked Heroes

    Duel Disk:
    Yugioh GX - Duel Academy (but colours are black and blue)

    VA English: Sean Schemmel
    (might do the rest later)​
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  5. Sadly, I dnt hv any cards anymore. I either Sold them or got rid of them along time ago. But I did used to play this with my cousins when we were younger. AND I've seen the show. Thus I wish u all Good Luck and Happy Battling. :emoji_slight_smile:
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    First Name: Tadhg

    Last Name: O'Connor-Kenny

    Birthplace: Ireland

    Accent: Cork

    Hair: Black And Green

    Eyes: Green

    Skin: Pale As Paper

    History: Born to a poor family in the Cork countryside, his father, Eamonn O'Connor, was introduced to Duel Monsters through a work associate from Japan, Kensuki Toshi, who gave Eamoon his previous deck. Through Kensuki, Eamonn won a competition which allowed him to go to Neo Domino City to take part in a tournament. However, fearing that his family wouldn't be able to pay rent without him, he choose to stay, instead sending his son, Tadhg, giving him his deck. Tadhg, who had only just turned 15, lasted for two rounds before being eliminated. This granted him the funds to add to his deck and enter Duel Academia as a Ra Yellow Student.

    General Appearance/Representation: See Above

    Dressing Style: Ra Yellow Duelist Academia Uniform

    Personality: Soft spoken, yet quietly confident. Awkward regarding family history.

    Extras: Nicknamed ''Tock''

    Ace Card: The Immortal Hermit Of Thunder

    Deck Theme: Thunder

    Duel Disk: Ra Yellow Duel Disk

    VA ENG: Colin Farrel
    VA JAP: Jackie Chan
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    Not doing it anymore
  8. Wait, when you mean anime like duels, do you mean I can't have decent combos that can instantly bring out my main card?
  9. What we meant was that we don't want overly competitive style decks, The combos are fine it's when a deck is made to OTK each turn. It would be boring if we had one guy running over everyone,
  10. First Name: Ayane

    Last Name: Matsui

    Birthplace: Neo Domino City

    Accent: Japanese

    Hair: Red

    Eyes: Blue

    Skin: Pale

    History: She's a strong female duelist lead with a comedic side.A 2nd year in Neo Domino Neo Domino DA she is apart of a group of 4 2nd years who also includes Kurisu Yamada. Being raised in a Europe most of her childhood she was an outsider to many once returning to her hometown. She uses ducking as her way of reaching out,

    General appearance/Representation:

    Dressing Style: Neo DA Uniform

    Personality: strong with a comedic side.


    Ace Card: Number 39: utopia

    Deck Theme: Dragon/Speelcasters

    Duel Disk:[​IMG]

    VA: Engish: Cherami Leigh
    Japanese: Sayaka Ohara
    D-Wheel Design:
    LINK VRAINS Avatar Differences:
  11. See I'm not too sure if my deck is OTK. It is a bit competitive. Normally in the anime series it takes a while for the duelist to bring out a decent card
  12. I'll like to duel vs your deck and see what it's like in the environment of these duels.
  13. Okay when?
  14. Actually don't worry, I'm changing my deck as I think this one is very OTK.
  15. First Name: Hideki

    Last Name: Nomku

    Birthplace: Neo Domino City

    Accent: Japanese

    Hair: Same as picture

    Eyes: Same as picture

    Skin: Same as picture

    History: Born in Neo Domino City, Hideki was always a great student. However, he only finished second in his class at Duel Academy behind Kurisu but is determined to change that in his second year. Hideki's father also found him an item as a gift for him, mostly as a goodbye remembrance gift due to the fact that he was starting to deteriorate from a terminal illness. It turns out that this gift is the Millenium Puzzle.

    General appearance/Representation:


    Dressing Style: He wears a Ra Yellow uniform

    Personality: Always very driven and serious, but can joke occasionally if with the right people.

    Extras: He has a Yami of course, he has the Millenium Puzzle boiis.

    Ace Card: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

    Deck Theme: Dragons

    Duel Disk:


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  16. If you want the duels to be quite long paced and very anime like, get rid of the xyz's and Synchro's but keep Fusions and Ritual. ​
  17. "Says 'Try and be unique with choosing your ace card' in signup"

    Two mods choose Black Rose Dragon and Blue Eyes.
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  18. Just keeping a connection to the old stuff, IDK about mr blue eyes over here.
  19. So, when are we starting this then? Also to answer your question @Dylan™, I'm more of a nostalgic guy and the reason for Blue-Eyes is still canon to the old RP.
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    I like the sound of this as I am a huge Yu-Gi-Oh fan, I used to play YGOPro until all these Pendulum things came out. I get it is all for strategics but I don't want to be waiting 20 minutes until it's my turn, I find anime-like duels fun as it's slow and takes a while to get your best card. So here is my sign-up and I'm hoping other people's decks are fair too!

    Sign up

    First Name: Cody

    Last Name: Tsuda

    Birthplace: Den City

    Accent: British

    Hair: same as picture

    Eyes: same as picture

    Skin: same as picture

    History: His mother was British and his father was Japanese. Cody was born in Japan and lived there until the age of 3. Him and his mum moved to England, London with no question on why his father did not come back. His mother was always against dueling and thought it was barbaric and stupid. At the age of 14 Cody became interested in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh and secretly watched the professional matches on his T.V when his mum was cleaning the house, after the match Cody went downstairs to ask his mum if he can be a duelist in which his mum replied no instantly. No matter how hard Cody tried he always got let down, until the age of 16, Cody had enough with what his mum said and decided to follow his dreams and found contact with his father who was also a duelist. Explaining why Cody's mother left his father. Cody's father flew him back over to Japan, but before he left he left a note for his mother. Now living in Den City, his father trained him the basics of dueling and placed him in a dueling school to become one of the greatest duelists in the Yu-Gi-Oh world.

    General appearance/Representation: [​IMG]

    Dressing Style: Grey/Black Suit

    Personality: Cody is well-mannered with good intentions, but can often be blinded to the reality of a given situation due to his stubborn attitude and pessimistic outlook. He pursues his ambitions despite risks and overwhelming odds

    Ace Card: Ancient Gear Chaos Giant

    Deck Theme: Ancient Gear

    Duel Disk: [​IMG]

    VA: Oliver Wynman