Rollins vs Cena

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  1. So I got on the forum to see people raving about the Rollins vs Cena match, so I thought I'd tune in to SD. And I must say, that was an amazing match. I thought it was a great way to show that Rollins is legit and can be taken seriously. Those near falls were awesome as well. I got this feeling now, anyone else think that this truly shows that Rollins can e a great singles guy? By this I mean consistent upper mod card/ main event. This is the first real singles match and it was MOTN. Thoughts?
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  2. May check Smackdown out too, Rollins has always been awesome, and the most underrated member of The Shield. He can be a great singles guy, and I hope he becomes more than just a Jeff Hardy.
  3. ive been waiting for someone to say SD was worth watching. I'll watch for sure, but Rollins is never a main event guy. Upper mid card for sure, and there is nothing bad about that.
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  4. Rollins, on his worst day, is better than Hardy will ever be
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  5. Damn straight, and I'm not even a Seth mark.
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  6. I'll gladly agree with you there.
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  7. It was a good match but it didn't really become a great one until maybe the last 5-6 minutes. Up to that point, it was just Rollins beating on Cena for almost the entire time which seemed like a setup for Cena to make the obvious SuperCena comeback and win. It thankfully became more back and forth near the end with near falls and counters from both guys and everything.

    Either way, Rollins brought it in that match (as expected), and it was no doubt a test to see how well Rollins does as a singles guy in the main event against a star of Cena's caliber. Probably received an applause afterwards when he walked backstage.
  8. Rollins is a talented dude. Since he's been mentioned, Jeff Hardy is shit. He peaked over a decade ago. It's been a long swanton bomb to the bottom of the barrel since. Well he's at the bottom, he's in TNA showing up too high to work.
  9. Rollins is a talented dude and I think he has the potential to put on some great matches.

    Jeff Hardy is on TNA? Ha! Well, there yah go.
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  10. Ha, someone with some sense.
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  12. TNA doesn't have A.J.:pity1:
  13. AJ is coming to WWE and he'll be called Alain Jehovah, Penis Pump Distributor.

    His finish will be the PPD, a flying leg drop from the FIRST rope.
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