Rollins, Ambrose or Reigns?

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  1. So, I made this topic to see your opinions about The Shield's members, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns. In your opinion, who's going to be a future star in WWE from these 3? Who's your current favourite? Why?
  2. i think there all good enough to be future stars tbh i like all 3 of them
  3. In my opinion, Rollins is the best of The Shield. He's awesome in the ring, he sells the moves like a boss and his mic skills are honorable. We all know that he was God in the independent circuites (ROH most likely). I see all three as a future WWE/World Champions in the bright future, but I loved Rollins since FCW, and I'm going to cheer him in the future, no matter what will happen with him. I fucking loved his matches with Daniel Bryan.

    Now, Dean Ambrose. I liked him since day one. He's awesome at the mic, average in the ring and an awesome seller. Yes, just averange in the ring skills unfortunately, but I hope he'll prove me wrong in the near future.

    In the end, Roman Reigns. Yes, then I thought that he was put in The Shield just because of The Rock and the Anoa'i family, but, now he proved us wrong. I like his spear, that reminds me of Edge.

    Conclusion, Rollins > Ambrose > Reigns.
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  4. In who'll be a star - Reigns Ambrose Rollins
    Roman has a special feel to him, it's the wholey shit this guy is for real. Dean will be the top heel with Rollins a babyface uppermidcarder.
    As for who i prefer - Reigns Rollins Ambrose.
  5. Personally I see Roman being the biggest star, Ambrose being close behind, and Seth being more or less a Chris Jericho kind of guy, like one that goes into the main event when needed, but spends his time with high midcard guys(no not RVD).

    Roman has the look, and the impact finisher that gets people off of their feet. His mic skills are not the best, but they can improve. Plus, Goldberg didn't have the best mic skills, but was still over with the crowd because on how he was used. I'm sure Roman will increase on the mic skills, and his in ring will improve too hopefully. He still has the marketable look, and WWE seems to care about that the most, along with promo working at times.

    Ambrose has great mic skills, not the best in ring, but he has the mic skills to be the top heel one day. His in ring psychology is great too. The way WWE has been working him as a singles player, by putting him one on one wit da Undataka(holla), and giving him the United States championship, the WWE obviously sees something in Ambrose and will most likely get a world championship reign someday in my opinion.

    Seth is the best in ring out of all of them, and his mic skills isn't bad either. He doesn't have the marketable look though to be the top face of the company, nor does he have the mic skills high enough to be the top heel. Still, I can see him putting on great matches, and possibly getting a world title reign in the future, a small reign, but it's still a world title reign.
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  6. I say Reigns for sure. There's just something about him that makes him stand out from The Shield, probably his brute strength, but he's just amazing IMO.
    Not taking anything away from Ambrose and Rollins, both good in their own way too, but Reigns has proved to me that he can be on par with Ambrose and Rollins, two highly-regarded superstars, so for that he is my favorite superstar in The Shield.

    Has that big babyface Batista-esque feel to him too.
  7. Take a Guess?
  8. All three of them will have multiple title reigns in the future. I'd imagine Reigns will be the first to get a main-event push as a singles competitor some time next year, turning babyface, with Ambrose and Rollins remaining as heels.

    People will only appreciate how good The Shield has been once the group splits up. I'd love to know how many episodes of RAW & SD they have main-evented this past year. Imagine how much of a slog the 3-hour RAWs would have felt like without The Shield?! They always put on outstanding matches and, sure, they may have lost an edge with the belts over the summer, but they're so badass and awesome.

    All I want from them now is a feud with the Wyatts, which they must lose, and then a triple threat match at WM. It will be a sad day when they split up. So fucking GOAT.
  9. Reigns has the marketable look, Ambrose has the character/mic skills, Rollins has the ring work. Those are the three main areas that I see each of them excelling in. I also see Ambrose as a natural heel, Rollins as a natural babyface and Reigns as someone who could go either way and do equally as well (though I see him doing better in the babyface role.)

    Reigns will likely be the major breakout star of the group. Like others, I foresee at least a Batista-level performer in the future. His ring work is good, he has an impact finisher, and his mic skills are good enough (and they can always be improved on in time.) Guys like Goldberg, Lesnar and Batista (at least when he first broke through as a main eventer in 2005) didn't have the greatest talking skills either, but they all still became big stars.

    Ambrose I see being more of an upper-midcard heel and occasional main event heel. Only time will tell, but I'm not yet sold like others are that he will be the next top heel, ala Triple H. He strikes me more as a secondary heel, like Brian Pillman or Jake Roberts (I see similarities between Ambrose and both of those guys.) When I look at Rollins, I see him being a good sympathetic babyface like a Shawn Michaels or a Jeff Hardy, but his placement on the card will likely be similar to that of Ambrose - perhaps a world title and/or main event match occasionally here and there, but I expect to see him spend much of his career in the upper-midcard.

    As for who I like the most, it's really a toss up between Reigns and Rollins.
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  10. The Hoff believes that all 3 of them have a bright future in the E. If I had to pick which of the trio would go the furthest career wise, I'm going to have to go with Reigns. Mainly due to his look, cause we all know Vinnie's big on them bigger guys. :kiss:
  11. I think all of them will be high on the card. I predict Reigns is getting the biggest push the fastest, he's got the look, that it factor. His Spear will be a great face finisher, I can tell. Ambrose I also feel like will be on the upper reaches of the card, he's good in the ring and has a great character, great mic work. Somewhat one-dimensional (from what I've seen, he may surprise me there), but still, he has lots of potential. Rollins is the best worker and has decent mic skills, sounds RVD-ish to me as far as where he'll get in his career.
  12. All 3 will eventually have title reigns. But for me Ambrose edges it as I like he's what you would say the look like Reigns but he's quirky, at the minute unique and his storytelling through matches is awesome. Plus his promo work is fantastic and mesmerising and they could run with him being unhinged and slightly off and it'd work well.
  13. I think all three have good futures in the business. I am still not completely sure about Reigns, but I do think he has the most potential of the three. It will be interesting to see if he can realize that potential and grab the spotlight for himself. Ultimately I am more excited about what Ambrose will do in his career, but then again I tend to be a homer and will always root for my hometown guys.
  14. Reigns - Why? Cuz I go la la la la la, he's got the look

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  15. Reigns is my current favorite and I'd like to see him succeed more than the rest. If I had to pick in order who i think should win a major title first, Reigns-Ambrose-Rollins.
  16. I'm waiting for something special to The Shield tomorrow when it's RAW Live, because tomorrow is The Shield's #OneYearCelebration (18 November).
  17. For me, I think Ambrose. He has the mic skills and is a great wrestler. I see him in the Upper-Midcard or Main Event fighting for major titles, most likely when Cena is done.

    Rollins is second. He is amazing in the ring and has potential. I see him in the Mid-Card fighting for the I.C. and U.S. title. Maybe being champion soon.

    Reigns would be third. He does have the look in WWE and has a great Spear. I also see him Mid-Card(Maybe Upper-MidCard) fighting for the I.C title.

    Conclusion, Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns
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