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  1. Would anyone here be interested in a role playing wrestling game in a different site. It's just a forum like this where people use prediction points to win their "Matches". You develop your own character and have "feuds" with other people on the forum. You can also win belts, I believe there are 4 belts including a tag team championship. It may sound dumb but it's surprisingly fun...

    Anyone interested?
  2. Quick note: You are not allowed to advertise another site on here. This is made clear and explained in our site rules.

    As for your question: Feel free to try and set it up in our Be the booker section. Which contains our be the booker threads and our currently dormant E-fed, Fight Night Wrestling. That section is dedicated for threads of that kind.
  3. Yoda hit me up with a PM of your site and I'll bring all the best members of this site to your site. This place blows and I've been waiting for some studly knight such as yourself to rescue me from this dreadful dungeon like the princess I am.
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  4. But how will we survive without your condescending, angry and flaming posts? :pity1:
  5. Can I quote this in my sig? :lol1:
  6. Let's sit here and pretend I'm not one of the 2 or 3 most decorated users in WWEF history. Original BITW recipient, MOTM, Funniest Member of the Year, Runner up for MOTY/HOF..

    WHat is it you provide for the site again :pity: :pity1: :pity2:

    shithead :cornette:
  7. Yo mamma.
  8. No thank you.
  9. Want to use your site I do not.
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  10. All of, missing out on this wonderful game, you are, believe me, wise, am I... Hmmmmmm.
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