Rollins following Bryan's steps?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crimson, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Okay, this may not be possible but let's expect the worst... I mean, just to see the comments.

    What if in the near future Rollins announces his knee injury is career threatening and he HAS to retire?Just imagine .. we're all waiting for his return and all of a sudden.. BOOM - Breaking news "Rollins will not be able to wrestle again". How would you react?

    Well, it's just an imagination test, this won't be happening, so take it easy and let's all wish him the best! All I want to say is that Bryan's retirement news from last night made me scared and I was thinking how would it be if Rollins' injury would make him do the same... terrifying.
  2. Rollins will be fine, he'll come back and regain what's rightfully his! #TeamOptimism
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  3. You could potentially say that about anyone else, like Cesaro, right?

    Just gotta pray to the wrestling gods that they'll come back 100% healthy, chances are they will and we'll get plenty of more badass along the lines of "Keep the throne warm." (Seriously, I didn't think a tweet could ever make me think "holy shit this guy is badass" and get me hyped for a rematch with Roman Reigns!)
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  5. Not likely. Rollins injury was simple. Bryan's was a combination of nerve damage and concussion syndromes.
    Triple H is wrestling on two bumm knees and have for more than a decade for example.

    If it happened there are plenty more young talents out there hungry to take his spot. Circle of life and all that.
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  6. Rollins is better than Bryan in every single way, he's gonna be just dandy.
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  7. You mean like Rey Rey? They just change his style up at most.

    Seriously, hope not.
  9. They have a legion of vanilla midgets ready to take the spotlight if Rollins can't take the torch from DB. Styles, Aries, Generico, Balor... come on folks, the future is small and boring with or without gymnast Rollins!
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  10. Just you wait for that Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman main event at mania
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  11. Concussions and spinal/neck injuries are always the most concerning ones, so I wouldn't worry. Seth's return has already been given an estimated timetable unlike Bryan, who was told for months and months that he would never be cleared to wrestle again.
  12. Rollins will be fine
  13. Rollins has a leg injury so its completely different. Unless he comes back and injures the same spot again, I think he'll be alright. He's still young, healthy, and in great physical shape so he's still got a lot of years to be in the ring on him. DB is different because he has had so many concussions. WWE doesn't want to risk putting him back in the ring for the chance that he takes that 1 wrong bump and gets so fucked in the head that he can't even wipe his own ass because his brain is all fucked up.
  14. Rollins is more likely to have an HBK run than a D-Bry run if you ask me. So long as he stays healthy.
  15. Corbin top heel, Roman top face. Only in our dreams.
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  16. The banter tag team of The Ryback and The Corbin. Masters of banter
  17. Add Big Show to the mix, the Three Banterteers.
  18. Big Show is the Yoda of banter.

    How many times will he turn face/heel on Austin's podcast?
  19. About as many times Austin says shoot.
  20. When shoot ends up being Show's trigger word