Rolling Stone's 2014 WWE Superlatives

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  1. Rolling Stone has released their 2014 Superlatives & Rotten Tomatoes list for the year and some of them were expected but IMO they had some different choices in mind for some of those categories than I would've personally done.. The list below is how Rolling Stone thought the categories should be filled out for the 2014 year.

    Wrestler of the Year Award: Dolph Ziggler

    Sporadically Active Face of the Year: Daniel Bryan

    Sporadically Active Heel of the Year: Brock Lesnar

    Best Russian Monster (Bulgarian Version): Rusev

    Diva of the Year: Paige

    Tag Team of the Year: The Usos

    Most Convincing New Gimmick: Stardust

    Least Convincing Face Turn: Jack Swagger

    Most Likeable Loose Cannon: Dean Ambrose

    Most Puzzlingly Pushed-Then-Buried Performer: Cesaro

    Most Random-But-Intriguing Face Turn:
    Erick Rowan

    Most Exciting NXT Up-and-Comer: Adrian Neville

    Most Disastrous NXT Promotion: Adam Rose

    Most Signs of New Life: Randy Orton

    Most Tiresome Heel-Face Seesaw Act: Big Show and Mark Henry (tie)

    Most Smothered In-Ring Potential: Seth Rollins

    Most Underappreciated: John Cena

    Do you think Rolling Stone did a good job with their choices for each category? Or is there one or more that you feel otherwise about.. feel free to give your reason why you feel that way here.

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  2. Amazing categories.
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  3. What kind of dumb fucking categories are these? lol

    Best Russian when Rusev always praises them only?
    Loose Canon when WWE has nicknamed Dean Ambrose that?
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  4. Bold = That's only in the Russian Version of the magazine.
    Underline = I'm sure everyone has Dean Ambrose winning the 'Loose Cannon' award, that category came back strictly because of him IMO. However this one is the most LIKABLE one :emoji_slight_smile:
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  5. I was confused about the brackets in Russia category. lol
  6. yeah lol that one is pretty retarded.. It's Rusev and that's it, I guess Lana could've qualified too but phooey to that.
  7. What categories were there in 2013?
    Best Female Authority Figure To Return To Power After Summerslam
    Best Return During a PPV in His Hometown Return of Chicago
    Most 'Over' Catchphrase Exactly Three Letters

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  8. So they basically named the categories after the people they awarded it to? That's the greatest way to win an award, for sure.
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