Rolling Stones article on Daniel Bryan

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  1. lol i did love the Hogan reasoning.
  2. thanks for the tag great read

    lol jk not reading this bull
  3. Couldn't even get past the second paragraph without rolling my eyes. He's the most popular wrestler in terms of crowd reactions since Rob Van Dam in 2001-02. People tend to forget that RVD was getting cheered over 99.9% of the WWE roster when he debuted as part of the Alliance in 2001. Even the WWF's own top two babyfaces at the time, The Rock and Kurt Angle, were getting a handful of boos against RVD. In terms of live gate and merchandise and whatnot, sorry but no, he's no more popular than John Cena and Batista were in 2005.
  4. What? So he's not the next Hulk Hogan?
  5. :nope:
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