Roman possibly pulled from Raw next week?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. Roman Reigns Pulled from Next Week's RAW

    I thought this was interesting. Roman was taken off the advertising for Raw. He wasn't there on Monday but I could see them extending his absence due to Raw being in Chicago next week. Chicago is probably the toughest crowd for babyfaces, and they would boo Roman out the building lol
  2. Yeah, Roman is probably better off not showing up in Chicago.

    However, if he does show up and do what I think he'll do (save Ambrose from HHH), then he oughta get booed.
  3. I didn't expect him back for at least a couple more weeks anyway.
  4. Well he was injured so why not milk it? I wont be watching Raw anyways. Waiting for WM. I might watch Roadblock though.
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  5. Well 3 reasons:
    1. Roman selling the beating
    2. Chicago will boo him
    3. Pulled because he's still recovering because of the legit surgery he had
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  6. The nasal surgery he had, probably has more to do with it then protecting him from a Chicago crowd. Maybe it's just luck on WWE's side that Reigns won't be there the night he would've likely been torn the fuck up.
  7. Maybe I'll watch Raw next week then
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  8. Did Roman actually have an injury? I thought it was kayfabe. It looked pretty fake.
  9. It was a pre-existing injury from before that he received in a match against Sheamus (I think...), they simply used the HHH beat down as the reason for him getting surgery form it in real life.
  10. Absence makes the heart grow fonder?
  11. Yeah WWE, sure, let the guy rest. Give him Chicago off, give him Brooklyn off as well. Hell, give the man a vacation till Mania...

    If he can miss half the Royal Rumble match, why not miss half of the road to Wrestlemania...

    And the awesome booking continues...
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  12. Said it could take a month to recover. If he doesn't make it plan B is to have Dean vs Brock to be the for the title, and it close the show. We'll see what happens at Roadblock, but it'd be even better if plan B happened. Not just because I'm an Ambrose mark, it just makes more sense for a Roman turn.
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