WrestleMania Rollins thanked Reigns as he pinned him

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Trip in the Head, Apr 3, 2015.

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  1. Has anyone else seen this yet? Or started a thread on here about it yet, lol. Made me like Rollins even more:

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  2. Can't even hear it.
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  3. I can hear it. Wow, never even noticed till now, I was marking out so hard at the time :emoji_slight_smile:

    Just goes to show the awesome friendship between these two guys and both Rollins and Reigns are cool dudes.
  4. wow... I heard that...
  5. Really, you can see him lean in towards Reigns ears to say it.

    SHIELD 4 Life! lol
  6. Pretty sure most guys winning the belt thank the guy they pin
  7. Can't hear it, Sound must be broken. (In all seriousness yh you can see him leaning over, Believe in the Shield)
  8. I think it's muted by default. You have to click on the little speaker in the bottom right corner to turn on the sound.
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  9. Is it because I still have System32 installed?
  10. There's some weird code[​IMG]among some folks where thanking guys in the ring for putting you over is for some reason considered more sacred than just thanking them backstage.
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  11. Heard it. Cool moment.
  12. Because it's actually happening. Would you thank your boss when he gives you a promotion or when you've already started working in that promotion?
  13. I heard it, people here need to find better things to nerd over. Some guy was shattered when he adjusted the volume and found out it wasn't real.
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  14. Either way will do, especially since it's not always the boss who directly informs you of your promotion (depending on what company you work for and what the corporate structure there is like) and you may only get the chance to thank him in person later.

    In this case, it just strikes me as more natural to thank a guy backstage before you go out there and work the match than to do it while actually in the ring. Even doing it backstage afterwards seems more normal. Not that it's really a big deal to me either way, but...
  15. Haven't heard it but a cool moment I guess.
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