Rollins, Reigns & Ambrose titantrons

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  1. Rollins and Ambrose needs a few musical tweaks in my opinion. But the trons themselves are good
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  2. I think Ambrose & Rollins' themes are going to stay the same for quite some time since WWE released them on iTunes. The Shield's theme just sounds lackluster without the intro, but it's still better than the other two. As for their titantrons, I think they're fine.
  3. I guess I'll have to get used to Ambrose and Rollins' music. Right now, both themes just seem pretty ordinary and generic to me. I expect Reigns will obviously get new music in the future. For the moment, I don't mind him sticking with The Shield theme, though.

    All three guys' titan trons are fine, even though I never pay attention to what's playing on the trons anyway.
  4. Yeah, these themes aren't very good at all.
  5. The trons are good, but I still think CFO$ suck! Those songs are just a big pile of generic crap.

    Btw, I thought they were getting new theme songs?!

    I think someone on here has already mentioned it a couple of times before.
  6. Rollins theme is transitional and it's a remix of his NXT theme. And Ambrose's new theme is a remix of a theme from SVR 09 is production music, so stop blaming CFO$ for everything already.
  7. Well, I guess Ambrose and Rollins will get new music soon, because these aren't good. I'm down for Reigns sticking with Shield's theme though. Instead of Sierra, Hotel, India and stuff they could get a new intro that spells "Reigns" instead of "Shield", that'd be pretty cool.
  8. Doesn't make sense to spell it as Reigns, I'd imagine it makes more sense just using the Intro Cut version used during the end result of their matches (if a win).
  9. Well, I don't know, I think it'd be cool if they did it. I'm fine with the one they're using though.
  10. Fair enough, I just don't see the point in it considering Reigns is now after retribution moreso than being a Hound of Justice.
  11. Well, it would just be a tiny alteration in the theme, I had no character-driven reason to think it'd be a good idea or anything.
  12. I think all their FCW themes would've been better
  13. For some reason I really wanna see Reigns use Brodus Clay's old Rip It Up theme. I really enjoyed that theme, and I guess it could work for another "big" guy. That song was a great theme though, shame it was misused.

  14. The Shield Remix is better for Reigns but other than that I think these are better for them
  15. I actually really like Ambrose's theme, it just screams crazy. Reigns' is pretty good too. My biggest problem is Rollins' theme, I want for them to make a good unique song for him. I don't care whether it takes a bit of time (even though they should've had this sorted out already) if it means we get a good result.
  16. Well, I am bloody sorry... I can tell the difference between something that is good and something that's shite. In this case, I don't like the themes they've given to Seth and Ambrose. So yeah, I am blaming CFO$ 'cause they suck! They need to work on something better for their future biggest stars in the company. Give Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins some good music, with lyrics, hopefully... and not this TNA cast off crap.
  17. Ambrose with dat pound for pound worst theme in WWE
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  18. Hey genius, if you read what I said, CFO$ didn't even make the original theme, they're just remixes of the original theme that is PRODUCTION MUSIC (stock music). Nice one.
  19. Hey, genius, I don't care who's made 'em. They're shite, nonetheless. Pretty much everything that CFO$ have put out lately has been generic crap.
  20. "You don't care who made it", yet you blame the person who didn't make it and moreso remixed it anyways. Okay. And they're not that bad, you take too much credit away from them.
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