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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Hey All,

    Looks as if WWE is trying to push their new "Cena" to stardom. He appeared on the Conan show. It wasn't a bad appearance and I actually thought he held his ground pretty well. I know several stars have appeared on shows before but this seems to be a clear indication that they're pushing him into the spotlight.

    I know i said that since Brock has now resigned, Roman might actually lose this Sunday. But after him making this appearance and handling it well, I am certain Roman is winning.
  2. They need to give him a stylist or a tailor at the very least- yet again his suit looks like poorly fitted crap.

    He seemed pretty comfortable, a lot more so than his promos.
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  3. agreed. he seemed very calm and suave.

    his suit was ugly, agreed.
  4. Geeze, Roman was all over the place yesterday.. I saw him on ESPN a tad earlier in the day.
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  5. I think this confirms our boy probably isn't losing this Sunday.
  6. Roman seemed really comfortable there, but that suit's God-awful, though...
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  7. Nice interview. He was really articulate regardless of how scripted people claim conan to be
  8. Also, ROFL
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  9. There was this too. Nice appearance by Heyman during a Roman segment. This what you saw @Sharpy Briscdow ?

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  10. That video was pretty good
  11. One of them, he did one on ESPN earlier in the day that was pretty cool.
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