Rollins and Jericho trade barbs on twittah machine

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Good guy Jericho, puts young talent over even when he isn't under contract.

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  2. Fuck Rollins lock Jericho and Ambrose in a room and make them mock each other to escape.
  3. That link burnt my eyes with the spoiler at the end

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    just kidding but others might not want to see it
  4. Lol Jericho dishing out pipebombs for free. The thought of Jericho and Ambrose cutting lethal promos on each other makes me wet.
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  5. Jericho: "@WWERollins Learn how to cut a decent promo first, then come back and see me Henry."

  6. Y2J still the BITW
  7. Really liked it. Good one by Jericho on cutting promos. :dawg:
  8. Jericho > All
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Seth just got his ass owned by Jericho. What have you got to say about this then all you Shield lovers on here???


    OMG I love this thank you Jericho
  10. Jericho has been denying his involvement with WWE on his twitter a lot recently. The last time he said that he was back on TV shortly afterward. :hmm:
  11. How old are you? Five?
  12. :pipebomb:
  14. +1
    Same here, hope we get to see it someday...
  15. Twitter banter has no relevance to The Shield at all. Are we supposed to dislike them now because Seth got owned by Jeritroll?
  16. It's not a shame to get owned by Jericho to be honest, the guy is a legend and no one can own him.
  17. Regal did some time ago I think.
  18. Really?
    Was it on Twitter?
  19. I don't know, someone posted it here.