Royal Rumble Rollins vs Cena vs Lesnar

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crimson, Jan 6, 2015.

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    As you already know, Triple H brought Rollins on that match and made now a Triple Threat Match for The WWE World.

    Who do you think would win? What kind of scenario? I see Cena winning the Triple Threat and then Rollins cashing in on Cena.
  2. At this point I believe that Rollins is going to walk out with the belt either way, no matter who actually wins the Triple Threat match.
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  3. I still have Lesnar taking it and then Rollins failing to cash-in via interruption from Ambrose or Reigns.
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  4. This is how it's going to pan out.

    We'll have the match in which Cena will pin Rollins for the win. Lesnar will attack Cena and Rollins will cash in. Cena will double attitude adjustment them making Rollins have a fail cash in. At Fast Lane Cena will be victorious against Lesnar. Also, did I forget to mention the Royal Rumble winner will be Randy Orton?

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    Rollins vs Lesnar vs Cena sounds interesting.

    I've already posted this in the 'Rate RAW' thread, but I guess it wouldn't hurt posting it here, as well...

    It may indicate Seth's there only to make sure Cena doesn't win. Or, he could easily go off The Authority's 'script' and either pin/cash in on Cena/Lesnar. We'll see how that one goes, though. Still pulling for Rollins to cash in at Mania.

    Not to mention that I'd absolutely hate it and would prolly stop watching if Rollins didn't have a successful cash in.

    Also, with Rollins being added into the WWE-WHC match, is there any chance of him competing in the Rumble match later on? That, of course, would depend on what match would be the ME, the WWE-WHC match or the Royal Rumble match... Looking forward to seeing how that one goes.
  6. Well then, here is me hoping....
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  7. Aww hell naw
  8. I'm happy that they're not offending me by putting the same match on three times in a row (Yes, not like it's the first time they've done it but for such a big caliber match it was kinda). Lesnar will still win.
  9. If they're smart enough, they'll let him win. But then again, can't say I would be shocked if either CENAWINSLOL or Rollins came out on top.
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  11. CENAWINSLOL. Seems legit.
  12. Took me a while to make it. Thanks for recognizing it.
  13. No prob, nice effort.
  14. lmfao you're lying, that was made by an 8 year old at best.
  15. I legit made it in paint
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. As I said in another thread..

    I can see another figure of authority coming in before or at RR to even out the balance of power. They will rehire Ziggler, Rowan, and Ryback and, this is what I am hoping will happen, they will place Ziggler into the title match making it a Fatal 4way and evening the match out at 2 faces vs 2 heels although in reality it would be every man for themselves. What will happen in the match? Who knows... but this is what I would like to see happen.
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    Yeah, Vinnie Mac could do that, I guess...

    Now, while I like this idea... Isn't the RR match the ME and not the WWE-WHC match?

    I mean, it'd be kinda lame putting those guys who already had the WWE-WHC previously into RR match later on, imo.
  19. Naw it doesn't have to be, I'm almost positive there's been some RR PPVs that have featured the RR match itself earlier than the other matches.
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