News Rollins is studying a master for Extreme Rules ‘Eye For An Eye’ match

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It’s a joke that’s been made fairly often since Rey Mysterio revealed his match with Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules this Sunday (July 19) will be have an “Eye For An Eye” stipulation.

Probably cause it’s a good joke. It’s one Rollins played into with a tweet this afternoon.

Smart choice to sit under the learning tree of eye plucking master Beatrix Kiddo. If he wants to be a really well-rounded student, he should also review tape on Pai Mei. Bill’s sensei took an eye out of Elle Driver’s face before The Bride did. It’s possible he could even pick up a little technique called the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

But the Monday Night Messiah might be doing more than preparing himself. Is this a taste of the kind of special effects we’re going to see at The Horror Show?

We’ll find out in a few days. In the meantime, at least Seth’s having fun with this ridiculousness.

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