News Rollins launches wrestling school

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 16, 2014.

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  1. Brave as the head trainer is going to lead to some quality training for guys and girls signing on. The partnering with a crossfit gym also offers some cool workout opportunities. And the pricing is great compared to what other quality schools take. And WWE giving Rollins their blessing to run this is pretty darn cool. is the place to go for more info.
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  2. Colby Lopez huh? Interesting.
  3. Apparently his step dad is latino.
  4. I am Latino
  5. baldest and most mustached latino I have seen
  6. I do not like to revert to stereotype.
  7. you probably have a poncho and a burro in your London apartment.

    BTW m8. Go check out the new Evolve cards. Looks spiffy.

    As for this academy. If I wanted to wrestle and had the opportunity, I'd totally go there.
  8. I check out the evolve card while eating a taco
  9. Fun little story about how good friends Brave and Rollins are, from the mouth of Gabe Sapolsky:

    Before Rollins was in ROH, he and Brave worked a try out match in ROH's at the time daughter promotion, Full impact pro down in Florida. In the match Brave injured himself badly, neck surgery badly. Rollins caught two fans mocking Brave's injury post show and called them out and beat them up in an alley behind the venue.
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  10. Since Rollins isn't the head, it makes sense. At this point, Rollins is far too busy.
    Given Rollins ring style, this is a great move.
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